Running for Vice President (our version)
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Welcome! :D Of course it's the same old fanfic but different contest (100% different) and the same storyline (it will be, like 25% to 40% different)... You get to choose who your character is (maximum is 4). I'll be in it too! Even my brother as well :3... Each of you will make a free script for the story. You can also make a contest if I can't think 1. If you want to make a script for your character, ASK PERMISSION.

Cameo characters (Write your user account)

Firey - nadiya2000

Puffball Speaker Box (Thefreesmarter)

Firey Speaker Box (Thefreesmarter)

Gum Bally - TheEnderRo :D (I chose her for you :D)

Free hosts! (Write your user account)

Toothpaste - THE BEST FAN OF BFDI(A)!!!

Drumstick - Thefreesmarter bfdia

Butterfly - Thefreesmarter's brother

Ghosty - Ignatius.wong.311


Bubble - Thefreesmarter bfdia

Bow - Thefreesmarter bfdia

Wheely - Thefreesmarter bfdia

Ruby - Thefreesmarter bfdia

Ice Cube - Thefreesmarter's brother

Book - Thefreesmarter's brother

Leafy - Thefreesmarter's brother

Balloon - TheEnderRo

Flower - TheEnderRo

Gelatin - Ignatius.wong.311

Fan -ignatius.wong.311

Lightbulb - The best fan of bfdia

OJ - Cedricblocks

Pencil and Match - Thefreesmarter bfdia (I can take as many as I want :P)

Suitcase - Satanchu

Teardrop - Gogo67ify

Tennis ball - ElementalRaccoon

Test Tube - Gogo67ify

Woody - ignatius.wong.311

YinYang - Cedricblocks

Pin -  Joeandbill203

Yellow Face - Satanchu

Marshmallow - Thefreesmarter

Apple - Brother

Tissues - ElementalRaccoon

Coiny - Cedricblocks

Snowball - Joeandbill203

Box - The best fan bfdia

Puffball - Lich22

(WAIT! I'm not yet done with the gallery)

Contestant Rank
Bubble TBA
Wheely TBA
Ruby TBA
Ice Cube TBA
Book TBA
Leafy TBA
Balloon TBA
Flower TBA
Gelatin TBA
Lightbulb TBA
Pencil TBA
Match TBA
Suitcase TBA
Teardrop TBA
Tennis ball TBA
Test Tube TBA
Woody TBA
Yin-Yang TBA
Marshmallow TBA
Apple TBA
Tissues TBA
Snowball TBA
Puffball TBA
Coiny 30

Chapter 1a: A fresh start part 1

In Yoyle City at Metal district

Wheely: What a beautiful day... Oh! Hi, SB!

Snowball: Shut up! I'm not in the mood to talk to a stupid wheel thingy!

Wheely: Okay... Now that's just rude...

Bubble: Hey, Whoieely! Look at that poster over there...

Wheely: Oh cool a post- Awwww!!!! It's a cute puppy!!!!

Tissues: *butts in* (Helper: about wheely)

Wheely: I'm so sorry!! Well... You know it's sooo adorable

Suitcase: Hey, Bubble! What's with the poster?

Bubble: It says here... That the president needs a new VP!

Book: Wait... Really?

Ruby: Wait, what?

-Everyone gathers around Bubble-

Bubble: It says here... That we're gonna battle for it to be fun...

Pin: TO BE FUN?!?!

Leafy: OH MY PHOTOSYNTHESIS!!! He's the legend!

Puffball: not to butt in or anything but how does he act?

Leafy: Well... You know... He's heroic, hot, good-looking, sexy, handsome and did I mention he was hot?

Match: Ugh... Twice... But the MAJORITY of the girls here love him...

Flower: (Helper: To stop them from talking and participate and ask where the meeting place is)

Bubble: Well... We have to meet him at Yoyle beach...

Marshmallow: Well, what are we waiting for?! LET'S GO!!!


Chapter 1b: A fresh start part 2

Balloon: (Complaining because Firey's not here)

Leafy: Just search for him...

Match: *To Pencil* She's so totally, like, obsessed with him...

Pencil: IKR...

Bow: OMG! It's Gum Bee!

Gum Bally: Hey, Bowy!

~I'll just do this....

Gelatin: Umm... Who are you guys?

Toothpaste: I'm Toothpaste...

Drumstick: I'm Drumstick :D

Butterfly: I'M BUTTERFLY!!!!!!!!

