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Elimination Table

Place Contestants 1.1 1.2 2 3 4 5 6 7 8.1 8.2 91 10 11 122 13 14 15 16 17 18 19
18 Teardrop WIN WIN IN WIN WIN OUT  
19 Rocky IN LOW WIN OUT  
20 Woody IN WIN OUT  
21 Spongy IN OUT  


1-This episode marks the merge

2-In this episode the original teams returned just for this episode

Episode 1, part 1-Bridge Leaning

Ice Cube-Bubble, come over here.

Bubble-Okay *Walks to Ice Cube*

Needle-*Falls down and pops Bubble before she can get to IC*

Match-Hey, that wasn't very nice to throw Needle

Blocky-Hey! I'm just in the mood to hurt someone!

Pencil: You tell him Match!

Flower: *Snickering at Blocky*

Blocky: Umm...

Golfball: I'm very good at percentages, I've got 5% of winning...

Tennis Ball: *Yawns* You know GB, you could stop.

Coiny: TB is right, GB should stop

Eraser: *Talking to Snowball* Anything could happen

Snowball: Well, yeah.

Firey: Spongy, let's go!

Spongy: Well, um. Okay. *Walks and trips*

Rocky: Sorry Spongy

Woody: *Worried about nothing*

Pen: Well hi Leafy

Leafy: Hey Pen

Pin: Pfft. Pen and Leafy? Woah!

Teardrop: *Silent*

Leafy: Hey TD!

Speaker: *Floats over to all 20 contestants* Guys, there is a new reward for the winner. It will be 1 million dollars

Snowball: Wow. I hope I win it.

Speaker: Like last season, we'll settle this with a contest.

Your challenge is to stay the longest on a balance beam.

Leafy: After me winning that challenge and getting into the final 3 last season, this will be a piece of cake.

Speaker: And...GO!

Snowball: *Trips Needle* Haha Needy

Needle: Don't call me Needy! *Slaps SB and they both go down*

Pencil: So hilar!

Golfball: *Trips Blocky*

Leafy: *Pushes Pin off* Haha! Not this time!

SB, Needle, Blocky and Pin: *Falls in water*

Tennis Ball: *Runs and trips over a rock*

Rocky: *Vomits and trips, resulting in TB and Rocky falling down*

Match: Not funny!

Pencil: Hmm


Flower: LOL. Lets all run.

Bubble: Or not.

Coiny: *Pushes Firey off, but falls with him*

Speaker: Still left, Bubble, Eraser, Flower, GB, IC, Leafy, Match, Pen, Pencil, Spongy, TD and Woody

Spongy: *Falls down due to fatness*

Pen: *Gives Leafy a dove*

Leafy: Aww

Pencil: Hey! You 2 stop that!

Flower: *Pushes Pen off*

Leafy: I'm coming with you Pen! *Jumps off*

Teardrop: *Throws Bug at Flower*

Flower: AAAAAAAAGGGGHHHH! *Jumps off*

GB: My chance of winning this challenge is 12.5%

Eraser: *Pushes GB off* Freak!

Pencil: *Pushes IC off*

Speaker: Still in now, Bubble, Eraser, Match, Pencil, TD and Woody

Eraser: *Pops Bubble*

Match: I'm coming *Jumps off*

Pencil: Me too! *Jumps off*

TD: *Pushes Woody off*

Speaker: Eraser and TD win this challenge.. They get to pick the teams next part of ep. 1. Goodbye.

Epiode 1, part 2-Boat Boating

Eraser: You know how I won?

Firey: Well. Yeah.

Eraser: I operated in stealth mode.


Blocky: Announcer thing. Can they pick the teams now?

Speaker: Yes. Eraser first

Eraser: I pick SB

TD: *Points at GB*

Eraser: Blocky

TD: *Points at Bubble*

Eraser: Firey

Bubble: Lets pick Pencil

Eraser: Needle

Pencil: Leafy

Eraser: Coiny

Leafy: Pen!

PENCIL CONFESSIONAL: Of course Leafy was going to pick Pen

Eraser: IC

Pen: TB

Eraser: Match

TB: Pin

Eraser: Rocky

Pin: Flower

Eraser: We wouldn't wanna pick Spongy!

Flower: Fine. Woody.

Speaker: Squishy Cherries is Blocky, Coiny, Eraser, Firey, IC, Match, Needle, Rocky, SB and Spongy

And Squashy Grapes is Bubble, Flower, GB, Leafy, Pen, Pencil, Pin, TD, TB and Woody

Pin: Oh no! I am on Woody's team!

Speaker: Your first contest is to choose a team boat and race it across the goiky canal. GO!

GB: I have a plan!

Bubble: It'll probably be too confusing to work.

Firey: We'll choose the boat with the plank bottom.

IC: *Melts*

Firey: Whoops!

Leafy: *Sniffs* Hey, do I smell burning rubber?

Firey: *Whistles*

Pen: Oh you're so smart Leafy.

Leafy: You are too!

Pin: *Pushes Firey into water*


Pen: *Blows up other teams boat and gets into their teams boat

TB: Lets GO GO GO!

  • Squashy Grapes' boat crosses finish line*

Speaker: SG's win!

I'll see SC's at elimination

Blocky, Coiny, Eraser, Firey, IC, Match, Needle, Rocky, SB and Spongy. If I give you cake, you're safe

People safe are...









Rocky and Spongy. The last person safe is...



Rocky! Spongy is eliminated, giving himself 20th place

Spongy: *Gets flinged into TLC*

Spongy's final words

Spongy: *In the TLC* It's so dark and I'm all alone!

Episode 2: The Boom-box

Leafy: Hey Pen! You like my outfit

Pen: I think that you're amazing even without your outfit

Leafy: Oh thanks!

Pencil: *Kicking rocks*

Flower: *Opens a packet of chips*

Bubble: Where'd you get that from?

Flower: Over there *Points at Speaker*

Bubble: Can I please have some chips Speaker

Speaker: Mmmm, no!

GB: Hey Needle!

Needle: Hi!

Speaker: Your next challenge is to...

Write a song on a piece of paper

The best 15 will get into next round

Blocky: Love the Way you Lie

Bubble: Love you Like a Love Song

Coiny: The Lazy Song

Eraser: I wanna Go

Firey: On the Floor

Flower: Rain over Me

GB: She will be Loved

IC: Moves Like Jagger

Leafy: Marry You

Match: Not Afraid

Needle: Beat It

Pen: Kiss You through the Phone

Pencil: Grenade

Rocky: Vomit Song

SB: Coming Home

TD: *Silence*

TB: G6

Woody: So What

Speaker: Into Round 2 from the Cherries is Blocky, Coiny, Eraser, Firey, IC, Match, Needle and SB

And the Grapes Bubble, Flower, GB, Leafy, Pen, Pencil, TD and TB

Speaker: Actually, there will be no round 2. The winning team is...

The Cherries

So I'll see Bubble, Flower, GB, Leafy, Pen, Pencil, Pin, TD, TB and Woody at elimination.


Speaker: I've got 9 pieces of cake. If you get a piece, you're safe!

People safe are...









Flower and Woody. The last person safe is...





Flower: Yes! Goodbye Woody!

Woody: *Screams then gets flinged*

Woody's final words

Woody: Meh Meh.

