Rotten Pretzel is an OC created by ButterBlaziken230.


Rotten Pretzel’s body is a pretzel - a small, usually beige food. However, Rotten Pretzel, as his name implies, has gone rotten, turning his beige into a minty green. There are some lines of mould on his body. Rotten Pretzel has arms and legs.


Rotten Pretzel doesn’t really speak to anyone that much, so nobody really knows his personality. He’s actually a good artist, but he doesn’t have any friends. He mostly just is rude to people who don’t like his art, sometimes even wanting to kill his haters. Rotten Pretzel, because of these crazy actions, was once part of Evil Blaster’s Alliance, but was kicked out for an unknown reason. He seeks revenge, and now tries to be a good person. Because of this, he is now friends with Capey, Comic Pow and White Spoon.

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