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First Episode : "Presentations"

Megaphone : Greetings, everybody ! I am Megaphone, and I invited lots of objects to come on this wonderful island with its amazing hotel. Sadly, this hotel isn't existant on the surface and this island isn't that wonderful.

Well, actually it is for me, since I am currently on the underground hotel. But of course you can't really see me. I just talk though that amazing megaphone, you see at the middle of the screen.

Okay, no more talking, let's just meet the contestant, shall we ?

Megaphone : The first person coming is Leafy !

Leafy : Hi Everybody ! Oh. I'm the first one here.

Megaphone : Yup. Next is called the Firey Slapper.

Coiny : Well, at least Firey's not here. I'm so glad.

Megaphone : Next comes Firey.

Coiny : Looks like I spoke too fast.

Firey : Hi ! *gasp* Coiny...

Coiny : Firey...

Megaphone : Next is Pillow.

Pillow : ...

Coiny : Hi ! *slaps Firey*

Firey : Ouch ! *slaps Coiny*

Coiny : Ouch ! *slaps Firey*

Leafy : Stop it, you two ! Besides, how are you guys able to slap fire or metal ?

Coiny : Now, that I think about it....

Firey : Maybe I'm super strong. *slaps Coiny* OUCH ! I broke my right hand. Ugh, maybe by other arm is stronger *slaps Coiny* OUCH ! I broke my left arm.

Leafy : *facepalm*

Megaphone : Next comes Spongy.

Firey : Spongy ? More like Fatty.

Spongy : HEY ! I'm not fat. I'm just a bit chubby.

Megaphone : Next is Tennisball.

Tennisball : Hello, everybody. *trips on a wooden plank*

Firey : What a clumsy Tennisball !

Tennisball : I wouldn't laugh, if I was you, Firey !

Firey : I can't be demagnetized, Clumsy.

Tennisball : Nope. But you can be watered.

Firey : Yikes !

Megaphone : Next is Book.

Book : Wow, it's such a pleasure to be here ! What's it called again ?

Firey : Woah, you really aren't Well Read.

Book : *sigh* Forget it.

Megaphone : Next is Needle.

Needle : Woo ! Hello.

Firey : Hi, Needy !

Needle : DON'T CALL ME NEEDY !!! *slaps Firey*

Firey : OUCH ! How can you even slap fire !

Needle : I thought you went to slapschool, you should know, fire can be slapped if the slap is fast enough.

Coiny : Cool ! *slaps Firey* HAHAHA HAHA HAHAHA HA ! I'm slapping you Firey, and you can't slap back because you broke your arms !

Megaphone : Next is Lightbulb.

Lightbulb : Yay ! Now, all I have to do is follow TROOS and I'll be safe as, cookies !

Tennisball : What ?

Pillow : She's right !

Tennisball : What are they talking about ?

Coiny : I think they're lost in madness.

[A big car comes]

Leafy : What is this, HUGE CAR !

Pencil : It's like, the hyper van of awesomeness ! *Match, Bubble, Icecube and Ruby comes out of the car*

Book : Wow, it's such a relief to see you guys escaped from Evil Evil Leafy.

Match : Oh my like matchstick factory, Evil Evil Leafy is nice, how could you get an error like this.

Pencil : Yeah. Everyone know it's actually, Evil Evil Evil Leafy.

Book : Oh ! I should of known that, I have an Evilogy chapter. Just look at the summary *Book opens*

Pencil : Hey, Megaphone thing, is there a parking ? So I can park the "Hyper Van of Awesomeness"

Megaphone : Sure thing ! *the ground open up, making the van fall into the water*

Pencil : Grrrr !

Book : Don't worry Pencil, we still have the Mega Van of Amazing !

Match : Don't you like know, we sold it for the Cyber Van of Amazingness ! But it got eaten by Evil Evil Evil Leafy.

Megaphone : Next are Salt and Pepper.

Pepper : That's sweet. I can't wait to see the hotel. Right, Salt ?

Salt : I hope OJ's coming.

Pepper : *annoyed* Yay. Me too.

