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Cinematic Trailer

*Aliens Pictures logo appears*

*Basement Group logo appears*

Ruby: Ah yeah, girls! School is out for the SUMMER!

Suitcase: Woohoo! Let's enjoy it!

Ruby: Hey, you want to drive down to my house?

Alexa: Hell yeah, I'm up for it!

(Things you shouldn't have known...)

Ruby: This is my house!

Karen: Nice!

Lucy: I'm pretty sure I heard that this place has an abandoned cellar.

  • Ruby looks at Lucy*

(...might be in the comforts of your home...)

Ruby: Okay guys. I'll go to the cellar. I'll be right back.

(...and you don't want to know about it.)

Ruby: *Uses lamp* Hello? Anyone there?

  • A scream is heard*

Ruby walks over to the garage.

Ruby: Oh my god...

(You can run...)

Ruby: Hurry up! Come on!

Suitcase: What happened?

Ruby: Nothing! Just go!

( can hide...)

Karen: Where are they?

Ruby: Just run!

(...but can you survive?)

Xylophone: I think I can see them!

Ruby: Keep on running!

(That are what these girls are about to find out.)

Lucy: Did you hear that?

Alexa: Oh god, oh god, oh god...

  • The girls look up and out peeking from a nearby tree they see the Shadow Man*

The Shadow Man: I see you...


(Coming Soon)


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