Hello guys! this is PikminComet's second fanfic. 7 Objects from BFDI(A), II(2) and OO compete to win Foodland (an island with foods)

Episode 1: Danger In Flames

Mini Chapter: Hosts Talk!

Announcer: Hey hosts! I think we can make an object show with 7 characters from they're own seasons!

Gamey: It's fun i guess!

MePhone4: And i have a character to be a host instead of us!

Chapter 1: Weird Isn't It?

(all BFDI(A), II(2) and OO Characters comes in a tower)

Leafy: But who's the host gonna be? (Parody of Puffball from BFDI(A). )

???: I'll be the host!

Everybody: What? Who are you?

MeNnouncerGame: I'm MeNnouncerGame!

Everybody: What?

MeNnouncerGame: Well, the story is long.


Gamey: No! You pressed the morph button!

Announcer: What would it do?

Gamey: It would make us combine!

(End of Flashback)

MeNnouncerGame: And that's why.

Chapter 2: Picking The Contestants

MeNnouncerGame: (spins wheel and the wheel landed on Marble From OO)

Marble: Yeah!

MeNnouncerGame: (spins wheel again and it lands on Gelatin from BFDIA)

Gelatin: Yes, i join!


BFDI(A) II(2) OO (Old, not reboot)
Gelatin Nickel Marble
Teardrop Test Tube Kite
Pencil Suitcase Paper Airplane
Pen Fan Masky
Bubble Paper Boxing Glove
Bomby Soap Pearly
Match Cheesy Popcorn

Soccerball: Good thing i didn't join! I don't want to be with the murderer!

(Everybody stares at him)

MeNnouncerGame: And the rest of you have to JUMP OFF THE TOWER!

Everybody: What?

Everybody That Failed: (Jumps out) AAAHHHHHH!

Chapter 3: The Challenges

MeNnouncerGame: Ok, Gelatin, Nickel and Marble be team captains since they're was the first to be picked.


Super Steaks Rare Flashes Freezing Flames 
Gelatin Nickel Marble
Paper Airplane Soap Fan


Bomby Kite
Pen Boxing Glove Teardrop


Suitcase Cheesy
Bubble Pearly Popcorn
Paper Test Tube Masky

MeNnouncerGame: The first challenge is to go to the top of this tower with fires in it.

Everybody: What?

Paper: It burns!

Bomby: Oh no! (explodes)

MeNnouncerGame: That means Rare Flashes are up for elimination.


Nickel Soap Bomby Boxing Glove Suitcase Pearly Test Tube
0 Votes 1 Vote 5 Votes

2 Votes

0 Votes 0 Votes 0 Votes

Bomby: What?

MeNnouncerGame: Sorry Bomby.

Bomby: (Jumps of the tower and explodes)

Episode 2: That's Not Elimination

MeNnouncerGame: Hey guys the next challenge is bungee jumping, you will do this at the top of the tower. And also this is not an elimination.

Fan: Oh, i thought it's a new elimination way.

MeNnouncerGame: Try to get a box, the bigger the box, the bigger the points.

Cheesy: Got one! It's 4/9 big.

Nickel: Got one! Oh great, it's a 1/9 big, what a big prize.

MeNnouncerGame: SHUSH!

Pen: I got a 2/9.

Fan: Got a 9/9! Yay! I got to post this in my blog!

Boxing Glove: 6/9!

Paper Airplane: I got a 3/9.

Popcorn: Uh... I got a 5/9.

Test Tube: I got 8/9!

Bubble: And i goit 7/9!

Super Steaks Rare Flashes Freezing Flames
12/45 15/45 18/45

MeNnouncerGame: That means team Super Steaks are up for elimination.


Gelatin Paper Airplane Pencil Pen Match  Bubble Paper
0 Votes 0 Votes 2 Votes 0 Votes 3 Votes 0 Votes 2 Votes

Match: OMG!

Pencil: Goodbye, Match! :(

Match (Fells of the tower) AAHHHHHH!

Episode 3: No, Just No

MeNnouncerGame: The next challenge is music chairs.

