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Battle For Space Palace Again




April 22nd, 2013



Created By

Retro Guy (aka Retro/Guy Jones)

Battle For Space Palace Again (BFSPA) is the sequel to the most popular unofficial BFDI camp. While BFSP was made by Waliugifreak789, BFSPA was made by Retro Guy and started on. Forty-four contestants participate in this camp for a second Space Palace.


  • All challenges were to be done through PM, not comments.
  • Not doing a challenge could result in the following:
    • A Strike
  • If a Contestant recieves 3 strikes, they will be up for Resign-Ups.
  • The only way to erase your Strikes is by doing a Challenge before you earn 3 strikes.
  • If you cheat:
    • You could earn an Elimination Penalty (being up fo Elimination).
    • Your votes could be doubled.
    • Your tokens could be disabled.
    • You could be Disqualified and sent back to Earth.


Some of the people from the original Battle For Space Palace.

Username BFSP Character BFSPA Character
Ben1178 Balloony Balloony
Cheetah465 Ruby Ruby
MrCookieOmega* Bomby Pie
Jeelhu77 Cloudy Bushy
DeeandEd Taco Bunk Bed
yoshiman4321 Basketball Bomby
  • Originally named MrMegaHOD, but got a new account

Contestant Table

Contestant Status Placing Reason    Votes Team
Bell - Spongy318 [babycakes123tdifan] Eliminated 1st Out (48th Place)

Caused a HUGE fight

14 Teamless
Roboty - Daniel Webb Rejoins in 8B 2nd/3rd/4th Out




Black Hole - Greig Robertson

Eliminated 2nd/3rd/4th Out (47th/46th Place) Unpopular, and is a Google+ account N/A Teamless
Barf Bag - Somony10 Eliminated 2nd/3rd/4th Out (47th/46th) Place)   Unpopular, and a floater N/A


Pillow - 


Eliminated 5th Out (45th Place) Combined uses of Clock's Win Token and Lego's Swap Token 4 Galactic Planets
Trousers -


Eliminated 6th Out (44th Place) Unpopular, annoying character 11 Neptunian Raiders
Cheez-It - friesfan7844 Eliminated 7th Out (43rd Place) Disliked by most of the people voting 11 Neptunian Raiders
TNT - 


Eliminated 8th Out (42nd Place) Didn't do the last challenge, wasn't that well known 7 Glistening Galaxies

8-Ball - DylanMultiProduction [oguzkan1200Alt2]

Neptunian Raiders

Balloony - Ben1178

Galactic Planets

Basketball -BeAwesomeOne2

Neptunian Raiders
Bomby - yoshiman4321 Debuter Galactic Planets

Bottle - MsSpartaProductions

Righetous Rockets

Bracelety - Ghostgirl7000

Righetous Rockets

Bunk Bed - DeeandEd

Exuberant Nebulas

Bushy - Jeelhu77

Exuberant Nebulas

Cake - benjibuddy3

Neptunian Raiders

Clock - baigrei

Galactic Planets

Cloudy - Tacoburger22 [TheAwesomeYellow]

Galactic Planets

Die - UltraToons

Righetous Rockets

Eggy - SalamenceJacketJeans

Exuberant Nebulas

Evil Leafy - TeenChampion

Righetous Rockets

Fanny - Killahkatz [taopwnh6427]

Exuberant Nebulas

Firey Jr. - mat2468xk

Righetous Rockets
Flasky - Joseph Howard Debuter Righteous Rockets

Gaty - jay28jay2

Exuberant Nebulas

Grassy -  mewtwospetwolf [webzforevz]


Gummy - joshytje5

Neptunian Raiders

Lego Brick - 100dcx

Galactic Planets

Lightning - Jas88themage

Glistening Galaxies
Lily Pad - GatlingGroink57 Debuter Exuberant Nebulas

Lollipop - PuffballCupcake

Glistening Galaxies

Marker - ScienceStorm1

Galactic Planets

Naily - Rhinobuddroblox [BigYoshiFanBigFan]

Eliminated 9th/10th Out (41st/40th Place) Previous user was a floater, current user didn't do the challenge, and first Naily user was a cheater. 11 Glistening Galaxies

 Nonexisty - MrDoubleTGAngster

Exuberant Nebulas

Pie - MrCookieOmega

Righetous Rockets

Remote - VerendusFollower

Neptunian Raiders

Robot Flower - Bunpuffy

Glistening Galaxies
Roboty - Daniel Webb Rejoiner Neptunian Raiders
Ruby - Cheetah465 Debuter Glistening Galaxies

Saw - Infernapeyful

Exuberant Nebulas

Sky - kobe52699/Kobe Fish (Google Plus

Glistening Galaxies

Smoke Detector - TheBreadBiscuit

Neptunian Raiders

Snowflake - bkshawgogo

Eliminated 11th Out (39th Place) Was voted out in a tiebreaker 2 Exuberant Nebulas

Taco - Mapmaker42

Glistening Galaxies

Tree - bladethe blade

Eliminated 9th/10th Out (41st/40th Place) Google+ Name? 7 Galactic Planets

TV - rj3ful1

Galactic Planets

Wandy - goldenzoomi

Righetous Rockets

Win Token - TTGuy10000

Righetous Rockets
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