Spongy: Yay! Someone to talk to!

Woody: *Shaking*

Episode 3: Crunchy Cook-Off

Speaker: Okay. Time for your next challenge. It's a team cook-off


Bubble: Aww, no intro this time?

Pencil: Cmon Bubble. We don't wanna lose the challenge now do we?

Leafy: Umm... no?

Firey: We could cook the food on me

Snowball: Maybe. But there could be another way

Tennis Ball: Leafy! We could use some of your strawberry cake!

Leafy: Okay. This is one from the team this time.

Eraser: *Pops Bubble*

Pencil: That was mean!

30 mins later...

Speaker: Time's up. Show me the food.

Leafy: This is from the Squashy Grapes. Take some strawberry cake.

Flower: Do I get to vote?

Speaker: No.

Speaker: The score. 9 out of 10.

Eraser: We have some burnt spaghetti. Firey burnt it.

Firey: You said 20 mins!

Pen: I hope we win.

Leafy: You're so smart Pen *Staring at Pen*

Pen: *Hugs Leafy*

Speaker: No cake for the Cherries equals no win.

I'll see Blocky, Coiny, Eraser, Firey, IC, Match, Needle, Rocky and SB at elimination

If I give you cake, you're safe

People safe are...








Rocky and Eraser, last person safe is...





Rocky: *Barfs himself over to the TLC

Speaker: 17 remain! Who will get the boot next time. Join us.

Rocky's final words

Rocky: *Bleh*

Woody: Hi Rocky

Spongy: Hey Rocky

Rocky: *Pukes into Spongys mouth*

Episode 4: The Killing

GB: Final 17 baby!

Eraser: Final 17 is nothing!

Blocky: At least we beat 3 contestants

BLOCKY CONFESSIONAL: If you're watching this Spongy, Woody and Rocky. Sorry you were eliminated

Flower: Grrr!

Pencil: OMG Flower what now?

Flower: I can't find my petal spray!

Pencil: Petal spray?

Flower: How do you think I keep my petals this beautiful?

Pen: I love you Leafy

Leafy: I love you too Pen!

Speaker: Your next challenge is a survival

Flower: This time I'm taking part in this challenge!

Speaker: And start!

Leafy: *Drops bowling ball on IC*

Firey: *Burns Pencil*

Leafy: *Hits TB into spikes*

Coiny: *Rips Leafy*

Pen: Grr! *Throws Coiny onto spikes*

Needle: *Breaks Pen*

Flower: *Dies from petals not being beautiful*

Bubble, GB, Pin and TD: Umm

Blocky, Eraser, Firey, Match, Needle and SB: Sucks to be you!

Pin: I know! *Makes Firey burn Eraser*

Match: I smell burning rubber again!

Blocky: Hey Firey! You pay for this! *Throws Firey into water*


Blocky: Uh no! *Burns*

Match: Uh oh! There's only 3 of us left!

Needle: *Pops Bubble* We're tied now!

TD: *Kills SB*

Match and Needle: Now what?

GB, Pin and TD: Surrender now or...

Needle: Or what?

TD: *Kills Needle*

Pin: *Pokes hole through Match*

Speaker: Squashy Grapes win! I'll see Squishy Cherries at Cake at Stake


Speaker: People safe are







Blocky and Eraser. The last name I'm going to call is




Eraser! Blocky is going home tonight.

16 remaining! See you next time!

Blocky's final words

Blocky: Great! I'm stuck in here with Woody, Spongy and Rocky!

Woody: Hey!

Spongy: Not nice

Rocky: Bleh!

Blocky: And it couldn't be better *Being sarcastic*

Spongy: Oh! Okay then. :)

Episode 5: A sticky situation

Flower: Hey Bubble!

Bubble: Hi

SB: Our team is short by 2 people!

Eraser: *Crying* I miss you Blocky!

SB: Oh it's okay Eraser. You still got me!

Eraser: Um. Okay. You won't take advantage will you?

SB: *Gasps* I would never take advantage of someone like you!

Pen: *To Leafy* Your green represents love!

Leafy: You too.

Pen: Which means I love until death do us part!

Leafy: Yeah!

Speaker: It's down to 16 people.

Your next challenge is to...

Find sticky tape somewhere on this island!


Pencil: Cmon guys! We gotta go!

Match: Lets go Cherries!

IC CONFESSIONAL: Pencil seems to be a little bossy.

Coiny: *Holding Coin* Heads or Tails Needle*

Needle: Hmm. Tails?

  • Coin lands on Tails*

Needle: Wow!


Speaker: Okay. The Cherries won, so I will see the Grapes at elimination

PIN CONFESSIONAL: GL Team to whoever we lose tonight!


Speaker: People safe are...








Flower and TD. The final person safe is...




Flower! TD go and head over to the TLC!

TD: *Sighs* Bye guys.

Speaker: 15 left. See you next time!

Teardrop's final words

TD: Hey Spongy, Woody, Rocky and Blocky

Spongy: Hey TD

Woody: Hi

Rocky: Bleh *barfs on TD*

Blocky: Hey TD! How is Eraser coping so far without me?

TD: Well, I think he was crying because he missed you.

Blocky: Oh. Okay.

Episode 6: Getting out of the Exploding Mine

Needle: So Snowball, are you ready for the next challenge?

Snowball: Yeah!

Speaker: Today's challenge is to find a colored Speaker Box in your team colors. The first team that goes back wins. Here are your backpacks that are for your torment. These are your chemicals. They are set for 30 minutes. If it turns orange, you have 15 minutes left. If it turns red, you have 5 minutes left. So, move it peeps!

  • the Squashy Grapes were the first team to get to the elevator*

Golf Ball: We are in the first place!

Flower: Yay!

  • the loud sound causes them to fall into the rocks, making the Cherries go to the elevator first*

Snowball: Enjoying voting someone off again!

Golf Ball: Nice going, Flower!

  • so with being said, the Cherries made it to the elevator, but when they went to the bottom, it was dark*
  • moments later*

Speaker: The Cherries win once again.

Squishy Cherries: Yay!

Speaker: So it's time for Cake at Stake for the Squashy Grapes.

  • Cake at Stake music plays*

Speaker: So, everyone is safe with no votes. Flower, with only 1 vote is also safe and she gets a piece of cake. And Golf Ball, with 6 votes is eliminated, and she is sent to the TLC.

GB: Aw! (goes to the TLC)

Golf Ball's final words

GB: I still wish TB was the best!

TD: Hey GB!

GB: Hey TD!

Episode 7: Boot Camp Straining

Tennis Ball: Who made smores out of my underwear?!

Flower and Pen: (laughs)

Tennis Ball: (throws underwear on the floor next to Pin)


Tennis Ball:No It was Not Me! Nuts!

Flower:Sometimes he makes it too easy.

Speaker:Welcome final 14,You're next challenge is boot camp,You will think of the correct question on the paper,The question is:Is Rocky a Boy?,If you Sleep you are out

Later Flower,Tennis Ball,Pencil,Match,& Needle were out from the challenge due to Sleeping

Speaker:And Then they were 9,Your 2nd Part of the challenge is a boot camp obstalce course,you will complete of all of the course,First 5 to complete it Wins to the 3rd part,Last 4 to complete is out,Go!

