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"Rubber Spatula sounds like a boy, even though she's a girl, and that's just... WRONG!" — Pen
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Rubber Spatula

Rubber Spatula
I can't believe it! Nobody likes me!

Rubber Spatula is one of the contestants who had a chance to join TPOT. They are also a male contestant in BFTPITS taken by Bluegirl79.


Rubber Spatula has a yellow head with a white handle. They have a hole at the end of their handle. In The Four is Lava, Rubber Spatula's arms are located lower.


Rubber Spatula is calm and timid. Shown by them getting low-spirited upon learning they aren't debuting, assuming that nobody likes them. However they can have their mood turned around easily, demonstrating being grateful for their voters in a positive manner.


Rubber Spatula's personality is unknown.

Battle For The Palace In The Sky (BFTPITS)[]

Rubber Spatula is a somewhat nervous contestant that speaks with a voice that cracks a lot (a little similar to Saw). He doesn't really like to speak to others and likes to do his own things. He likes to read books and to swim in bodies of waters. He is smarter than most people think. He will freak out if he accidentally hurt someone because he didn't mean to. He is infamous for his extreme fear of bugs (Entomophobia) and he always kills them when he sees one. This makes him absolutely hated by Discy who can't stand him doing this. Even if he tries to explain to her that he is scared of bugs, she wouldn't listen to him because she thinks that he is saying non-sense. Rubber Spatula got his fear when he was younger which at one point, he got poisoned by a venomous bug and almost died for it. He was lucky to survive the attack because it is stated that you have only a 3% chance of survival when you get poisoned. He seems to have the best friendship with Onigiri and Snare Drum. Most people seems to respect and understand is fear of bugs (with one of the few that doesn't obviously being Discy). Nobody knowns if it is even possible to cure him of his phobia. A few contestants thinks that he is cute. He is maybe nervous but he still doesn't mind helping a few contestants that he is most comfortable with. Rubber Spatula doesn't dislike getting dirty. He is one of the three members of The Anti-Death Alliance.