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Ruby and The Cellar is a basement horror movie. It was based on horror game "Cellar Door".


Ruby and her friends went to their house and Ruby enters an abandoned cellar. Ruby, holding a lamp, walks through the cellar.

Shadows start popping up everywhere, and their whispers threaten to kill Ruby by sucking her in. Can she survive?


The movie starts about 2 months ago, on April 14th. Ruby meets Ice Cube and Flower on the school courtyard of Clara J. Object High School, the high school that Ruby goes to. They talk about a strange phenomenon that was going on, that a certain Shadowman was lurking around with most of his minions. Mid-conversation, a sudden unknown force flips up Flower's skirt. After Flower covers up her underwear, Flower's blames Gelatin, then Soup, for doing so. But Gelatin wasn't around the premises and Soup declined. Ruby says it was the wind, but she was later told that there was no chance of wind on that day. Ruby then wonders what happened before the bell rings and all students go to class.

The movie then progresses on to Friday, June 7th, the day when school was out for the summer.


  • United States - Rated R: Restricted – Under 17 requires accompanying parent or adult guardian.


Major Protagonists

  • Ruby (Main Character)
  • Suitcase
  • Alexa
  • Karen
  • Lucy
  • Xylophone


  • Suzie-Anne Milano
  • Soup
  • Ice Cube
  • Flower
  • Popsicley


  • The Shadow Man
  • Invisible Minions
    • The Water Minion
    • The Kitchen Knife Minion
    • The Perverted Wind Minion
    • The Fire Minion
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