Later For the Cherries that are still in the challenge Snowball,Pencil,& Eraser,For the grapes Bubble & Leafy

Speaker:You will hang on a tree,Last 1 standing wins,Go!

1 hour later it was 9:00 am

Pencil & Eraser:Can not hang on! (Falls)

Snowball:Uh oh (Falls)

Squashy Grapes:YAYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!

Speaker:Good Job Grapes,

Bubble:Thank you.

At cake at stake

Speaker:I only have 6 slices of cake,So the following are safe...






Eraser and SB. The last safe is...




Eraser! SB is eliminated!

SB: What! You can't eliminate me!

GB/SB's final words

GB: I was unfairly eliminated!

Blocky: Oh well! Get over it GB!

SB: Hi guys!

Rocky: *Pukes on SB*

Spongy: Hi SB!

Woody: Hi

TD: *Silent*

Episode 8: Narrowing chances

Speaker: You are the final 13. This is the last episode with teams!

IC: Wow!

Speaker: Not much is happening in this episode.

Speaker: First someone is rejoining

Pen: OMG Leafy this is so romantic!

Leafy: Oh I reckon Pen!

Speaker: So Spongy, Woody, Rocky, Blocky, TD, GB and SB are competing now

SB: What do we have to do?

Speaker: You have to survive the longest without getting blasted by someone elses laser

SB: *Blasts Spongy*

Woody: *Blasts Rocky*

TD: *Blasts Woody*

Speaker: So still left is Blocky, TD, GB and SB

GB: *Blasts SB*

Blocky: *Blasts TD*

Blocky: *Blasts GB* I win!

Speaker: So Blocky is returning!

Blocky: Yay!

Speaker: What team are you on Blocky?

Blocky: I guess...The Cherries. I was on that team last when I was eliminated!

Speaker: The twist is...There is a double elimination!

Cherries: I guess we'll go first

Speaker: Cmon Blocky, Coiny, Eraser, Firey, IC, Match and Needle

Speaker: Blocky is immune from this elimination

Blocky: Yay!

Speaker: I have 5 slices of cake. It goes to...





Match and Firey! I only have 1 slice left. It goes to...




Match! Firey it's time to go!

Firey: Oh no! Bye guys!

Firey's last words:

Firey: Hi guys

Spongy: Don't burn me!

GB: I can't be burned

Rocky: I can't either

Woody: Oh my gosh! You can talk!

SB: Wow!

TD: Lol

Part 2

Pen: I hope we're safe Leafy

Leafy: I hope so too!

Speaker: Welcome Grapes to your 4th cake at stake. I have 6 slices of cake. People safe are...






Flower and TB, the bottom 2! The last one safe is...




TB! Flower. It's time to go!

Flower: Oh no! I was dreading this day! *Flies into TLC*

Flower's final words

Flower: *Kicks wall* Ow my foot!

Spongy: Uh oh!

Firey: Oh well. It can't get much worse than Flower

SB: It actually could!

Episode 9: The Merge

Speaker: Hello and welcome back to Return of the Objects

Leafy: I wonder how close we are to the merge

Speaker: We have reached a new stage in the competition. This is the merge!

Pen: Oh wow!

Needle: Ha! We never had to put up with Flower!

Speaker: There are no points. You will compete for immunity

Speaker: Your next contest is easy. Just avoid the water and you're still in!

Speaker: You have 10 minutes to hide. GO!

Pen: I'm hiding with you Leafy!

Leafy: Okay!

Bubble: Oh no! Hope I don't get found

Speaker: *Sprays Pencil* Found you!

Pencil: Oh no! Why?

Pin: *Sees TB* *Whispers* Hey TB. Why don't you and I form an alliance?

TB: Um. Okay.

Pin: Cool.

Speaker: *Sprays Eraser and IC*

IC: Awww!

Coiny: Being flat gives me advantages

Speaker: Heard you Coiny! *Sprays Coiny*

Coiny: Darn it!

Speaker: Still hiding, Blocky, Bubble, Leafy, Match, Needle, Pen, Pin and TB!

Speaker: *Sprays Leafy and Pen* Ha ha!

Leafy: Sorry Pen

Pen: Hey! It's cool! *Kisses Leafy*

Speaker: *Finds Bubble and sprays*

Bubble: Oh noio!

TB: *Whispering* I can hear Speaker Pin.

Pin: *Gets sprayed*

TB: Oh no.

Speaker: Still hiding, Blocky, Match, Needle and TB

Speaker: *Sprays Needle*

Needle: Win this Coiny. Oh wait.

Match: I wonder how many are left?

Speaker: *Sprays Blocky*

Speaker: Match and TB win! They can come out now

Match: Yes!

Speaker: You can both choose 2 people each to win!

Match: Pencil!

TB: Pin!

Match: Umm. Bubble!

TB: Okay. I pick Pen.

Pen: OMG! I hope you're safe Leafy

Leafy: Me too!

Speaker: I'll see Blocky, Coiny, Eraser, IC, Leafy and Needle at elimination!

  • At cake at stake*

Speaker: I have 5 slices of cake. They go to...





Coiny and Needle. The bottom 2. The final slice goes to...




Needle! Coiny. It's time to go bye bye!

Coiny: Nooooo!

Coiny's final words

Coiny: Why?

Firey: Umm. Maybe because you were eliminated!

Flower: Please guys

SB: Holy Snowflakes! That's the first time Flower's been nice-ish

Flower: Don't push your luck.

Episode 10: The tree

Speaker: You are the final 11! Your next challenge is to find a yoyle tree. This challenge is linked to the next challenge, but I will tell you next episode

Leafy: Hey Pen have I told you how much I love you?

Pen: Yes you have a few times.

Pin: Cmon TB lets find a yoyle tree!

TB: Okay

Blocky: Okay. How hard is it to find a tree?

Speaker: Finding one tree in a forest is like finding a needle in a haystack!

Eraser: Yeah Speaker has a point!

Bubble: Okay time to think outside of the box!

Pencil: Don't think too hard! You'll pop yourself!

Match: Yeah Pence Pence is right!

NEEDLE CONFESSIONAL: *Crying* I miss you Coiny! Wow! There's alot of cobwebs in here! How long since this was last used?

Leafy: Okay! Being a leaf, I have a tree detector!

IC: Can I come with you?

Leafy: Sure IC!

Pen: I'll come too!

Bubble: Okai guys! You do the thinking for me!

Pencil: Okay Bubble

Pin: Voilla! A Hand Powered Tree Finder!

TB: Umm. Pin! You know HPTF's require wifi to operate

Pin: Oh. Darn it!

Match: Darn! Pencil and Bubble ran ahead of me! Now I am lost!

Needle: *Leaves confessional and wipes off tears* Okay I'm ready!

Eraser: Blocky where do you think this yoyle tree is?

Blocky: I have no clue!

Pin: Well this sucks! *Breaks HPTF*

TB: Okay cmon Pin lets find this yoyletree!

Pencil: Umm Bubble have you noticed we lost Match?

Bubble: Oh noio! Now we'll never find it!

Leafy: Okay cmon IC and Pen we can win this my inbuilt tree detector says we're close!

IC: *Sees yoyletree* We win!

Speaker: So Leafy, IC and Pen win!

