"Say Cheese" is the very first episode of TOATI.

Challenge: 1. Stay on a platform

2. Eat the most cheese

Winners: Team Gun

Losers: Slippery Shells

Eliminated: N/A

Next Episode: I Gotz A Win Token

Before the Challenge

Boomerang and Claw come over to start trouble with Spoon and Lemon. Lemon then scares them off.

Introduction To TOATI

The contestants are Spoon, Boomerang, Lemon, Claw, Gun, Juicebox, Shell, Potato, Icicle, Muggy, Crown, Tapey, Barrel, Bowling Ball, Football, Starry, Skittle, and Chilipepper. With the host being Master Revenge Token. MRT shows up with his clone made in his factory saying that they are going to play on an object show. They're first challenge is to balance of a platform.

Team Picking

Claw and Juicebox won and got to pick the teams. Claw picked Boomerang, Gun, Icicle, Football, Bowling Ball, Skittle, Crown, and Chilipepper. Juicebox's picks were Spoon, Starry, Tapey, Lemon, Barrel, Potato, Muggy and Shell. Shell then said they're team name was the Slippery Shells, then Gun said they're name was Team Gun.

First Team Challenge

The first team challenge was to eat the most cheese. With the Slippery Shells losing 8 to 16. So the viewers could either vote off Spoon, Lemon, Juicebox, Shell, Potato, Muggy, Tapey, Barrel, or Starry. With Crown getting a win token.

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