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"That's a Roboty ! - Spongy, Jacknjellify's How to Train Your Robot'
This character is a robot or a machine.


"Oh,Bozo brain. Roboty is up here!" - Snowball

This user/object cannot speak English/Can speak English, but might not be understood clearly. Best use a translator to help understand him/her better.

Specifically:Speaks in Morse Code

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NOBODY LIKES ME. (-. --- -... --- -.. -.-- / .-.. .. -.- . ... / -- . .-.-.-)

Roboty was one of the Battle for Dream Island RCs who didn't made it into the show. He is a contestant in Battle for BFDI and was a member of BEEP. He is our lord and saviour and even hosts his own show called Battle For The Respect Of Roboty (BFTROR).


Roboty appears to be a large, limbless robot. His metal body is scarlet, his teeth are yellowish-white, his teeth are baby blue when talking, and his eyes are jade.


Roboty seems to be stubborn and opinionated about his current situations, such as going to a waterfall to be far away from his team in "Lick Your Way to Freedom". Other examples include Roboty saying "WHY" when he got placed for his job, as well as when he said "TRULY UNFAIR." when his team lost in the same episode. Similar to David, Roboty is mostly anti-social. When Roboty was voted out in "Four Goes Too Far", he left to the same waterfall without saying a word, implying that he never enjoyed being on the show. Hidden in his simplistic Morse Code, Roboty seems to be a very negative individual, often lamenting about how unpopular he is in the eyes of voters. He also seems to enjoy teasing others, such as mocking his team name along with Four, angering Balloony. Roboty is currently a pushover, as he is just seen as a object by everyone else in the EXIT, some examples of this are Liy pushing him out the way like he is a obstacle, Firey Jr. using him as a chair and Loser climbing him.


In his audition, he said, "BFDI" in morse code. He was recommended by Clone4848, PestramiShowALT, and tyboy618.

He failed to join BFDI in Reveal Novum, with only 2 votes, the least amount of everyone and he was sent into the Locker of Losers.

He also failed to join BFDIA with 50 votes, placing him 59th, and he was sent into the Locker of Losers once again.

He had a chance to join IDFB until it was postponed.

However, he became a contestant in Battle for BFDI and was a member of Beep. He was eliminated in episode 6 with 8,254 votes, placing him 62nd.

Fan Fiction

Human Names

  • Ronald Bot (TheObjectThing15)


  • June 2nd, 1801 (TheObjectThing15)
  • May 4, 2032 (EvanVizuett)
  • February 16th, 1994 (Wen Kai Foo)


  • He is the only member of BEEP to be a machine.
  • So far, he is one of the only contestants to not be absorbed by Four until Enter the Exit.
  • He is the lowest ranking male, limbless, and Mechanical-Mind in Battle for BFDI.


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