Speaker: You wanna choose another 2 to win also?

Leafy: Okay! Who do you want to win?

Pen: Hmm. I guess Match and Pencil can win too.

Speaker: So Blocky, Bubble, Eraser, Needle, Pin and TB are up for elimination

  • At Cake at Stake

Speaker: I have 5 slicves of cake!

They will go to...





Pin and TB. The bottom 2. You were both also in a group! The final slice goes to...




TB! Pin. Your time is up!

Pin: Oh no! I shouldn't have broken the HPTF! Maybe it would've worked because the tree has wifi in it maybe!

Eraser: What are you on about?

Pin's final words

Pin: Oh no! I've been eliminated!

Coiny: Was Needle crying when I went?

Pin: Yep!

Flower, GB and TD: Awwe! How cute!

Snowball: I wanna win ROTI!

Spongy: How's that even possible? You're eliminated?

Firey: Well there could be a rejoin?

Woody: I doubt I'll ever rejoin!

Rocky: *Pukes on Woody*

Episode 11: Evil Dreams

Match: I can't believe it! The final 10!

Bubble: Yep! It's amazing! Hey Pencil! *Looks around* Pencil?

PENCIL CONFESSIONAL: We have reached the final 10! This is so spectacular! I couldn't have imagined reaching the final 10 a few weeks back! But being in the final 10 made me realise that it's getting harder to win because everyone's getting more competitive! Luckily, I have people on my side! Phew!

Bubble: Hey Pencil is back! Yoi!

Leafy: It's the final 10! i'm so amazed!

Pen: Me too!

Leafy: As soon as we know it, it'll be the final 5, and then the final...

Pen: *Cutting Leafy off* Hopefully we make it there!

Leafy: Oh yes we hope so!

TB CONFESSIONAL: I've just realised that the Speaker said that this challenge was linked the the previous? I wonder what it will be?

TB: *All alone* I miss Pin. I wish she were back

Needle: *Over hearing TB* Don't worry TB! I miss Pin too! And Coiny! And you do realise that you were in the bottom 2 with her

TB: Yeah I kinda do realise that

Eraser: So what do you think the next challenge is?

Blocky: I'm not sure

Pencil: *Passing by* Hey Eraser! I have no clue what it could be!

Ice Cube: The next challenge should be to visit the snow!

Speaker: Gather contestants! You're the final 10! Blocky, Bubble, Eraser, IC, Leafy, Match, Needle, Pen, Pencil and TB! Gongrats! But before your challenge, only half of you remain! So first we need a rejoining

Blocky: Looks like I'm not the only rejoiner this season!

Speaker: Coiny, Firey, Flower, GB, Pin, Rocky, SB, Spongy, TD and Woody. You all have a chance to rejoin!

GB: I have a 10% chance of rejoining!

Speaker: Whatever! Your challenge is to shoot lasers again because of budget cuts!

SB: You're out of ideas for challenges already?

Speaker: And rules are like last time! GO!

Coiny: I'm new to this kind of challenge! *Shoots Rocky*

Woody: This one will be easy! *Shoots Spongy*

Pin: This is for you TB! *Shoots Firey*

GB: Now I have a 14.286% chance of rejoining! *Shoots SB* Now it's 16.666 repeating %!

Flower: *Shoots Coiny* You don't deserve to rejoin!

Speaker: 5 remain, Flower, GB, Pin, TD and Woody! TD has yet to shoot before round 2!

TD: *Shoots Flower*

Speaker: GB, Pin, TD and Woody are in round 2!

Pin: *Shoots Woody* Like you said last episode, you doubt you'll ever rejoin!

TD: *Shoots Pin* You were only eliminated last episode!

GB: Geez! I wonder who I'll shoot! *Shoots TD* I have an 100% chance of rejoining now!

Announcer: GB rejoins the game! You are the final 11 again and GB has immunity for this episode! Regardless, she's still competing this episode!

GB: I deserved to rejoin the most because I was eliminated unfairly!

Bubble: Welcome back to the game GB!

GB: Thankyou Bubble!

Announcer: Your next challenge is related to the previous challenge. It is to find the golden lemon out of the tree! There are 3 golden lemons!

TB: I guess I'm doing this challenge minus Pin, and plus GB!

Announcer: But it's too late for the challenge. The rejoin challenge lasted a while!

GB: How is that even poss...

Announcer: *Cutting GB off* Go get some sleep! There's now cabins! 1 for boys and the other for girls!

TB: Cmon guys! Lets go to our cabin!

  • In the boys cabin

Pen: Is this it, just me, TB, Blocky and Eraser

Eraser: Appearantly so!

TB: How's that fair?

Blocky: That's no fair! There's only 4 guys and 7 girls!

  • In the girls cabin

Match: I call top bunk!

Pencil: Then I'll go on the bottom bunk!

Leafy: Leaves don't sleep!

Pencil: Well can you keep it down then?

Match: Yes please don't speak

Bubble: I'm going to go get some air *leaves cabin*

GB: *Entering cabin* Hey everyone! How come Bubble left?

IC: She said she wanted some air!

GB: Oh okay!

Needle: Oh no! It's too hard to get to sleep! It's like sleeping on needles!

Pencil: Wouldn't you be used to that? You are a needle yourself?

Needle: Why would I do that?

Pencil: I dunno! Match help me! *Sees Match asleep* Oh!

Needle: IC and Match are asleep! I'm doing the same!

Bubble: *Reentering the cabin* Pencil is still awake!

Pencil: Only just! GB! Oh GB's asleep now!

Leafy: It seems though we're the only 3 awake

  • In the boys cabin

TB: Everyone else is asleep! I'm going to sleep!

  • Lightning hits the girls cabin, and Needle gets struck, being metal
  • In the morning

Announcer: Wake up!

Announcer: Your challenge is to find the golden lemon!

Bubble: Lets go!

TB: Cmon GB! Lets go!

GB: Okay!

Pencil: *Searching through tree* I wonder where it is!

Leafy: My tree detector will *realising* Oh wait. It won't really work for lemons!

Bubble: I found a lemon!

Announcer: Not a golden lemon!

Needle: Muahaha! I've been cursed by lightning! Watch your backs everyone!

Needle: *Pops Bubble* Now my chance is bigger!

Pencil: You need to calm down!

Needle: What did you say? *Gets fire and burns Pencil, Match, IC, Blocky, Eraser, Leafy, TB's fuzz and Pen

TB: What the? I'm bald!

GB: OMG TB! Why would you do this Needle! Only 3 are here now!

GB: *Recovers Pencil* Needle has gone mad! Help me win!

Pencil: Okay!

GB: *Finds gold lemon*

TB: *Finds golden lemon*

Pencil: *Finds golden lemon*

Announcer: You 3 can choose someone to win with you!

GB: I choose IC

TB: I choose Pen

Pencil: I choose Bubble!

Announcer: Which means Bubble, GB, IC, Pen, Pencil and TB win!

And Blocky, Eraser, Leafy, Match and Needle are up for elimination!

  • Cake at stake

Announcer: I have 4 pieces of cake!

Whoever doesn't receive one wll be eliminated! The 4 safe are...




Leafy and Needle. The bottom 2! The final one safe is...




Needle! Leafy is eliminated!

