"Well I'm glad we have one person that is happy to be here!"

Rock Candy, "Team Efforts"

Rock Candy is the host of Objects at Stake.


Rock Candy is really happy most of the time, but sometimes does things he really regrets.


Rock Candy has some powers just like Four (Bfb) and MePhone4 (Inanimate Insanity). Rock Candy can mutilate contestants, teleport, and recover. Rock Candy recovers contestants by turning his head into the shape of the contestant. This leaves his body behind. After recovering a contestant, Rock Candy instantly comes back to life. To recover contestants, Rock Candy has to shapeshift. Rock Candy also reversed time with the contestants going back in time as well for a challenge. He can also grow extra limbs.


He kills himself everytime he recovers a contestant, but is somehow instantly recovered afterwards. Otherwise, he has never died.


Rock Candy once mutilated Pancake. He also once accidently stepped on Toy Truck, killing him.


-Rock Candy starts the intro of his show by blinking once. Other contestants also start the intro by doing this.

-Almost every contestant calls him "Rocky Candy". This could be because they forgot his name.


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