Megaphone : Nickel.

Nickel : Woah ! Somebody actually spelled my name correctly, for once !

Firey : That's great Nickle.

Nickel : Screw you.

Megaphone : Baseball, Golfball, 8-Ball, Cake get in.

Baseball : Woah, I'm sure glad I made in.

Golfball : Now, that's I've been revealed to get in I have only 0.665728143 % to not get in this hotel.

8-Ball : I doubt it. If he's generously giving us his entire hotel, it'll be a 100 % success to get in the hotel.

Cake : I don't know... It he's really trustable.

Megaphone : OJ, Paper, Knife, Basketball, Tissues, Candy and Trophy.

OJ : Uhh... It's me or I don't see the hotel.

Paper : Maybe, it's underground.

OJ : Meh.

Knife : I don't care, I'm ready to get in, without anybody blocking my way.

Trophy : Ahem, ahem !

Tissues : Trophy Horseplay, did you got a cold ? *sneezes*

Trophy : *facepalm*

Bubble : Cake ! Is it Yoyleflavored ?

Cake : No. Strawberry.

Ruby : Yum !

Cake : Wait, uhhh... that's uhhh... Ice.

Bubble : Ice Cream ! Yum !

Cake : No. Just Ice. Icecube flavored.

Needle : It's weird, you look pretty pink for something Ice-flavored.

Match : Bleh, using food coloring to poison people is gross. You'll never join the alliance.

Basketball : I'm bored, when are you going to show us the hotel ?

Candy : Yes, I don't see it anywhere !

Megaphone : Test Tube, Microphone.

Test Tube : Hello my dear compa-

Microphone : YEEESS !!!

  • test tube, icecube, lightbulb and ruby shatters*

Megaphone : Ughh, please stop doing that.

Microphone : Sorry.

Megaphone : Anyways, the last person IIIIISSSSS

DAVID *confettis fall down*

David : Aww Seriously ?

Nickel : You have got to be kidding me.

Megaphone : I'm not. Also a twist. You won't get the hotel, right now !

EVERYONE : *screams*

Megaphone : You'll be battling for it.

EVERYONE : *gasps*

Megaphone : As for Test Tube, Icecube, Lightbulb and Ruby. *poof*

Ruby : It's great to be alive again !

Icecube : Yes !

Megaphone : Now that everyone is here, I'll give you a little tour to the island.

This is the elimination ceremony, where your team will vote someone out

This is the dormitories, where you'll sleep before winning

This is the speech box, if you wanna talk secretly about something

Leafy : Teams ? Do you mean that...

Megaphone : Yes, I mean it. There will be two teams of 15.

Golfball : But we're an odd number !

Megaphone : Yup, one member will be teamless and automatically eliminated.

Needle : How the teams will be made ?

Megaphone : You'll have a challenge and the two winners will choose the teams.

Needle : I shouldn't of asked...

Megaphone : You see that plank over the ocean ?

Knife : Yes, we see it.

Megaphone : Well, you're challenge will be to hang on with your arms on it.

Nickel : But what when we don't have arms ?

Megaphone : Uh... You hang with your feets.

Nickel : Needle, I feel your pain.

Needle : I know.

Megaphone : START !

Spongy : Uh-Ho ! 

  • Spongy falls*

Icecube : I'm sliding down ! 

  • Icecube falls*

Coiny : *slaps Firey*

Firey : OUCH ! 

  • Coiny and Firey falls*
  • Golfball falls*

Tennisball : I'll catch you ! *snatch*

Golfball : I didn't know, you could hang with only one foot !

  • Tennisball and Golfball falls*

Tissues : AWCH ! Mah CondiSHAWN ! *sneezes on Trophy*

  • Tissues and Trophy falls*

Candy : Hey ! 8-Ball, how do hang with no limbs ?

8-Ball : Why did you say that ‽ Everytime someone ask about something illogical, the effect breaks.

  • 8-Ball falls*

Candy : I'm so sorry ! I'm coming for you !

  • Candy falls*

Basketball : I can't hang any longer !