BUBBLE CONFESSIONAL: Sure Needle is evil! But Leafy just stays up all night and doesn't stop talking!

IC CONFESSIONAL: I can't believe it! My best friend is eliminated over that evil thing!

Leafy: No! I didn't make the final 10! Bye Pen!

Pen: Bye Leafy! *Kisses Leafy*

Announcer: Leafy! It's time to go!

Leafy: Oh well! Bye IC and Pen! I hope to see you all in the finale! *Enters portal*

IC: *Crying* Bye Leafy!

Pen: Bye *Crying*

Announcer: Time to go back to your cabins!

  • Girls cabin

Pencil: Time to check everyone's here! We have Match, GB, Bubble, Needle's outside, not allowed inside until she gets her evil-ness over, Leafy was eliminated *Crosses Leafy's name off the list* and where's IC?

Bubble: I'll go find her!

  • In boys cabin

TB: Okay! All boys are here, except for Pen who's crying outside the cabin, so yeah.

PEN CONFESSIONAL: I can't believe it! The love of my life is eliminated because of some evil thing!

NEEDLE CONFESSIONAL: Oh I'm just getting started! The lightning gave me this power, and I won't doubt the lightning's power! First, Leafy, and then *Static*

Eraser: TB, you should probably check on Pen.

TB: Pen, come inside. We all feel sorry for your loss!

Pen: You probably don't understand! Needle's picking off people we care about the most because of some lightning or whatever! It's just not fair how Needle's went into so much power over the course of 1 night!

TB: I know it sounds unbelievable! Come inside and we can discuss it with the group!

Pen: Okay!

  • In the girls cabin

Pencil: Okay! Needle is not to come in this cabin until we figure this out!

Bubble: *Entering cabin* I found IC! She can't see because her tears froze up in her eyes! You know, because she's made of Ice!

Match: Looks like Pen isn't the only one sad because of Leafy leaving!

Leafy's final words

Leafy: *Crying* I miss Pen and IC already!

Pin: I'm

Coiny: So how's Needle

Leafy: Oh! Needle? She's umm...

Coiny: Yes? What is she?

Leafy: She couldn't be better

Coiny: Well that's wonderful

SB: I can't believe I didn't rejoin!

Episode 12: Playing with fire

Pen: I can't believe Leafy is gone!

TB: Pen! You've been going about it all night and are still going.

Pen: I didn't get any sleep last night!

MATCH CONFESSIONAL: OMG! We're the final 10! Again! At this point it's anyones game! Lets hope it's almost over for a certain contestant!

NEEDLE CONFESSIONAL: They want me out? Yeah right! They haven't realised what my scheme is! And they will never realise!

Pencil: Needle, please stop!

Neede: Never! *Gets match and burns Pencil*


Match: Oh no you did not just do that!

Bubble: Great! They're fighting again! In one night, we've literally split the cabin in half!

GB: It's so annoying!

Blocky and Eraser: Let's hope Needle's not targeting us!

IC CONFESSIONAL: I can't believe how Needle's playing the game right now! If it were a viewers vote, Needle would be outta here! What I also can't believe is the fact that the tears froze in my eyes!

Announcer: Guys! You are the final 10!

Match: Like! Wow!

Announcer: Your next challenge will be done in 2 teams of 5! It is to assemble a bike that will fit all five of you, and ride it to the finish line, which is 200km away!

Announcer: The teams are the original ones from episodes 1-8!

Announcer: The squishy Cherries are Blocky, Eraser, IC, Match and Needle!

And the Squashy Grapes are Bubble, GB, Pen, Pencil and TB!

Pencil: How original! Thank goodness I'm not on Needle's team! Good luck Match!

Match: Thanks!

Needle: I work with no one! *Walks away*

Blocky: Luckily I've got you Eraser!

Pen: I miss Leafy!

TB: Cmon Pen!

IC: My eyes are frozen!

Match: IC's eyes are frozen, Needle's refused to partake, and Blocky and Eraser have gone somewhere! Great! I'm guessing it's all up to me!

TB: Hey Bubble, GB and Pencil! Are you 3 fine to build it? I'm going somewhere with Pen to calm him down!

Needle: 3 hey? *Pops Bubble*

Pencil: Great! Looks like it's just you and me GB!

Match: Luckily I'm good at building bikes! Back at the matchstick factory, we used to watch Tomatoes assemble bikes nextdoor!

IC: I have an idea! Match can you kill me so I can recover and then I can help you!

Match: But you don't have arms! What help will you be?

Pencil: This bike isn't going good GB!

GB: I think a couple of our tools broke!

Pencil: Isn't that lovely?

Blocky and Eraser: We're back!

Match: Great! Now can you help me with the bike please!

Blocky: Okay!

Eraser: I'm on it!

  • 2 hours later

Pencil: Just 1 more *bike breaks* Oh no!

Blocky: We're done! I'll carry IC into the back seat!

NEEDLE CONFESSIONAL: I said I wouldn't build the bike! I never said I wouldn't destroy the other teams bike!

Needle: Lets go!

Match: I'll ride it!

Pencil: We have no bike!

TB: We're back!

Pencil: We lost I think!

Announcer: And Match's team is the first to cross the line!

The Squashy Grapes are up for elimination!

  • At Cake at Stake

Speaker: I have 4 pieces of cake! The objects safe are...




Bubble and Pencil. The bottom 2! The final one safe is...




Pencil! Bubble, you have been eliminated!

Bubble: Oh noio! Why me!

NEEDLE CONFESSIONAL: Yes! My plan worked!

Bubble: Bye Pencil and Match!

Match: Bye Bubble!

Pencil: OMG no not Bubble! Bye!

Bubble: *Steps in portal* Whoaaaaaaaaa...

Match: Okay IC! You ready?

IC: Yep!

Match: *Stomps on IC*

Blocky: *Recovers IC* There you go!

Eraser: We are the final 9!

Pen: Okay! I think I've gotten over Leafy going!

TB: Good to hear!

  • In girls cabin

GB: Roll call?

Pencil: Yep! GB and I are here! Match and IC are coming! Needle is outside and Bubble is eliminated *Crosses Bubble's name*

Match: We're here!

IC: I can't believe Bubble is gone!

Pencil: It's been a weird couple of episodes hasn't it?

Match: Yep!

  • In the boys cabin

Pen: Lets all get a good nights sleep!

Blocky, Eraser and TB: Yep!

Bubble's final words

Bubble: Atleast I made the final 10!

Coiny: How's Needle?

Bubble: She's good, kinda!

Leafy: Hey Bubble!

Pin: Wow Bubble! Didn't expect to see you in here so fast!

Bubble: I was eliminated so yeah!

Episode 13: Playing Dirty

Pencil: Why did Bubble have to be eliminated?

Match: I would rather have gone than Bubble!

Pen: I'm so glad we're in the final 9!

TB: Yep! I just wish there were less people than 9!

IC: Has anyone seen Needle?

Blocky: Where did she go?

NEEDLE CONFESSIONAL: I can't take it anymore! Last night, the lightning struck me again and now I'm back to normal!

Needle: Hey Pencil!

Pencil: No! Stay away from me!

Match: OMG Pence Pence! Stay away from her!


NEEDLE CONFESSIONAL: I don't think I'll ever be liked again!

Needle: Announcer! I have an announcement! I'm nice again!

