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It's the 13th part of RFVP!! It's so fast you know! This is not the final part yet... Woo hoo final 6!!! SO CLOSE to the end!! Aren't you excited?


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OJ doesn't love Leafy anymore!

He likes... Someone else... Dunno who but... >:3

Chapter 29b: Inanimate Contests part 2!

OJ: *puts cork on* *swims* *comes back with a golden coin*

Ruby: Ooh! It's so shiny! *about to swim*

OJ: Wait... You can have it...

Ruby: R-really? Thank you...

Bubble: Thanks Book!

Book: You're welcome! *gets her own coin*

OJ: *gets his own coin*

Ruby: Woo hoo! Let's go! :D

Speechy: -Hm... Where is it... Oh! It's here!-

Signy: (Credit to Satanchu) Hmm... I wonder who Signy is... Oh! Hello friends!

OJ: *reads Signy* Oh that explains it.. *runs*

Ruby: *reads Signy out loud* Crappy Cliff Again: Already did that...

Bubble: Oh... Okoi... Well... Let's goio!

Alliance: *runs*

Speechy: *reads* *floats away*

Back with Leafy

Leafy: How do you decorate this thing?


Ruby: Take that you jerk! *punches fake Donut*

Bubble: Yeah! Toiake that! *punches fake Blocky* Oh my Goish! SOIRRY!

Book: *facepalm* Anyway... *punches fake Lollipop*

OJ: *kicks fake Taco*

Speech Bubble: *tackles a random character*

OJ: Uh...

Nickel: Just capture Bomb...

Bomb: AAAAHHH!!!!

OJ: *catches Bomb*

Bubble: Gotcha Noickel!

Book: Pepper! Gotcha!

Pepper: AAH!

Nickel: *sarcasm* Great...

Speech Bubble: -Huh?-

Marshmallow: Oh! Hi Speechy! *goes in the box* You got me!

Speech Bubble: ?

Bubble: OMBB...

Ruby: Oh my jewelry...

Book: Holy Novel...

OJ: Easy! I've memorized the whole thing *wears cork* *jumps across the Tile of Death ninja style*

Bubble: Alloiance power!

The Alliance: *floats randomly*

Speech Bubble: *floats across*


Leafy: *kicks fake Pen* HIYA!


OJ: Hm? I don't remember this contest... *jumps across Ice Berg*

Speech Bubble: *still floating*

Alliance: *jumps across Ice Berg*

OJ: *throws a red ball at fake Taco*

Alliance: *throws red ball at fake enemies*

Speechy: *throws red ball at a random character*

After going to Mars...

OJ: *swims with a cork* *cycles* *runs*

Alliance: *swims, cycles, runs*

Speechy: *still floating*

OJ: *cooks pizza* *kicks soccer ball into goal* *cool voice* And I'm done!

Ruby: That was so hot of him to kick that soccer ball into that goal... too bad we lost..

OJ: Don't worry! We'll share immunity together...

Ruby: W-what?... *faints*

OJ: Uh... Ruby? Ruby! Ruby? Are you okay?

Drumstick: Teleport Leafy here!

Leafy: Whoa... What happened?

Toothpaste: Ruby and OJ are safe...

Leafy: Wow...

Drumstick: Call Firey!

Ghosty: Can you stop commanding us as slaves and do it on your own?!

Drumstick: *calls Firey* Firey! Cake at Stake time!


Bubble & Ruby: *gasp*

Firey: Either Speechy or Book are safe...

Speechy: :(

Book: Uh-oh... Speechy... I'm sorry!

Speechy: -I'm sorry too!-

Firey: Book is safe... Sorry Speechy...

Speechy: -It's okay! I'll be better next time!- *gets teleported*

Ruby: Aww... Poor Speechy...

Leafy: Final 5 everyone!

Contestants: YEAH!!! WOO HOO!!

Firey: Bye guys!

Leafy: Bye!! Firey! :"D

Toothpaste: Wow... You guys are tired are you?

Contestants: Yup...

Freesmarter: I'm tired of typing...

Drumstick: Let's rest and do everything tomorrow okay?

Contestants: Okay! :D

Chapter 30: The 1st Object Show Contests!

Freesmarter: *puts down 8 billion shopping bags* There!... Oh! Hi guys! I just came back from a trip to the MALL!!! SHOPPING, SHOPPING, SHOPPING!!!!!!! And now... BEST FAN my slave!!! Carry my shopping bags to my room!

Onto the story!

With the boys...

OJ: ... What's taking them so long?