Test Tube: Uhh... Isn't that is to classic?

MeNnouncerGame: Instead of chairs created by Bow....


MeNnouncerGame: How'd you get here? But, we will have chains and tie yourself.

Everybody: What?

Bow: So no chairs?

MeNnouncerGame: Start now!

(I'm a bit lazy so.. yeah sorry)

Name Got out in round #
Suitcase 1
Paper Airplane 


Nickel 3




Masky 6


Popcorn 8
Fan 9


Bubble 12
Paper 13


Cheesy 15
Pearly 16
Kite 17
Gelatin 18
Test Tube 19
Boxing Glove N/A

MeNnouncerGame: Go vote someone, Freezing Flames!


Marble Fan Kite Teardrop Cheesy Popcorn Masky
3 Votes 0 Votes 0 Votes 0 Votes 0 Votes 1 Vote 2 Votes

Marble: What?

MeNnouncerGame: Goodbye!

Marble: (Jumps) AAAHHHHHHHH!

Episode 4: New Island

Pencil: Uhhh.... I may look like an idiot for asking this question but what's the thing that we're battling for?

MeNnouncerGame: It's Uhh....

Nickel: Let me guess this. You don't know it right?

MeNnouncerGame: (embaressed) Yeah.

All contestants: Then why are we here! >:O

MeNnouncerGame: Alright! The next contest is to build a prize for winning this season!

Problem with Super Steaks.....

Gelatin: What do we build?

Pencil: Why don't we call it Freesmart Island?

Paper Airplane: No, that's a bad idea!

Paper: Yeah!

(Paper, Paper Airplane and Pencil fights)


MeNnouncerGame: I will rate this out of 30. Super Steaks!

Gelatin: We don't build anything due to Paper Airplane, Paper and Pencil's arguement.

MeNnouncerGame: Then it's 2/30.

MeNnouncerGame: Rare Flashes, you build an island named Coin Island.

Test Tube: Thanks to Coiny and Nickel.

Coiny: Can i get out now?

MeNnouncerGame: Freezing Flames, you made Foodland. But the way , how do you get so many foods?

Kite: Uhhh....

Teardrop:.... I buy it at Wal-Mart! (The shop that has everything!)

Everybody except TD: WHAT? BUT HOW?

Teardrop: I don't know.

MeNnouncerGame: Coin Island got 19/30 and Foodland got 26/30! Because Coin Island just look like a ripoff of Million Dollars.

MeNnouncerGame: Vote somebody off Super Steaks.


Gelatin Paper Airplane Pencil Pen Bubble Paper
0 Votes 3 Votes 2 Votes 0 Votes 0 Votes 1 Vote

Paper Airplane: Haha! I could fly!


Paper Airplane: Oh no! (falls) AAAAHHHHHHHHH!

Episode 5: Object's Ride

MeNnouncerGame: This challenge is a racing contest!

Pen: Yeah! But what about the track?

MeNnouncerGame: This would be extreme! You have to race through a waterfall, jump a lava pit, and avoid missiles.....

Teardrop: And the vehicles?

Everybody except TD: So you still talk?

Teardrop: I think it's permanent...

MeNnouncerGame: You have to build it yourself. START NOW!


MeNnouncerGame: 1.... 2..... 3.... START!

(They go up the mountain)

Cheesy: This can take longer then a joke.... Haha get it? (DANG IT I'M BAD AT JOKES)

(Everybody stares at him)

Cheesy: What?

(They fall down the mountain)

Bubble: Oh noio! i t's to foist and i'm gonna..... (Blowed) Ahhhhh!

(They cross the waterfall)

Masky: That's a waterfall!

Everybody: Ahhhhh!

(And they jump the lava pit)

Pearly: Look out!

(Everybody jumps and land except Fan)

Fan: Oh no! (have an idea and he glides out the pit)

Fan: That's close.


MeNnouncerGame: Super Steaks got 1st, Freezing Flames got 2nd, and Rare Flashes got last! Come with me!

