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Rusty Coin is a recommended character who appeared in "The Game Has Changed" recommended by Snowphie, being voiced by Justin Chapman.


Rusty Coin is a light gray coin with rust, and as his name implies, he's rusty. He also has a tooth gap on the left side of his mouth.


Despite their relatively brief appearance, Rusty Coin's personality was well established. He shown to be persistent, urging Flower and Leafy to take more party supplies despite their protests.

He also seem lonely, shown by his sheer desperation as he take off after Flower and Leafy in an attempt to be taken back to the surface with them and calling them a trio.

Rusty Coin also has trouble taking hints, as he fail to catch on when Flower tells him that they had given the 2 enough party supplies, and continuing to chase after the 2 even as Flower tells him to leave them alone.