  • Basketball falls*

Salt : AHH !!!

Pepper : SALT !!!

  • Salt and Pepper falls*

Microphone : I'm tired... AAAAAAHHHHH !!!

  • Ruby, Test Tube and OJ shatters*
  • Microphone falls*

Lightbulb : Not this time, Loud Queen !

Cake : I'm getting sleepy...

  • Cake falls*

Match : HAHA ! That's what you get for being groa-

  • Match falls*

Pencil : Match ! I'll win for Freesmarts !

Bubble : I'm still there you know !

Pencil : *pops Bubble*

Book : Pencil ! Why did you do that ‽ Bubble's our alliance !

Pencil : *kicks Book*

  • Book falls*

Leafy : Still hanging on, Needy ?

Needle : *slaps Leafy* DON'T CALL ! Oh.

  • Leafy and Needle falls*

Megaphone : FINAL EIGHT !

Baseball : The wooden pole... It's cracking ! *crack*

  • Baseball, Nickel, Paper, Knife falls*

Megaphone : FINAL FOUR !

Pencil : *kicks David*

David : Aww seriously ?

  • David falls*

Megaphone : FINAL THREE !

Lightbulb : I can't lose so close ....

Pillow : Weee ! *falls*

Megaphone : It concludes it, Lightbulb, Pencil you guys are team captains !

Megaphone : So, Pencil choose first, Lightbulb you choose after.

[Boring team pickings later]

Megaphone : David... You are ELIMINATED !

David : Aww Seriously ? *falls in the hole*

Paper : That Hole looks deep !

Megaphone : It's the Endless Hole of Doom !

Nickel : Of doom ?

Megaphone : Now, guys choose team names.

Pencil : Team StrongSmart !

Composed of : 

  • Pencil
  • Match
  • Bubble
  • Ruby
  • Icecube
  • Book
  • Trophy
  • OJ
  • Paper
  • Pillow
  • Tissues
  • 8-Ball
  • Basketball
  • Candy
  • Needle

Lightbulb : Team Cookie !

Composed of : 

  • Lightbulb
  • Firey
  • Knife
  • Cake
  • Microphone
  • Tennis Ball
  • Golfball
  • Test Tube
  • Pepper
  • Salt
  • Leafy
  • Coiny
  • Baseball
  • Nickel
  • Spongy

Megaphone : Now, your second challenge is a relay race. Only sixteen will compete.

Spongy, Needle get into position, you will be the first to run.

Nickel, Candy get into position, you will be the second to run...


Needle : I'm a fast-runner !

Spongy : Uh-Ho ! I don't wanna lose !

Needle : Yay ! *pass the relay to Candy*

Candy : Wee !

Spongy : I don't want to lose !!!

Candy : Basketball ! I'm coming.

Spongy : *sweats* Am I there yet ?

Nickel : No, you're not even halfway.

Candy : Take that ! *pass the relay to Basketball*

Basketball : Hey ! Baseball, looks like I'm farther than you ! Big surprise.

Baseball : Grr ! NICKEL ! What's taking so long !

Nickel : Don't worry, Spongy is almost there.

Baseball : Almost where ? I don't see him.

Nickel : I meant that he's almost at the start.

Baseball : *sigh* I can't believe it.

Basketball : 8-Ball ! *pass the relay*

8-Ball : Woo *rolls*

Spongy : Finally !

8-Ball : Go ,Tissues ! *pass the relay*

Tissues : I'm going !

Nickel : SPONGY ! Hurry up !

Spongy : I'm trying !

Tissues : *sneezes* *gets propulsed* Ouch ! Pillow. *pass the relay* Umm... Pillow don't stand *sneezes* run !

Trophy : She's stupid ! Push her !

Tissues : No ! That's cruel.

Trophy : Then I'm voting you off, and you'll be first out, like everytime !

Tissues : NOO ! *sneezes**sneezes**sneezes**sneezes**sneezes*

Pillow : *teleports* *pass the relay to Pencil*

Pencil : Wow, What the sharpener !