Announcer: Everyone! Needle is nice again!

Everyone: *Starts laughing*

Needle: But I'm serious!

IC: Oh really! Then why is Leafy gone then?

Needle: That was when I was evil or whatever it was!

Eraser: Sure sure!

GB: Needle has an 100% chance of being evil!

Announcer: This challenge is dodgeball! There will be 3 teams of 3!

The teams are...

Blocky, Eraser and GB

IC, Match and Needle

and Pen, Pencil and TB!

IC: Great! I'm on the traitors team!

Needle: I'm not participating *Hits self with ball*

Match: Lets do this!

Pen: *Hits Eraser*

Pencil: *Hits GB*

Blocky: It's just up to me! *Hits Match*

IC: *Hits Pen*

TB: *Hits IC*

Announcer: And IC's team loses! Lets see who wins! Round 2! Blocky from team 1 and Pencil and TB from team 2 remain!

Blocky: *Hits TB*

Pencil: *Hits Blocky* We win!

Announcer: Pen, Pencil and TB win immunity! Blocky, Eraser, GB, IC, Match and Needle are up for elimination!

  • At Cake at Stake

Announcer: I have 5 slices of cake, and the go to...





Match and Needle. The final slice goes to...




Match! Needle, you've been eliminated!

Needle: I'm not even going to bother saying goodbye *Steps through portal*

  • in girls cabin

Pencil: Roll call!

IC: Why do we still do roll calls, despite being hardly any girls left?

Pencil: I'm here! IC and Match are also here! GB is coming, and Needle is eliminated! *Crosses Needle's name*

Match: Thank goodness Needle is gone!

IC: *Looking at Pencil's list* That's a short list!

Match: It would be short only having 4 names!

Pencil: Okay! Before GB comes back, let's form an alliance!

Match: Deal!

IC: Okay!

GB: Hey everyone! I'm back! What were you talking about?

Pencil: Just telling everyone how I won immunity!

GB: Yeah you hit me!

  • in boys cabin

TB: We won Pen!

Pen: Congrats!

Blocky and Eraser: And we're the final 8!

TB: Wow!

Pen: I can't beleve we've beat it past the halfway point!

TB: Yeah Pen! With Needle gone, we can breathe a sigh of relief!

Eraser: But Needle said something about being nice again!

Blocky: And you believe that?

Eraser: Not really!

Needle's final words

Needle: Coiny! It's so good to see you! *Hugs Coiny*

Leafy: Oh no! It's the evil one!

Bubble: Yeah!

Needle: Guys! I'm nice again!

Firey: Yeah! Like I'd believe that, even for a second!

SB: Me too!

Episode 14: The surprise

Pen: We're the final 8!

TB: I can't believe it either!

Match: Wow!

Pencil: Thank goodness Needle was eliminated!

IC: She rigged the votes to eliminate Leafy!

Blocky: Wow! She was pure evil!

Eraser: I reckon!

GB: Hey TB! Didn't Needle vote out your friends best friend?

TB: You mean Pen's best friend? Yes! She did!

Announcer: I have an exciting announcement!

Pencil: Wow! A surprise!

Announcer: I'm returning a favourite! Welcome back Bubble!

Bubble: Yoi!

Pen: Can Leafy come back too?

Announcer: No! Everyone missed Bubble more!

Announcer: This is a 2 part episode!

Announcer: The first part will be the return, which has happened, and the debut, which will happen. The second part will be a double!

Pencil: Has anyone noticed that if the 2 people eliminated are both originals, then half the cast will be original next episode?

Bubble: Hopefully I make the final 5!

Match: Hopefully!

IC: Lets get onto the debut!

Announcer: IC! Steal my line again, and I'll let Firey out of the TLC just to melt you!

IC: Okay then

Announcer: Okay! The 30 people off the debut of BFDI have a chance to debut!

  • Debut

Cloudy: We have arrived!

Announcer: Okay! If I call your name, you're not debuting!

Grassy: Lets hope I debut!

Announcer: 30th is...Pillow! You do not debut!

29th is Fries

28th is Taco

27th is Remote

26th is Fanny

Nickel: Wow! I made it past 5 people! Really awesome!

Announcer: Don't interrupt again!

25th is Roboty

24th is Nonexisty

23rd is Saw

22nd is Clock

21st is Pie

Book: Yeah Ruby! Top 20!

Ruby: Yay!


20th is Tree

19th is Cloudy

18th is Nickel

17th is Eggy

16th is Dora. Only half of you remain!

15th is Grassy

14th is Bell

13th is Evil Leafy

12th is 8-Ball

11th is Marker

Naily: Yes! Top 10!


10th is Basketball

9th is David

8th is Book

Book: Win this for me Ruby!


7th is TV

6th is Bomby

Balloony: Only 5 left!


5th is Naily

4th is Robot Flower

Barf Bag: Top 3!

Ruby: Yay!

Balloony: I can taste the debut!


3rd is Barf Bag

Balloony: Yes! So close to debuting!

Ruby: Good luck!


Balloony and Ruby! Only 1 can debut! The one debuting is...




Ruby! Sorry Balloony! You were so close though!

Ruby: Yes! I debuted!

Announcer: Now for the double elimination!

Ruby and Bubble are safe!

Announcer: All 8 of you are up!

Part 2

Announcer: Blocky, Eraser, GB, IC, Match, Pen, Pencil and TB are up for a double elimination! 6 of you will be safe and the other 2 will be eliminated!

I have 6 slices of cake! They go to...





4 of you remain! Blocky, Eraser, GB and Match! I will announce the first one eliminated!

It's time to go...




It's time to go. Match! Blocky, Eraser and GB. The elimination will re-resume soon! In the meantime, Match is leaving!

Match: OMG no! Bye everyone!

Pencil: Oh no! Match, I can't believe you've been eliminated!

Bubble: Oh noio! My best friend is gone!

IC: Bye!

Ruby: Bye Match!

Match: I knew this time would come! I guess it's time to leave! *Steps through portal*

Ruby: Never got around to knowing Match!

Pencil: Now there's 5 originals and 4 returners/debuters left! I hope Bubble is the last returner to be still in!

Bubble: Me too!

Announcer: Blocky, Eraser and GB! Come with me to find out the other one eliminated! The other 6 can choose whether they come or not.

Announcer: I have 2 slices of cake left! One of the pieces go to...

Blocky! Eraser and GB. The bottom two! The final piece goes to...




Eraser! GB, it's time to go!

GB: Why me! This is unfair!

Announcer: Actually, you're eliminated fairly and for real this time!

GB: Bye everyone! *Steps through portal*

TB: GB was a good friend!

Pen: Don't worry! You still have me!

Pencil: Final 8! Again!

RUBY CONFESSIONAL: It's nice to be in the game! If I beat 29 other recommended characters, I can easily beat 7 others!

BUBBLE CONFESSIONAL: It's very nice to be back, and I'm glad that Needle has been eliminated since I was! So it's good I'm away from her! Also, why Match? She was a great player! Oh well, we'll have to find someone else for our alliance!

Pencil: Okay! Checklist time! IC and I are here! GB and Match have been eliminated *Sadly crosses Match's name out, then crosses GB's name out* and Ruby and Bubble are back *Writes Ruby and Bubble on list*

IC: We're the only 2 original females left!

