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" I think I know what's going on, you bought Saturn (WAWS), didn't you!" - Golf Ball
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Saturn is the beauty of the The Solar System because in terms of beauty , her rings have clearly won it for her . She is the sixth planet from the Sun. She is also the 2nd largest planet , beaten by Jupiter . She is home to the 2nd largest moon in the Solar System and his name is Titan .


Saturn is the beauty of The Solar System and likes to make sure that she looks perfect , especially her rings which are tilted which is an advantage and a disadvantage for her as she likes the tilt since she looks more nicer however , they do get in the way .

Saturn is usually on her phone and has sass . She usually talks with Earth and Jupiter since Jupiter is most like Saturn and Earth is the only sane female planet . She also talks to Venus and gets a laugh out of her since she's utterly clueless during text messages and says silly things that makes her chuckle which was shown in 💦💦💦Hi💦💦💦.

Saturn is also shown to be random at times by somehow calculating about her speed when jumping on her trampoline and her calculations were correct . She can also be wild and hyper .

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