Nickel : SPONGY ! Go !

Spongy : I'm trying, but *falls*.

Nickel : You have got to be kidding me.

Baseball : I hope I'm dreaming.

Pencil : And I win *pass the relay to Megaphone*

Megaphone : Team StrongSmart wins, Team Cookie, one of you will be going home.Megaphone : Team Cookie, this is the first elimination ceremony. Someone will be eliminated and thrown into the Endless Hole of Doom.

Megaphone : People who are safe will get cookies. Get into the voting booth to choose someone eliminated.

[Voting Booth]

Baseball : Spongy, you're going home !

Coiny : FIREY !


Megaphone : Okay, the votes were counted. Safes are :

  • Lightbulb
  • Knife
  • Cake
  • Tennis Ball
  • Pepper
  • Nickel
  • Leafy
  • Salt
  • Microphone
  • Golfball
  • Coiny
  • Baseball

Firey, Spongy one of you will fall into the Endless Hole of Doom.

The last cookie goes to...

Firey !

Spongy : I said I was sorry !

Salt : You like made our team like lose, like like.

Pepper : Yes ! Like like.

Spongy : Please accept my apologies *fall into the Endless Hole of Doom* NOOOOO !

Megaphone : That concludes it, go to the dormitories, everybody.

Episode 2 : "Go to Evil-Evil Canyon"

Firey : I'm so glad Fatty's eliminated ! He made us lose.

Leafy : Firey ! That's mean.

Firey : But, it's true !

Leafy : Just, stop talking about Spongy.

Firey : He's so fat and smelly. I don't get how you could like him.

Leafy : Firey, shut up ! I'm trying to put the bandages on your arms. So stop moving !

Firey : Wow ! You're way grumpier than normal...

Leafy : And you're way jerkier than normal !

Lightbulb : Who screamed ?

Firey : Leafy.

Leafy : Wha ? Shush !

Pepper : Why did you woke us up ?

Salt : That's way too early to like wake up. I'm going to dark rings under my eyes.

Pepper : Like, me too !

Baseball : Everyone stop complaining ! Or we'll just waking up more peoples.

Microphone : AHHHHHHHH ! There's a bug on my nose !

Nickel : Well, everyone surely woke up after that scream.

[Team StrongSmart]

Ruby : That pillow-fight, last night, it was amazing !

OJ : You played all night long, and none of us actually slept.

Candy : I actually slept.

Paper : You slept on a banana peel, we were talking of sleeping in bed !

Candy : Oh.

Trophy : *sigh* If we lose. The "partying" girls are so home.

Pencil : You can't do that ! I'm team captain.

Match : Yeah ! You like don't scare us ! You're just like jealous, like.

Trophy : Oh please. I'm leaving !


[At the Canyon]

Book : What did you wanted us for ?

Megaphone : Challenge of course ! You'll have to get to the other side of the canyon.

Trophy : That'll be easy !

Megaphone : Oh ! We also removed the bridge.

Trophy : That'll be easy !

Megaphone : And the slideshots.

Trophy : That'll be easy !

Megaphone : Oh ! You were just arrogant. Anyway, the first object to the finish line wins immunity for his team. START !

Candy : How are we going to cross, without a bridge ?

Trophy : Simple *throw Candy*

Candy : AHHH *falls*

Trophy : I failed !

Icecube : Let me try ! *jumps* *falls*

Pencil : *facepalm* I can't believe it.

[Cookie's side]

Coiny : Maybe, Firey's bandage will help us ! *put bandages as a bridge and walk on it*

Firey : That's probably my last opportunity ! *moves to make Coiny falls*

Leafy : Firey ! Are you stupid ?

Golfball : Guys ! Maths are your friends, don't forget it.

Firey : Yeah ! Nobody cares *kick Golfball to make her fall*

Leafy : Firey ! Why are you doing this ?

Firey : You insulted me, I don't care about you *kick Leafy to make her fall*

Nickel : Leafy, got thrown quite far, hey Firey ! Do you think you can kick to the other side ?

