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Welcome to the 7th part of RFVP! Maybe you were like (WTF?! That was so early!!) but you know me... (Of course not) No voting from Episode 15 - 17 got that?

Spoiler!: The final 15 would be the merged level...


Toothpaste: Hey Drumstick...

Drumstick: Yeah?

Toothpaste: I'll be going to France cuz my cousin is there and I have to visit them...

Drumstick: So... I have to make a contest?

Toothpaste: Yup! Call me if something wrong has happened!

Drumstick: Okay bye

-hugs each other-

In the bush

Pencil: Those 2 are getting awkward all of a sudden...

Book: They're friends... Friends can hug right?

Pencil: Uh... Yeah... But whatever...

Chapter 15b: Contest for nothing part 2: Toothstick?!

Chapter 15b

Drumstick: Oh gawd...

Icy: What's happended?

Drumstick: Toothpaste is away to France and I'm kinda feeling lonely...

Pencil: Oh yeah... I forgot to tell you something...

Drumstick: What is it? :)

Pencil: Did you know-

Book: *covers Pencil's mouth* That you can call Trowel from BFMT to host with you? *removes her hand from Pencil's mouth*

Pencil: And also... About Toothpaste and you...

Drumstick: What? Something wrong?

Pencil: Well... I'm shipping the both of you!!! >:3

Drumstick: WHAT DA GONGS?! Why are you doing this to me? D:

Pencil: You guys are adorable when you guys are together :">

Bubble: I knoiow :"3

Drumstick: Ugh... Anyway... Please welcome our special guest and our temporary host till chapter 17, Trowel!

Trowel: HEY GUYS!!! (Credit to Satanchu for this) And I brought 2 people along... To... you know...

Drumstick: Temporarily participate with ya'll...

Trowel: What she said xD

Clover: *meditating and started floating in the air*

Yoyleberry: Hey guys! You all know me right?

Pencil: Yup :D

Bubble: You're making me hungry *runs to Yoyleland* *runs back with Yoyleberries* *eats*

Yoyleberry: WHAT DA METALS?!

Metal Ball: Deloicious!

Yoyleberry: ...

Speech Bubble: -So what is the contest? We're kinda... impatient here...

Drumstick: The contest is.... Badminton!

Lightbulb: Omga! Why badminton?! I'm really bad at badminton...

Trowel: Well... that's too bad... 

At the giant badminton court

Test Tube: The badminton is so big that a human thinks it's the right size...

Drumstick: IKR... Well... anyway, all of you will play but-

Trowel: Yoylecakes... 4 of you would have to sit out and watch together with Clover and Yoyleberry...

Metal Ball (Bubble): Will doio... I'll sit out...

Speech Bubble: -Well... I don't have limbs so... I guess I should sit out too...-

Ice Cube: Me 3

Suitcase: Me 4

Trowel: Anyway, since there's nothing no one's up for elimination, We're just going to practice...

Drumstick: You know... It's kinda boring, right?

Trowel: Yeah... *to contestants* GO!

Pencil: 1st attempt *serves* *birdie falls* Darn...

Yin: I can do this! *serves*

Ruby: *hits birdie*

Shuttlecock: I'm called shuttle- OW! Hey! HEY!! Are you- OW! Listening to- OW! ME?!

Yin: You didn't tell us he can talk?

Drumstick: oops... here's the non-talking object *catches shuttlecock* *gives birdie to Microphone*

Microphone: *screams* *hits birdie to Bow*

Bow: What? Oh! okay... *hits birdie with a chair towards TB*

Marshmallow: Wow... You're sound-proof...

Bow: What? Oh! Yeah... I forgot to show you this mini chair that makes you, like, sound-proof...

TB: Oh my tennis racket! *kicks shuttlecock*

Drumstick: Oh yeah! If you get hit by the bird you'll sit out... *checks her laptop and sees Toothpaste's photo of him in Goikybook at the eiffel tower* WHAT THE-


Trowel: What?

Drumstick: I didn't know Toothpaste's cousin is a boy?

Trowel: Everyone knows that except you :P

Drumstick: Ugh... Hey What's this?

Trowel: Cool! Ghosty's mansion's been fixed! And I heard he has a sister...


Drumstick: I didn't know that... TB! You're out...

TB: Awww....

Trowel: Hey isn't that Butterfly?

Drumstick: Whoa... Aww... All 3 of them are having fun...


Trowel: Bow, Marshmallow, You guys are out!

Bow: OMC (Oh my chair!) ugh...

Marshmallow: Aw, well...