Later.... (Again :O)

Nickel Soap Boxing Glove Suitcase Pearly Test Tube
0 Votes 4 Votes 0 Votes 0 Votes 1 Vote 1 Vote

Soap: But what if down there have germs?

MeNnouncerGame: (Annoyed and pushes Soap down)


Episode 6: Christmas? in March?

Pencil: Alright world! get ready to- *Frozes*

Gelatin: Can anybody tell what happened here?

MeNnouncerGame: Currently, it's Christmas. For some reason, it's March. Well your contest is to build a Snowman! Start!

Pen: Anybody have a carrot?

Bubble: I'll soirch foir it!

Masky: Let's build a Snowball!

Popcorn: Yeah!

Teardrop: Guys, no time to play!

Popcorn: Oh yeah.... Let's just play!

Teardrop: *Sigh*

  • After the Contest*

MeNnouncerGame: The Freezing Flames lost! You guys, go to elimination!

Kite Masky Cheesy Teardrop Popcorn Fan
0 Votes 2 Votes 0 Votes 0 Votes 4 Votes

0 Votes

Popcorn: But i didn't do anything wrong!

Kite: Yes, you did.

  • Kite pushes Popcorn*

Popcorn: AAAHHH!

Episode 7: Time Traveling

MeNnouncerGame: Today, we'll have a contestant to rejoin the game! You could vote everyone except yourself.

Match: OMG! Could you tottaly like start?!

MeNnouncerGame: You're so imp. You got 0 votes by the other.

Match: No! Like, no! *Jumps* AAAAAHHH!

MeNnouncerGame: Marble and Popcorn got 1 each.

Marble/Popcorn: *Jumps* AAAAHH!

MeNnouncerGame: Same with Bomby.

Bomby: OH NO! *Jumps* AAAAAAHH!

MeNnouncerGame: Paper Airplane rejoins and got 2 votes.

Soap: *Jumps* GERMS!

MeNnouncerGame: That means Soap also got 1.

MeNnouncerGame: For the challenge, you must go to the rejection portal.

Paper: We're all eliminated?

MeNnouncerGame: Of course not!

Suitcase: What do we do then?

MeNnouncerGame: Just get in!

Nickel: Fine.

  • Everybody goes to the portal

Pencil: Where are we?

MeNnouncerGame: You're in the future. Try to find another portal.

Test Tube: Then we go back to our time?

MeNnouncerGame: Just see.

Masky: Hey, that is a flying car!

Test Tube: What? I want to see it!

Pearly: Hey, what about the challenge?

Gelatin: Alright team, i see the portal!

  • Super Steaks go to the portal

Kite: Hey, that's the portal!

  • Freezing Flames go in the portal

Boxing Glove: Come on Test Tube, we got to go!

Test Tube: Do you know? *explains the flying car*

Rare Flashes members except Test Tube: *sigh*

Cheesy: Hey guys, want a joke?

Fan: No! We're lost in the past!

Pen: This isn't our home!

MeNnouncerGame: Well, then find another portal. And, watch out, there's a dinosaur.

  • Super Steaks and Freezing Flames see the dinosaur

Teardrop: Run.

  • Everybody runs
  • Meanwhile

Suitcase: Come on Test Tube the others already entered the portal!

Boxing Glove: Because of you, we get last place!

Test Tube: Wait, just a minute more!

  • At the same time

Pencil: Hey, there's the portal! *Runs to the portal*

Teardrop: NOOOOOOOOOO! *Runs and attack pencil* Come on guys, lets get back to home!

  • Freezing Flames enter the portal

Masky: Yes, we made it!

Cheesy: So is this a time for a joke?

Freezing Flames except Cheesy: NO!

  • Super Steaks arrive

Paper: Oh, come on.

MeNnouncerGame: Super Steaks and Rare Flashes' members are UFE.

MeNnouncerGame: Everybody, vote.

Gelatin Paper Airplane Pen Pencil Bubble Paper
1 votes 0 votes 0 votes 3 votes 2 votes

0 votes

Pencil: Oh no!