Firey : Uhh... Weird, but okay. *kick Nickel, making him fall*

Baseball : That was the worst strategy, I've ever heard of.

Firey : Grr ! *kick Baseball, to the other side*

Baseball : No, that was the solution !

[SS's side]

Trophy : Baseball's almost at the line, we have to throw someone light enough to make him fall.

Tissues : That's kind of cruAHH *sneezes*

Trophy : *throw Tissues to Baseball*

Baseball : Almost there !

  • Tissues falls on Baseball*

Megaphone : And Baseball, wins !

Trophy : Are you kidding ? We made him fall !

Megaphone : If you see correctly, Baseball's leg is at the finish line.

Anyways, StrongSmart, you'll have to vote someone to be eliminated.

[At the elimination]

Megaphone : Okay, one of you will be eliminated, and today the prize will be... Puppets !

Ruby : Red ! It's my favorite color of plushies !

Candy : Is it edible ?

Megaphone : Anymore, dumb questions ?

Candy : So, it's a yes ?

Megaphone : OJ, Paper, Pillow, 8-Ball and Basketball you guys are safe. *throw puppets*

So are Book, Bubble, Tissues and Needle. *throw puppets*

Ruby, Pencil, Icecube and Candy are too. *throw puppets*

Match, Trophy one of you will be eliminated.

The last person safe IIIIISSSSS...

Match *throw puppet*

Trophy : I can't believe it ! I hope all die ! *falls into the Endless Hole of Doom* NOOOOO !!!

Megaphone : That concludes it, go to the dormitories, everybody.

Episode 3 : "For-east Firey"

[In the forest]

Nickel : That was such a good idea, to camp here ! I've never slept so well.

Baseball : Poor teammates, they had to hear- WAH !

Nickel : Looks like, we weren't the only ones who thought about this.

Pepper : Oh my like Piper Plant, look Salty Salt, there are tents everywhere.

Salt : Oh my like like Sea, you're right Pepper.

[In the dormitories]

Microphone : *wakes up* I made a dream, it was- Where are you guys ?

[SS's side]

Book : I've always wondered, what Megaphone really looked like ?

Ruby : What do you mean ? We see him everyday.

Book : Well, he doesn't have a face. I don't think it's really Megaphone.

Match : Oh my like woodsicles, you did not just like said that.

Pencil : What's wrong with you Book ? Are you racist to faceless peoples, now ?

Book : Wait...

Pencil : Out !


Book : Sometimes, I don't understand them...


[At the forest]

Book : Why did you wanted us at the forest ?

Megaphone : You really ask the same questions, over and over and over again.

Anyways, your challenge is to get as much wood, as you can.

[SS's Side]

Basketball : Hey, Pencil !

Pencil : Oh nononononono NO ! Don't even think about it !

Match : AHHH ! Take Pencil instead of me !

Pencil : *slaps Match*

Basketball : *grabs Match and Pencil*

8-Ball : Aren't Paper made of wood ?

Paper : Shush !

[Cookie's Side]

Firey : Let's kill the trees ! *burn them*

Nickel : Great, just great.

Baseball : Firey ! It's wood collecting ! Not ash collecting !

Leafy : No ! Trees ! How could you guys, burn something so important !

Cake : Who cares ?

Leafy : I care ! Trees made me ! I can't let them die !

Test Tube : I have this wood transformer. Yes ! I never leave it home.

Knife : Guys, let's just collect wood. *cut the trees*

Leafy : *gasp* If you kill the trees, you'll have to kill me before !

Knife : Okay *slices Leafy in half*

[SS's Side]



Basketball : Let's bring it to Megaphone.

[Cookie's Side]

Baseball : How are we gonna transport all this wood ?

Lightbulb : We're the Bright Lights ! We'll find a way !

Pepper : Actually, we're like Team Cookie.

Lightbulb : Oh ! Well, we'll cook a way !

Baseball : *faceleg*

Microphone : I have an idea ! AHHHHHHHHH !

[To Megaphone]

Basketball : We're here !

Megaphone : A pencil and match ? You couldn't find better ?