Pencil: Yep! That's sad we lost Match!

IC: Yep!

Bubble: *Coming in* We need more alliance members!

Pencil: Don't worry! I convinced IC last episode!

IC: What about Ruby?

Pencil: Hmm. I'll think about it!

GB/Match's final words

GB: Well! I'm back!

Woody: Yay!

Match: I can't believe I was eliminated!

Leafy: Don't worry Match! You can talk to me!

Match: Hmm. Okay!

Episode 15: To infinity and beyond!

Pencil: *Crying* I miss Match!

Bubble: It was a long night!

TB: What about GB?

Pen: She was a returner! Different story!

IC: Final 8!

Blocky and Eraser: I'm glad you're not eliminated yet!

Ruby: I'm glad I haven't been eliminated yet, being a debuter!

Pencil: You do realise you debuted lat episode!

Announcer: Guys! Get here! It's time for the challenge. It will be in space! But first, we need a spaceship *Poof* There we go!

Ruby: It's crowded in here!

Announcer: Okay, we are in space!

Bubble: Wow! It looks different!

IC: Wow!

Announcer: Time for the challenge. It's to get in your spaceship and race to earth! But, there's a twist! You have to survive the landing!


Blocky: What do you reckon we do Eraser?

Eraser: I dunno!

Pencil: Let's go, Bubble!

Bubble: Okoi! *Pops on spaceship*

Announcer: If you die, you're out until everyone dies!

Eraser: Oh no!

Blocky: Yeah! Entering Earth *Starts burning* Aaaaaaaa!

Eraser: Oh no! I'm coming Blocky! *Starts burning* Oh no!

Pencil: Looks like 5 of us still can win!

Ruby: Luckily, I learn from others' mistakes!

Pencil: Start learning from your own! *Pushes Ruby*

Ruby: *Starts burning* Oh dear!

TB: Cmon Pen! Enough people have died already!

Pen: Okay, I'll go!

Pen: *Entering atmosphere and starts burning* I have to be quick about this!

I know! *Lands in ocean* Yeah, I win!

Announcer: Congrats Pen! You can choose 3 people to win with you!

Pen: I choose TB, IC and Ruby!

Announcer: That means Blocky, Bubble, Eraser and Pencil are up!

  • At Cake at Stake

Announcer: I have 3 slices of cake. If I call your name, you're safe!

The safe ones are...



Blocky and Eraser! The last slice is going to...




Eraser! Blocky, it's time for you to leave!

Eraser: No way! Not Blocky! Why?

Blocky: You can do this without me! You're stronger! You haven't been eliminated yet! This is my second time eliminated!

Eraser: Bye!

Blocky: *Enters portal*

TB: Don't worry, Eraser! I'll look after you for now!

Eraser: You're so kind TB!

Pencil: Roll call! Bubble, IC, Ruby and I are all here! No one has been eliminated so no names being crossed off today, for the first time since the merge!

Bubble: Night!

Blocky's final words

Blocky: Well, I'm back. It seems Match is busy with Leafy, and no one really cares I'm here!

SB: I do!

Blocky: Yay!

Episode 16: New friendships

Pen: Hey guys!

ERASER CONFESSIONAL: I can't believe Blocky is gone! I could be next!

Pencil: Final 7!

IC: Wow!

Ruby: Yay!

Bubble: Yoi!

TB: Wow! Only a third of the total cast remains!

Announcer: You are the final 7! Your next challenge is to find keys that will then tell you where to go, that may then lead to immunity! And...GO!

Bubble: Cmon Pencil and IC! Lets split up!

Pencil: Good idea!

IC: Yeah!

Pen: Eraser, you can come with me!

Eraser: Okay!

Ruby: TB! Can I go with you?

TB: Sure!

Announcer: So it loks like they're choosing their own teams for this challenge. Team 1 will be Pencil, Bubble and IC. Team 2 is Pen and Eraser, and team 3 is TB and Ruby!

Pen: Don't worry Eraser! I know Blocky was eliminated, but I've got your back! Besides, I lost a dear friend too!

Eraser: Okay then!

Bubble: I'm not sure the keys are here!

Pencil: Oh no! Bubble, watch out!

Bubble: *Pop*

IC: Oh dear!

Ruby: Don't worry, TB! We can find it together!

TB: Okay then!

Ruby: Say, TB! Do you like me!

TB: I do, but only as a friend!

Ruby: Oh, okay!

RUBY CONFESSIONAL: TB is a really nice guy! Helping out Pen after losing Leafy, and offering to help out Eraser! What a great guy!

Ruby: You know TB, you're really nice for helping out Pen and offering to help out Eraser!

TB: Awww! Thankyou Ruby, I'm proud of you too! You beat 29 other recommended characters!

Ruby: Thanks TB!

Pencil: So, what now! There's a fork in the path!

IC: I think I'm melting!

Pencil: Wow! It is really bright here!

Eraser: So, Pen! Wanna form an alliance!

Pen: Sure!

Ruby: Hey! This is odd! There's an X!

TB: X marks the spot!

Ruby: Speaker thing did say it was pirate related! And what did pirates do to protect their gold from enemies?

Ruby and TB: They buried their treasure!

Ruby: *Starts digging, then hits the chest* I've found something!

TB: The immunity pass!

Ruby: There's only 1!

  • Meanwhile

Pen: I give up!

Eraser: We have to keep going!

Pencil: Great! IC is gone!

Ruby: So, there's only 1 immunity pass?

Speaker: Actually, Ruby wins! Choose 3 people to win with you!

Ruby: Okay! TB, Eraser and Pen!

Speaker: So Bubble, IC and Pencil are up!

Pencil: Oh no! One of my alliance is going tonight!

  • At cake at Stake

Announcer: So, I only have 2 slices of cake tonight! If I call your name, you're safe!

Safe is...


Bubble and Pencil, the bottom 2! The final slice goes to...




Bubble! Pencil is going home!

Pencil: OMG what!

Bubble: Oh noio!

IC: Aah not again!

Ruby: No! Not Pencil!

Pencil: It's so unfair! Bye everyone! *Enters portal*

TB: So! Final 6!

Pen: Wow!

Eraser: It's so cool we've made the final 6!

TB: I'll be right back!

Ruby: Hey TB!

TB: Hi!

  • At girls cabin

Bubble: So! Checklist time! I think I remember how Pencil did this! Ruby, IC and I are here! Pencil is gone *Rubs Pencil's name off*

Pencil's last words

Pencil: Oh no! I can't believe I've been eliminated!

Match: Pence Pence! You are back!

Pencil: Lets enjoy our time together, even though it's in a place like this!

Leafy: Me too!

Pencil: Okay!

Episode 17: We're all in this together

Bubble: It's so quiet now!

IC: Yeah!

Ruby: Final 6!

TB CONFESSIONAL: I never imagined making the merge let alone final 6! Looks like everyone likes me! Lets keep it that way!

Pen: Hey Eraser! Look at this!

Eraser: What is it?

Pen: It's an. umm, I'm not sure!

Eraser: It looks like a button?

Pen: No it looks like a box!

Eraser: What's a box doing here?

Pen: No idea!

Ruby: Hey TB! You glad we made the final 6?

TB: I am so glad!