Nickel Boxing Glove Suitcase Pearly Test Tube
1 votes 0 votes 0 votes 0 votes 4 votes

Test Tube: What?

MeNnouncerGame: Well, you 2 deserve it. And fall of with the same voice! (Well, they're voices are simillar, right?) *Pushes both of them*

Test Tube and Pencil: *falls* AAAAAAH!

Episode 8: A While, Once Again

MeNnouncerGame: Okay, time to start a new challenge!

  • Everyone is asleep

MeNnouncerGame: *screams* GUYS!! IT'S TIME TO START A NEW CHALLENGE!!

Gelatin: Oh my gosh! You just hurt my ear!

Mennouncergame: Why are you all asleep!?

Teardrop: It's been 9 months, bud.

Mennouncergame: Okay, i'm sorry! PikminComet has been inacti-*MeNnouncerGame suddenly explodes*

Suitcase: Guys, what happened!?

Bubble: Oi! Thoir's a woiter below MeNnoincerGame!

???: Well, i could be your host!

Paper: Who are you?

Envelope: I am Envelope! (o yeah new oc!)

Paper: '_' (Do you get the joke?)

Envelope: New host, new teams!

Kite: (Why is he so energetic?)

Envelope: Okay, 123! Paper Airplane and Pearly! Pick members! (Yay, P Fest!) Oh, and two of you will not be chosen by this two!

  • 1 Lightyear Later (Objects can't die because of old, bud.)
Team Speed Team Shine
Paper Airplane Pearly
Teardrop Paper
Nickel Masky
Gelatin Fan

Boxing Glove

Kite Pen

Cheesy: Oh, well, time for jokes guys!

Suitcase: WAIT! No, i'm maybe weak, but i'm- *Pushed by Envelope* AAAAAAHHHHH!

Envelope: You too, Cheesy. *Pushes down Cheesy*

Cheesy: AAAAAAHHHH! *slap knees*

Episode 8: Do i really need to say "A While" again? (WARNING: CONTAINS SOME POKEMON NERD STUFF!)

Envelope: Dang, PikminComet is a slacker! It took like 4 months!

PikminComet: Fine, i will make this episode cuz y naut?

  • Meanwhile...

Masky: Hey Bubble! Want to play Spongy Cake?

Bubble: Soure!

Pencil: No! Bubble wants to play with me!

Bubble: But Pencil, woire doid you coime from?

  • Suddenly...

Envelope: Challenge time! Yayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy........................

Gelatin: So, what's the challenge?

Envelope: Uh... Pokemon Battle?

Team Speed's Pokemon Team Shine's Pokemon
Jolteon (Paper Airplane) Dodrio (Pearly)
Clefairy (Teardrop)

Politoed (Paper)

Noivern (Nickel) Crustle (Masky)

Vanilluxe (Gelatin)

Staraptor (Fan)
Toxicroak (Bubble) Sudowoodo (Boxing Glove)
Magikarp (Kite) Metapod (Pen)

Pen and Kite: OH, COME ON!

Envelope: Start!

Round 1: Paper Airplane vs Pearly (Jolteon vs Dodrio)

Pearly: Dodrio, use Double Edge!

Dodrio: Qwak! *hits Jolteon*

Paper Airplane: Jolteon, strike back with Thunder!

  • Jolteon strikes Dodrio with a thunder

Envelope: It's Super Effective! Dodrio Fainted!

(Winner: Paper Airplane)

Round 2: Teardrop vs Paper (Clefable vs Politoed)

Paper: Ooh, Politoed has the ability to send out rain! Wait, i'm a pape-AHHHH! USE ANYTHING YOU HAVE!

  • Politoed used Scald, which burned Clefable

Teardrop: Clefable, use Metronome!

Clefable: Pip Pii! *Uses Splash! But sadly nothing happened

Teardrop: U WOT

  • Politoed uses Hydro Pump. Cleafable fainted!

(Winner: Paper)

Round 3: Nickel vs. Masky (Noivern vs Crustle)

Nickel: Use Draco Meteor!

