Ring-Con is an OC created by ButterBlaziken230.


Ring-Con is a new accessory for the Nintendo Switch, only announced recently, called the Ring-Con. He is a large hoop, with two buttons on the side that you squish. At the top of him, there is a joy-con.


Ring-Con is a sporty person, and very strong (the Ring-Con improves fitness in real life, so that is why he has that attribute). He can sometimes be a bit bossy and strict, but he only does it because he wants to improve the fitness of his friends. Ring-Con also wants to teach P.E to an elementary school one day, by making them play Ring Fit Adventure (the game that the ring-con accessory was announced for).


  • He was going to be in Evil Blaster’s Alliance, but he refused.
  • If he is stressed, his stress can be relieved by pushing hard on his buttons on the side of him.
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