Icecube : They died for you !

Megaphone : Let's see what the other team have to show me...

*Long silence* 3t OF WOOD !!!

Ehehehe. StrongSmart see me at the campfire.

[At the campfire]

Megaphone : Okay, let's see who'll be eliminated. If you're safe you'll get a log. Safe with 0 votes are :

  • Bubble
  • Ruby
  • OJ
  • Pillow
  • Paper
  • Icecube
  • Candy
  • Needle

Safe with 1 vote are :

  • 8-Ball
  • Pencil
  • Match

Safe with 2 votes is :

  • Book

Basketball, Tissues one of you will be eliminated. The person safe IIIIIIIISSSSSSSS...


Tissues : What ? But I didn't do anything wrong ! *sneezes**sneezes**sneezes**sneezes**sneezes**sneezes**sneezes**sneezes**sneezes**sneezes*

Basketball : You disgust me *kick Tissues into the hole*

Tissues : It was my condiSHAWN *falls into the Endless Hole of Doom* *sneezes*

Megaphone : That concludes it, go to the dormitories, everybody.

Episode 4 : Dodge the Eight-Ball

Episode 5 : Master Thief


Firey : You didn't give us the 5 dollars we asked for.

Knife : We deserve it though.

Cake : Are you two... serious ?

Firey : Why wouldn't we be ? We really wanted our five dollars.

Pepper : You said it was a very important and made a team meeting, JUST FOR THAT ?

Knife : It's a good reason enough.

Leafy : *facepalm*

Golfball : I'm out of this *leave the cabin*

Tennis Ball : Stop leaving me behind ! *follows GB*

Coiny : *makes TB trips* Whoops, Clumsy Tennis Ball.

Tennis Ball : I'll have my revenge.

Coiny : I'd like to see you try. But don't forget your talking to the god of pranks.

Leafy : Blocky, would kill you for this.


Book : Icecube, why did you wanted to talk to me, in such a scary place.

Icecube : Don't play dumb, I know your plan.

Book : My pl-plan ? What plan ?

Icecube : ENOUGH ! I know you wanna get me out of the game and replace me. But I will keep my eye on you.

Book : Icy, what the ?

Icecube : I don't want you ruining my game, so I guess there's only one way left *shows a rope*


Icecube : Goodbye Book, I'm afraid coexisting with you is impossible, Goodbye, or should I say Farewell, Evil-Evil-Flower doesn't really like objects to come into her forest, so sad. *leaves*

Book : NOOOOOOOOOOOOO !!!! *starts sobbing*

Megaphone : Objects come to the cafetaria, immediately !


Ruby : Challenge in the cafetaria ? Maybe it's about eating.

Bubble : I hope there's Oice Cream Coike, or Yoylecake those are moi favoirites.

Ruby : Stop making me hungry *starts drooling*

Leafy : (speaker-ish voice) Bubble stop salivating it'll kill you.

Bubble : Hoihoi !

Pillow : I don't get it.

Leafy : Inside joke.

Megaphone : Okay, objects stop talking, you're challenge is gonna take place in the cafetaria.

Nickel : (sarcasticaly) Wow, I would never of guessed...

Megaphone : You're not very... "shiny" for a coin. Anyways, you're challenge is to make me a starting food, the resistance meal and a dessert. The judges will be me, a special person and Teardrop.

Candy : That means we'll finally see what you look like ?

Megaphone : Looks like I have a fan. Well, I'll get to see what you guys looks like too. Oh wait I already do thanks to the cameras.

Paper : I'd like some privacy !

Megaphone : And I'd like to get back on the subject. CHALLENGE STARTS NOW !!!

OJ : Where is the food ?

Megaphone : Your problem.

OJ : Come on everybody I heard this island had delicious mud, it's not like our lovely faceless host had to taste it.

Megaphone : Alright you got me, you'll find all the food in the kitchen *unlocks it*. BUT you can only go inside once.

Trophy : Uggh, lame.

Bubble : Soince Book is absoint I suggoist to toike over instead.

Basketball : Fine with me.