IC: Why is it I get the least lines every episode?

Bubble: I'm not sure, IC!

IC: Oh okay!

Announer: It's time for your next challenge, which will be a team deathmatch

Team 1 will be Bubble, Eraser and IC

Team 2 will be  Pen, Ruby and TB


Ruby: Yay TB! I'm on your team!

TB: *Pops Bubble* Yay for Ruby being on my team!

Eraser: *Breaks Pen in half*

Ruby: You'll pay for that! *Breaks Eraser*

IC: *Smashes Ruby*

TB: How dare you! *Smashes IC*

Announcer: Okay! That was quick! TB wins! Choose someone to win with you!

TB: I choose Ruby!

Announcer: I'll see Bubble, Eraser, IC and Pen at elimination!

  • At Cake at Stake

Announcer: Okay! I have 3 slices of cake! They go to...



Eraser and Pen! The bottom 2! The final slice goes to...




Pen! Eraser, you are eliminated!

Eraser: How shocking? I don't really care that I'm eliminated! I'll reunite with Blocky and SB will be in there too!

IC: Bye

Eraser: Bye! *Enters portal*

Pen: Oh wow! Final 5!

TB: We made the final 5 Ruby!

Ruby: Yay! I'm so glad! But you deserve to win more than me! You are an original!

TB: Thankyou Ruby!

IC: Wow! Final 5!

Bubble: I can't believe it!

Pen: We made this mark! Wow!

Eraser's final words

Eraser: Hey losers!

Pencil: Technically you're a loser too now!

Leafy: Yeah Eraser! You didn't deserve to get that far!

Match: I agree!

Eraser: Whetever! Where's Blocky and SB?

Blocky and SB: Here we are!

Eraser: Yay! Now we're all reunited!

Episode 18: The fabulous final few!

Ruby: I can't believe we've made top 5!

TB: I know right! The finale would be in two or three episodes!

Pen: TB! I just want to say, thank you for helping me these few weeks! I'd be glad with either of us winning this thing!

Bubble: We made the top 5!

IC: We are amazing!

Pen: I wonder if there is a challenge today, since we're close to the end!

Announcer: There is! But first, congratulations on making it this far! You are all the top 5! But at the end of today, there will...still be 5!

IC: What! No one's going home tonight?

Announcer: Nope! Someone's rejoining the game! This will be the final rejoin!

TB: I wish them all good luck!

Announcer: This will be the hardest rejoin, because you all have 1/16 chance of rejoining. Not very good chances.

Your challenge is to...zap someone (again). We have budget cuts at the moment!

Blocky: So, you mean like this? *Zaps TD*

Announcer: Yes. You cannot zap anyone else until round 2 now, Blocky! If you get zapped, you're out!

Pencil: This is for you Bubble! *Zaps Flower*

Eraser: *Zaps self* I don't want to rejoin! Cmon SB and Blocky! Let's go!

SB: *Zaps self*

Blocky: Someone else, zap me!

Leafy: *Zaps Blocky*

Needle: *Zaps Rocky* Yes!

GB: I have a 10% chance of rejoining!

Coiny: *Zaps Firey* Ha!

Woody: My first time zapping someone, I think! *Shoots Coiny*

GB: *Zaps Spongy*

Pin: *Zaps Needle*

Match: I'm the only one left to zap! *Zaps GB* You already rejoined!

Announcer: Still left is Leafy, Match, Pencil, Pin and Woody!

Woody: *Zaps Pencil*

Match: Oh why, Woody! *Zaps Woody* He left me no choice!

Pin: *Shoots Leafy*

Announcer: Match and Pin! The winner is...Pin!

Pin: I rejoin! Yes!

TB: Wow! I can't believe Pin's back!

Ruby: Is there an actual challenge for those of us who are actually still in?

IC: I hope the challenge involves the snow!

Pin: It should involve something that has Pin's!

TB: Maybe with Tennis Ball's too!

Pen: And writing with a Pen!

Ruby: We should draw gems!

Bubble: With Balloons!

Announcer: How about all of those ideas! The challenge will be to tie a balloon to your waist, whilst gliding over snow. Whilst gliding, Pin's will be thrown at you! If your balloon pops, there is a box of inflated balloons back where you started! You will glide onto a Tennis Ball platform (which is bouncy), where you will pick up those Pens, and attempt to draw afew gems! You will then give to me so I can rate it! The 3 with the lowest ratings will be up for elimination tonight!


Bubble: Let's do this!

Pin: If attaching a balloon to you waist wasn't hard enough!

Pen: Pin, we have these challenges all the time! They're hard as!

PEN CONFESSIONAL: I think she's buying it! Wow! I should use that more often!

TB: It's cold as!

Ruby: We can thank IC for that!

IC CONFESSIONAL: And little did I know, that my wish would come true. But I'm used to the snow! This challenge will be easy for me!

IC: *Ties balloon to waist and start drifting up* It's working!

Pen: *Ties balloon to waist, and gets to mid-air, when balloon pops*

Ruby: Pen is frozen now! We need to thaw him!

TB: There's a thawing device here!

Bubble: This challenge is hard! The balloon keeps popping me! I know! *Eats yoyleberries* Now I'm unpoppable and unfreezable!

TB: *Ties balloon to waist* Here I come!

Ruby: *Grabs onto TB's foot* Wait up!

TB: What are you doing, Ruby? You should've probably tied a balloon to your waist to begin with!

Ruby: True! I probably won't get down now!

  • A Pin hits TB's balloon*

TB: Now we're both going down!

Pin: *Top of head pops balloon* Well! This challenge is impossible now!

IC: Looks like it's just you and I Bubble!

Bubble: Yep!

IC: *Lands on platform* So bouncy!

Bubble: Luckily I'm unpoppable now!

IC: *Picks up pen and starts drawing*

Bubble: *Follows IC*

IC: Done!

Bubble: Me too!

Announcer: IC and Bubble win, because they were the last 2 to survive! Pin wins immunity too because she just rejoined! That means Pen, Ruby and TB are up for elimination! *Recovers everyone*

Pen: Oh dear! We're up, TB!

TB: Why'd you attach onto my foot?

Ruby: I can't remember!

Bubble: We won!

Pin: Congratulations!

IC: Yay! Top 5 again, here we come!

  • At Cake at Stake

Announcer: Alright! It's time we find out who makes the final 5!

Out of Pen, Ruby and TB, the first one safe is...


Pen and Ruby! The final one safe is...




Ruby, despite being a debuter! Pen! You are eleiminated!

Pen: I can't believe it! See you guys! Atleast I'll see Leafy again! *Steps through portal*

TB: Oh no! I'm the only guy left!

Ruby: Don't worry TB! It'll be alright!

TB: *Entering cabin* Wow! It's just me. Alone in this cabin! That's pretty awesome! I've outlasted all the other guys!

IC: I'm so glad I'm still in!

Ruby: Me too! Glad I wasn't eliminated!

Bubble: Same!

Pin: Congrats Ruby!

Pen's final words

Pen: Hey guys. It sucks I'm eliminated!

Leafy: Pen! You're back!

Pen: OMG I missed you so much!

Leafy: Me too!

Match: Now the reunion of Pen and Leafy

Pencil: Yeah!

Episode 19: Many down, few to go

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