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"Oh Yeah That's Right. AzUrArInG stole Rock is Doomed!" - Match
Rock is Doomed was adopted by AzUrArInG. Henceforth, all rights, continuity, and proper use settings go to AzUrArInG, who now says what is in-character and what is not in this article's vicinity. Though everyone can edit this article, AzUrArInG has the final say on their character from the rules from the Object Shows Community.

Rock is Doomed aka Rock is Doomed!!!!! is an 2016 Object Masters short made in flipnote featuring Rock and Varsity Jacket. It would be the first Object Masters short not to feature Football. It is also the final 2016 Object Masters short.


Rock finds a hotdog, however Varsity Jacket finds out and tries to shoot him with a gun, and they start chasing each other.


  • This is the first Object Masters short not to feature Football.
  • It's the only 2016 Object Masters Short not to feature Football.
  • The music that plays is an old 1929 music.
  • The Final 2016 Object Masters Short.


Video of Rock is Doomed!!!!!: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fH2WE141AcE