  • Crustle endured the hit!

Masky: Crustle, Stone Edge him until he dies!

  • It's Super Effective! Noivern fainted!

Nickel: Oh, great. (sarcasm)

(Winner: Masky)

Round 4: Gelatin vs Fan (Vanilluxe vs Staraptor)

Gelatin: Yes! I got an advantage, Vanilluxe, use Blizzard!

Fan: Renember, Staraptor is faster. Use Close Combat!

  • It's Super Effective! Vanilluxe fainted!

Gelatin: BRUH

Fan: lolololololol

(Winner: Fan)

Round 5: Bubble vs Boxing Glove! (Toxicroak vs Sudowoodo)

Bubble: Toixicroik, use Brick Broik (Brick Break in case you didn't know)!

  • Sudowoodo stomaches the attack

Boxing Glove: Hmm, just use Power-Up-Punch.

  • Sudowoodo punches Toxicroak, the punch raises it's attack

Bubble: Now, use Brick Broik agoin!

  • Sudowoodo almost faints

Boxing Glove: Now, use Explosion!

Bubble: NOOOO!

  • Boom! Toxicroak fainted!

(Winner: Boxing Glove)

Final Round: Kite vs Pen! (Magikarp vs Metapod)

Pen: Metapod! Use harden!

Masky: Magikarp, use Splash! *but nothing happened!*

  • 1 Eternity later*

Pen: Metapod! Use harden!

Masky: Magikarp, Use splash!


  • Metapod Fainted!

Envelope: With a total of 4 winning contestants, Team Shine wins!

Team Shine: Yay!

Envelope: Team Speed, vote for a member!

Paper Airplane Teardrop Nickel Gelatin Bubble Kite
0 3 2 1 0 0

Envelope: Bye Teardrop. *Pushes her off the building*

Teardrop: GAHHHHH!

Episode 9: Too Lazy for a Name

Envelope: Ahh.. Finally! We don't have to wait for a year!

Everyone: YAY!

Masky: So... what are we gonna do now?

Pen: Yeah! What are we going to do?

Envelope: Uhhh.... Umm... I honestly don't know...

Everyone: U WOT

Nickel: Gah! This is the best thing that could happen to us, right Gelatin?

Gelatin: Shut up, Nickel.

Kite: Oh i know! Why not a staring contest?

Paper: Isn't that too easy?

Kite: Rock throwing?

Pearly: Booooringgg....

Kite: Tie-breaking?

Bubble: NO!

Kite:  Murdering someone?

Paper Airplane: What do you think it is? This is not a fanfic!

Kite: What then?

Boxing Glove: I know! How about Quiz?

Envelope: NOP-

Everyone: YES!

Envelope: Fine, lets do the good ol quiz.


Bubble: Umm... It's..


Bubble Oh noio!

Team Speed Team Shine

QUESTION 2: How long we have to wait for this episode to come out?

Nickel : 2 months!

Paper: Actually, it's 3 months.

Team Speed Team Shine

Nickel: Great.

QUESTION 3: What place does Match get in this fanfic?

Paper Airplane: 20th! Boxing Glove: Oh wow...

Team Speed Team Shine
1 2

QUESTION 4: What is the meaning of life, universe, and everything?

Fan: 43?

Gelatin: 42!

Team Speed Team Shine
2 2

Gelatin: Easy!


Nickel: OH! I KNOW THIS! 21!

Masky: Isn't it 19?

Team Speed Team Shine
2 3

Envelope: And team shine wins again!

Everyone in Team Shine: YAY!

Nickel: Man, this is the best day in my life!

Pen: Shut up!

Envelope: Team Speed, vote!

Paper Airplane Nickel Gelatin  Bubble  Kite
0 3 2 0 0

Nickel: Like i said it!

  • Gelatin kicks Nickel out of the tower

Nickel: Geez- atleast i won't see you all ever aga- *lands in a road*

Episode 10: Candy Mountains

Masky: Hmm... I wonder what our challenge today...

Bubble: Yeah...