Ghosty: Sup... I'm Ghosty... The first president of Goiky!

Book: The whole GOIKY?!

Ghosty: Yup! So umm... Are you guys going to participate to be the VP?

Bubble: Yoies! Oi wanna knoiow what it foieels loike to be a Voice Proisedent!

Toothpaste: Okay! Meet us at Peace Land which is 2,763 miles away from here...

Book: Are you serious?!

Drumstick: Well... These 2 *Toothpaste and Ghosty* are cruel so... You guys can go to my 90 meter long limousine...

Ghosty: ... >:( Don't be such a nice person....

Drumstick; Whatever....

At Peaceland

Match: I miss this place... Warm breeze, green grass.... Like, sigh....

Drumstick: Let's start the contest!

Firey: Yup!

Leafy: I-i-i-i-i-i-is that? *faints*

Bubble: It's Foirey!

Firey: Hey... Sup?

Leafy: *wakes up* I just dreamed that I met Firey here in P-p-peacelan- *faints again*

Pencil: UGH! WAKE UP! *Slaps Leafy*

Leafy: Groan....

Drumstick: Anyway, the first contest is... Well...

Toothpaste: Make a pose of Firey!

Firey: Which I'm not entirely sure because I have a problem for Bubble, Bow, Wheely, Ruby, Pencil and Match...

Bubble: Whoiat?!

Bow: Huh?

Wheely: ?

Ruby: Aw, really?

Pencil: OMS (Oh my sharpener!)

Match: OM, like, W... (Oh my, like, woodsicles)

Firey: You guys can't just make your pose of me the best...

Bubble: We'll just moiake 1...

CHALLENGE #1: Make a pose of Firey!

Winners: Thefreesmarter and bro(sharing), Baguette ;), Pikachu! (Satanchu), The best fan, Joeandbill

REWARD: Win Token and Gold Token (Find the info in BFGP)

Ignatius.wong.311 - Gelatin and Fan

TheEnderRo - Balloon, Flower

Cedricblocks - OJ, Yinyang, Coiny

Gogo67ify - Teardrop, Test Tube

Lich22 - Puffball

Chapter 2a: Interviewing time!: Team Formation

Toothpaste: Seems most of the people here did the last time's challenge except Gelatin, Fan (Just see at the top)

Drumstick: Anyway, It's time for Cake at Stake!

Butterfly: Yup!

Puffball: Wow! I hope I win the prize!

Ghosty: Uhh... This does not have any likes... just dislikes/votes...

Toothpaste: We've received a total of 25 votes...

Drumstick: With 1 vote each are Yin-Yang, Fan and Flower...

Butterfly: Puffball and Coiny... One of you will be eliminated...

Puffball: WHAT?! I thought I was a fan-favorite?! D:

Coiny: I don't even deserve to be in this show anyway... I hate Firey! (As a matter of fact we are starting to be friends :/)

Ghosty: With 16 votes and is eliminated... Is......................................................... COINY!

Coiny: WHAT?! D:

Toothpaste: Onto the contest!

Drumstick: Please, remind your friends to do this or else... They'll be up for elimination!!

The RFVP questions...

  1. Who created BFST?
  2. When was RFVP created?
  3. How old is my younger brother (Thefreesmarter's brother)
  4. Who is Satanchu's brother?
  5. What is my hometown (Not Singapore... I'm serious...)
  6. Who are my favorite characters?
  7. Best BFDI couple?
  8. Best Inanimate Insanity couple?
  9. How old am I?
  10. What is the Official RFVP elimination table from Chapter 1-23?
  11. Who are my BIFs? (Best Internet Friends)
  12. Who do I feel like slapping on the internet? xD (Hint: Baguette)
  13. Who's my favorite pokemon
  14. What's my favorite number? (Hint: Bubble's rank in BFDI)
  15. Bns question (No wrong answers): Who should be the Vice President?

WINNERS! - Satanchu and Best fan

Satanchu's team name- ?

Best fan's team name- B.E.S.T. team (Best Ever Seen in the Terre (Terre is Earth in french) )

Chapter 2b: Teams...

Drumstick: Hey umm.. Suitcase and Yellow Face...

Suitcase: Yes?

Yellow Face: YES??!?!?!

Drumstick: One of you has to be the team leader while the other one's the assistant... Same thing goes for Lightbulb and Box...

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