Needle : I don't care.

Icecube : This is harder than I though... But I have another plan... And this one will work.
Needle : I feel bad for Bubble, all leaders getting injured or disappearing.

[Cookie's side]

Test Tube : Okay so, I say Cake, Pepper and Salt choose the food because they are food themselves, they should know exactly what's good.


Lightbulb : I did, got a problem with that ?

Golfball : *sigh* No, Lightbulb.

Lightbulb : It's not Lightbulb anymore, it's MC-BRIGHTER. I'm talking to you too author.

Coiny : I'm gonna call the asylium.

Test Tube : Knife, Nickel and Coiny can do the starting meal.

Coiny : Why do I have to be with Nickel ?

Test Tube : Firey, Lightbulb and Baseball will do the resistance meal. Golfball, Leafy and Tennis Ball have to do the dessert.

Golfball : And YOU !?

Test Tube : I'll make sure everything stays cool.

[SS's Side]

Basketball : So, what's the plan ?

Bubble : We toike all the foid ! We'll decide loiter.

[In the Kitchen]

*SS takes most of the food*

Cake : Phew, we started before them.

Pepper : I agree, the only food left is oatmeal cookie, and nobody likes that.

Salt : DO NOT WANT !

Cake : Who wants ?

Cheesy : I want.

Pepper : OMPP what are you doing here Cheesy ?

Cheesy : Oh, I was just ... "want-ering" around *slaps his knee*.

[SS's Side]

Paper : What should we make ?

OJ : How, should I know ?

Ruby : Well we have everything, so we should make an everything-cake.

OJ : I think that's a terrible idea, besides we have to make 3 meals not just the dessert.

Ruby : Well me and Bubble like it so we're making this.

OJ : *rolls eyes* You're the boss.

[Cookie's Side]

Test Tube : How's the starting meal doing ?

Coiny : Pretty bad, Nickel's taking all the room.

Nickel : Are you kidding me ? You're the one taking all the room !

Test Tube : And you Knife ?

Knife : How are we supposed to make salad with this thing.

Test Tube : That's Lettuce, I'll let you figure out, I'll check out the meal's group. How are you guys doing ?

Baseball : Tell Lightbulb to stop insulting me.

MC-BRIGHTER : It's MC-BRIGHTER not Lightbulb, even the writer can get it into his head.

Baseball : Just Shut up.


MC-BRIGHTER : You did not like say that ! *slaps Baseball*

Baseball : You little- *punches MC-BRIGHTER*

Test Tube : Guys ! Stop ! No ! You made the meal spill, I-I JUST FIX THIS !!!!! *leaves to see Golfball's group* I sure hope your group is better than Baseball's

Leafy : No need to worry about that. Our group is perfect. Perfectly cheerful and focused. Right guys ?

Tennis Ball : She's so beautiful ♥ω♥
Golfball : Stupid Lightbulb, I SHOULD BE THE LEADER !

Leafy : (sweating) Yup, Fine.

Test Tube : Man that chocolate cake looks good *drools*.

Leafy : Why thank you, I made it mys- I mean we made it as a group ^^ !

Leafy : We're doomed.

[SS's Side]

Icecube : What is this thing ?

Ruby : That's an everything-cake, our meal.

Icecube : We're supposed to do 3 meals *faceleg*

Ruby : Well let's just, *cuts the "cake" into three* Here.

Megaphone : Okay the special guest and Teardrop have arrived, hand your meals.

(SS's starting meal)

Megaphone : What is this ?

Ruby : An everything-cake.

Paper : It tastes better than it looks, promise ^^'.

Megaphone : *eats it* ... *runs to the toilet*

Teardrop : ... *push the plate away*


Elmo : I have a bad feeling about this. *eats it* ... *runs to the toilet too*

Megaphone : Zero.

Teardrop : *hands a sign with zero written on it*

Elmo : Null.

(Cookie's starting meal)

Megaphone : Salad, uh ? *eats it* You forgot the vinaigrette.

Knife : There's supposed to be ?

Megaphone : Three.

