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RockStar is an OC created by ButterBlaziken230.


RockStar looks like the classic vomiting character from Battle for Dream Island, Rocky. However, RockStar does not vomit, and he can speak, too. This Rocky has a yellow star painted onto his body. That’s what differentiates himself from over Rockys.


RockStar, as the name implies, is a Rock Star. He has made tons of amazing songs that are well-received. He’s a big celebrity in the Object Show universe, with his following of songs. However, he doesn’t play around much, meaning he doesn’t have as many friends as he should. The only friends he has are his type; quiet and have an interest in music.


Here are a list of songs RockStar has written:

  • Elimination Tension - a song about the scary feeling of being eliminated in an object show.
  • Rocky Road Rock - a nice rock song with no real message. This song was played in BFDI: Isolated, when they meet RockStar.
  • Will You Win - a motivational song about trying hard. A short line from this was heard in TBBS S1 E8: Tunes.

The ButterBlaziken Show!

In The ButterBlaziken Show, RockStar discusses music with Banjo in TBBS S1 E8: Tunes. However, they get interrupted by another music enthusiast called Metal Cube who is enemies with RockStar. Banjo mistakingly lets her in their music alliance.

BFDI: Isolated

In BFDI: Isolated, a Fanfiction by ButterBlaziken230, RockStar meets the gang of objects in Chapter 3: A New Location. He meets them in the science museum, located in Yoyle City. They walk all the way up to the top of the building together.


  • RockStar is able to play his instruments with his feet.