Not to be condused with Roulette wheel from Open Sourse Objects, Roulette Wheel is a male oc of Nether Works.


Roulette Wheel is generally a nice guy but is also quite shy, only really talling to the people in his friend group. He is strong when he or his friends need it. He also exaderates alot.

His Tunnet expresses his negative emotions. If he is sad, it spins slowly. if he is scared, it spins normally. if raged, it spins fast. He can also spin it on command. it helps him see better.


Roulette wheel is an american roulette wheel (meaning he has 2 green pockets instead of 1). He has a brown bowl, a silver Turret, and green, black, and red pockets.


  • He is one of Nether Work's few ocs that she got from Custom 4 Custom on Amino
  • He can control his Turret when he has positive emotions. this also helps him see better.
  • There is also a Roulette Wheel in Open Sourse Objects, but they are 2 completly diffrent people.


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