Toothpaste: Oh you know girls...

Ghosty: When it comes to them... They'll end up having 8 billion shopping bags...

OJ: So you think they're-

Girls: *puts down some shopping bags*


Bubble: Yoiy!!

OJ: O_O... How many shopping bags are in there? 8 billion?!

Book: Actually, it's 7,999,999,999...

Drumstick: Well... Anyway, let's start the contest... It's about BFDI... So you guys have to go through BFDI to (A) contests...

Bubble: Yoiy!

OJ: Cool...

At the starting point...

Toothpaste: On your mark... Get set... GO!!

Bubble: I've won befoire so thois would be a poiece of Yoylecake... *runs across the bar*

Others: *runs across the bar*

Alliance: *uses random boat* Wee!

Leafy: Hi OJ! *uses boat*

OJ: Hi... *uses floatie*

All: *climbs up*

Bubble: *writes on test paper* <FAIL> Oh noio! *writes on test paper* <FAIL> OH NO-IO! *writes on test paper* <FAIL> OH NOIO!!

Book: *writes on test paper* <PASS> Yay!

Ruby: *writes on test paper* <PASS> Alright!

OJ: *writes on test paper* <PASS>

Leafy: Hey Bubble! What's wrong?

Bubble: I failed the test 3 times. Again.

Leafy: Again? Oh... deja vu... Anyway, it's simple! Just say that you can survive 1338 days without eating and you love Tennis balls...

Bubble: Oh... *writes on test paper* <PASS> Yoy! Yoyle... cake!

Leafy: *writes on test paper* <PASS> Yeah!

Meanwhile... With OJ, Book and Ruby...

OJ: How am I suppose to get up this pole?

Lava Monster: *appears out of nowhere and eats the three of them*


Bubble: Oi've moiade it!

Leafy: So are we!

Bubble: Huh? How'd you goiys get here so qoickly?

Ruby: Long story!

Everyone: *racing up the pole*

Later... Again.

BFDIA!! Check point...

Bubble: YOIY!

Blocky: Hey Bubble...

Bubble: OH NOIO!

Blocky: We're just gonna play Tug-of-war...

Bubble: Oh... Okoi...

Lollipop: Oh hello Book who had just been judged by her cover!

Book: HEY!! Wait... HEY!! Wait... HEY!! Wait... HEY!!-

Lollipop: Tug-of-war time...

Book: Wait... What?

Donut: Let's get over with this... Time to play Tug-of-war...

Ruby: AAH! Huh?... Oh...

Taco: SOUR CR-

OJ: *pulls*

Taco: *falls*

After the Tug-of-war...

Bubble: *squishes Yoyleberries in slow mo* Yoiy! *runs*

Book and Ruby: *gets a bowl* *puts random stuffs in it* *puts in Yoyleberries* And 1 more thing... *puts some knives in* Done! *runs*

OJ: *squishes Yoyleberries* *runs*

Leafy: *puts some knives in* *squishes Yoyleberries* There...

Bubble: BUGS?! OH NOIO!

Book and Ruby: AAAH!!!

OJ: *steps on them*

Leafy: AAH!

Bubble: Hm? Deloite Bugs? *stomps on the giant button*

Bugs: *disappears*


Everyone: *runs*

Signy: (Credit to Satanchu) Hi! Who are you?

Bubble: *reads Signy out loud* Skip the coiontest...

Everyone: *runs*

Bubble: It's the FreeSmoirt van!

At the cage...

Pencil: FreeSmart Super Van


Ruby: Who knows how to drive?

Book: I do! I read myself on how to drive this thing so let's get in!

OJ: Wait for us!

At Yoyle Mountain...

Everyone: *running on random obstacles*

Bubble: YOIY! I WON!

Drumstick: That's right... You've received immunity! Who're you gonna share the immunity to?

Bubble: Uh...

Book: Give it to Ruby!

Ruby: Give it to Book!

Leafy: That's nice of them to do that...

OJ: Agreed...

Bubble: Ruby!

Ruby: Oh... okay then...

Drumstick: To the next chapter...

Butterfly: It's Cake at Stake without voting!

Ghosty: Fusmarter has a question for you guys...

Freesmarter: GHOSTY!!!!!!!! Anyway, if you can dislike someone (OJ, Book and Leafy) who would it be?

Toothpaste: You know... That wouldn't be counted as a vote right?

Freesmarter: Yeah but... Eh whatever... Bye guys! RFVP ~part 14 is coming soon! :D

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