Drumstick: Sigh... I miss them...

Trowel: >:) Especially... Toothpaste?

Drumstick: Ugh... Put a drum stick in it!

FINAL 2: Pencil and Yellow Face

Pencil: HIYA! *hits shuttlecock (or whatever you call it) so hard it hit Yellow Face*

YF: ow!

Drumstick: I guess the Yoylecakes won...

Trowel: And there's nothing much we can do...

Sandwich (it's for you ignatius.wong.311!! My Singaporean friend :3): I got an idea...

Drumstick: Who are you suppose to be?

Sandwich: Sandwich! Can't you read the left side of the script?

Drumstick: Can't see it

Everyone: IKR, Drumstick...

Sandwich: Well... whatever... My idea is who can win the prize for the Yoylecakes without the dislikes!

Drumstick: Oh... COOL! Thanks!

Sandwich: You're welcome!

Drumstick: Anyway, choose who should win this mystery box which came out nowhere...

Trowel: Please vote here...

Thefreesmarter: If you ever beat the record, I'll make pictures... For only chapter 16... It can also be on some chapters if I'm in the mood to make pics :3...

Drumstick: Please vote here!... See you next time!


Drumstick: You look rusty Trowel...

Trowel: I guess your right...

Drumstick: This is my chance to make Satanchu like me :D I am a makeup artist and I can also paint you with stainless steel!


Drumstick: TADA! ^_^

Trowel: Wow... Thanks :D

Drumstick: Oh, you know me... I'm a kind person! :D


Pencil: She's not kind she's flirty!

Book: *shrugs* Guess so...


Chapter 16: Baguette or Toothpaste?

Chapter 17: Nothing to do

Fan: Hey guys!!

Drumstick: Hey, Fan! I heard you have your blog here...

Fan: Yup!

Drumstick: You know... This whole non-voting thing... It's kinda... less dramatic... and it brings dull to this show...

Pencil: I know right?

Bubble: Yeah...

Book: So what should we do? Make a conversation?

Ice Cube: Let's just watch TV...

Laptop: (credit to TBFOBFDIA) Welcome to the Music is my life show! I'm your host, Laptop! First up we have your fan favorite couple, Needle and Coiny!

Suitcase: I thought he's eliminated...

Ruby: Shhh!! They're gonna start singing!!


After the song (Night time)

Teardrop: ... :)

Woody: :)

(About to kiss)

Drumstick: DON'T MAKE OUT FIRST!! We're gonna party!!

Laptop: It's time for Canon Rock by Pen and Eraser!

( (And yes I love music even though you'll find this chapter boring)

Audience: O.O

Pencil: *scream like a fan girl*

Leafy: umm... Weird...

Pin: Cool! But I still hate them though...

Clover: I cannot contact with the beautiful nature as I have enough to eavesdrop on the music from that TV...

Trowel: Just come and join us!

Clover: I guess so...

Laptop: A very good one indeed! Well... Anyway, this gonna be our next song and it's actually a human!! It's Colbie Caillat!

Colbie: Hello objects! Here's a song for the lovers!


??: Hey guys! Whatcha watchin'?

??: How's my Drummy?

??: Ghosty, seriously? Anyway, hey guys! Do you miss us?

Everyone: *gasp*

Trowel: I know Drumstick won't hug Toothpaste...

Ruby: Wanna bet?

Trowel: Deal... I'll give you a thousand bucks

Ruby: Deal!

Drumstick: *hugs Toothpaste* I miss you!! And you too guys *hugs Butterfly* *Tries to kiss Ghosty's cold body*

Ghosty: mama mia :"|

Butterfly: I miss you too!!

Trowel: *surprised with mouth open*

Ruby: *turns to Trowel* Pay up!

Trowel: $*^#!*&^$*&!!!! *gives her $1000*

Woody: :D

Teardrop: :)

(make out with fireworks)

Book: What the-

Ice Cube: Meh... Let 'em be...

Book: No! It's not about TD and Woody! It's about the fireworks... Where are they coming from?

Ice Cube: Hey! Leafy's looking at the fireworks!

Book: No.... Way....

Announcer: The fireworks sign says "I love you ~your secret admirer"

Leafy: Oh! Hey guys...

Pin: Hey!

Icy: Who's the "secret admirer"

Leafy: *shrugs*

Laptop: Our final song!


Leafy: Oh! TP, Ghosty and Butterfly are back...

Icy: Yup!

Fan: We better party now!

(Everyone's partying)

Woody: *hip hop dancing*



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