Fan: I know, how about-

Boxing Glove: But you're not the host...

Envelope: Well, i am, so today's challenge you will go climb a Mountain full of Candy! And also, since you all are top 10, there will be no teams!

Everyone: Yay!

Envelope: Let's get to there right now!

  • At candy mountains...

Envelope: Also, i have a suprise, anyone who got up last will be eliminated!

Pearly: WHAT!!?

Envelope: START!

Paper Airplane: So first, we got the chocolate syrup waterfall.

Pen: Ooh! Tasty!

Bubble: Oh noio! If i went noir the woiterfoil i woil po-

  • Bubble respawns

Bubble: Phew!

Envelope: To continue, you must go through the waterfall!

Bubble, Fan, Paper and Paper Airplane: HOW ABOUT US!?

Envelope: Idk, get eliminated?

Bubble, Fan, Kite, Paper and Paper Airplane: NO!

Envelope: Fine, glide yourself to the other side.

Paper Airplane: Easy! *flies away, while knocking Kite and Gelatin into the maple syrup lake*

  • Kite and Gelatin respawns

Kite and Gelatin: Hey!

Pen: Whew! That was close!

Boxing Glove: Now what, you need to run on a sticky cake?

Envelope: Yes!

Masky: Oh man!

Kite: Let's try this. *glides to the other side*

Gelatin: Thank gosh i didn't get knocked off!

Fan: My turn! *glides*

Bubble: Oh noio!

Paper: What are we gonna do?

Paper Airplane: Hahah! *flies while knocking Boxing Glove out*

Boxing Glove: Hey!

Pearly: Made it!

Pen: 2nd? Yes!

Paper Airplain: 3rd? NOOOO!

Gelatin: 4th! Not really bad.

  • Later...
Contestant Finished at
Pearly 1st place
Pen 2nd Place
Paper Airplane 3rd Place


4th Place


5th Place


6th Place
Masky 7th Place
Boxing Glove

8th Place

Bubble ???
Paper ???

Envelope: Geez! What are making them take so long?

  • Meanwhile...

Paper: I have to try to do this! *jumps and glides do to the wind*

Paper: Yes! *runs to the top*

Bubble: OH NOIO!

Envelope: Pearly, choose someone to be immune.

Pearly: Masky!

Masky: Yay!

  • At elimination

Envelope: Bubble, i'm sorry, you have been eliminated.

Bubble: I oinderstoind. *jumps off*

Envelope: So, everyone else, vote!

Pen Paper Airplane Gelatin Kite Fan Boxing Glove Paper
0 6 0 0 0 0 1

Paper Airplane: What!?

Envelope: Sorry, you have been eliminated. Again.

Paper Airplane: Hahah! At least i can still fly! *flies away, and then rain comes and a thunder shocks him* AAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHH!

Everyone: Ouch...

Name Team Second Team Place Reason
Bomby Rare Flashes None 21st Messed up the challenge.
Match Super Steaks None 20th Selfish in BFDI(A), this is also due to her team is a BFDI(A) major team.
Marble Freezing Flames None 19th Got out the earliest in the challenge.
Paper Airplane Super Steaks None at the time eliminated Rejoins! Get in an arguement with Pencil.
Soap Rare Flashes None 18th A neat freak in the II2 series.
Popcorn Freezing Flames None 17th Don't help in the challenge.

Paper Airplane

Super Steaks None at the time rejoined Rejoins I don't have a reason!
Test Tube Rare Flashes None 16th (team is last place) Slows down the team.
Pencil Super Steaks None 15th (team is 2nd place) Failed to get to the second portal.
Suitcase Rare Flashes None 14th/13th Threated as a weak player.
Cheesy Freezing Flames None 14th/13th The jokes, man.
Teardrop Freezing Flames Team Speed 12th Got Splash when using Metronome.
Nickel Rare Flashes Team Speed 11th Annoying.
Bubble Super Steaks Team Speed 10th Got eliminated in the challenge.
Paper Airplane Super Steaks Team Speed 9th Made many contesants fell off the challenge.
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