Teardrop : *hands a sign with two written on it*

Elmo : One.

(SS's meal.)

Megaphone : THIS AGAIN ? ZE-RO !

Teardrop : *hands a sign with zero written on it*

Elmo : Sorry, no points.

(Cookie's meal)

Megaphone : There's dirt on top, it looks like it got spilled. I say 2.

Teardrop : *hands a sign with three written on it*

Elmo : Your omelette is pretty good, but I taste dirt, 7.

(SS's dessert)

Megaphone : Are you guys really this lazy. 0

Teardrop : *writes 0 on the plate and threw it away*

Elmo : This was disgusting the first time and I don't think it's gonna change. 0.

Ruby : That's not THAT bad ! *eats it* ... *falls*

(Cookie's meal)

Megaphone : Mhhh, It smells good *eats the chocolate cake*


Leafy : Teamwork ^^' !

Megaphone : TEN !

Teardrop : *eats it* ELEVEN !

Elmo : *eats it* 9001 !

Megaphone : So team Cookie wins with 9040 out of 90 which is totally normal. Strongsmart I'll be seeing you at the campfire.

OJ : It's obvious who's eliminated.

8-Ball : You ?! Why would we vote for you ?

OJ : -_-


Megaphone : Hey, since I'm here in person do you want a campfire song ?

*everybody cheers*

Megaphone : Too bad. Safe with 0 votes are :

  • Trophy
  • Paper
  • Pillow
  • Needle
  • 8-Ball
  • Bubble
  • Icecube

Pencil, Match and Book could not have voted, but either way they are safe.

Safe with 1 vote is : OJ

8-Ball : I'm sorry !

Candy, Ruby one of you will be eliminated, one got 2 votes the other 8.


  • Candy, you're safe with 2 votes. Ruby you are eliminated.

Ruby : What, but... *starts crying*

Candy : I'm sorry for voting for you.

Pillow : I regret voting.

Needle : I feel bad, now.

Bubble : Oh noio.

Paper : Poor Ruby.

OJ : No ! She's the reason we lost *kicks Ruby into the Endless Hole of Doom*

Ruby : *screams*

Bubble : You moinster, you're goin next !

OJ : Oh really ? And with what ? You're alliance is really short right now.

Megaphone : How cute is that ? Well that concludes it, go to the dormitories everybody.

Icecube : I overheard OJ talking about voting Ruby with Paper. When I heard that I knew this was the perfect opportunity. MUAHAHAHA !

Episode 6 : Yes We Canoe !

Basketball : 8-Ball, Candy. Do you wanna form an alliance ?

8-Ball : Hum, no.

Candy : No thanks.

Basketball : Why not ?

8-Ball : We just don't want to.

Basketball : I will punch both of you until you die. if you don't join.

Candy : Okay okay, we'll join !

Basketball : Pfft, they're so guillible. I don't even have arms.
Candy : Basketball must be so strong, He can punch without arms. It could be interesting If I had no arms. Wait, I could help 8-Ball with this.
8-Ball : I'm gonna destroy the person who made the "because seven hate nine" joke. I find it offensive.

Megaphone : Challenge time !!!

Salt : Already ? It's like only 5 AM.

Megaphone : Think about it, the most early the challenge start, the most early the challenge ends. Everybody meet be at the dock.


Candy : Darn, he isn't here in person like yesterday. He was so hot ♥∩♥

Megaphone : Excuse me !!!

Leafy : *whispers to Firey* Candy's so dead.

Firey : *whispers to Leafy* I would like if somebody told me that.

Candy : Sorry, I meant you were sexy. ◕‿◕


Leafy : *whispers to Firey* Told ya.


Firey : *whispers to Leafy* Correction, we're all dead.

*Needle and Trophy get in a boat*

*Baseball and Nickel get in a boat*

*OJ and Paper get in a boat*

*MC-BRIGHTER get in a boat with Knife*

*Salt and Pepper get in a boat*

*Test Tube and Cake get together*

Icecube : Bubble, let's go together.

Bubble : But what aboit Pencil and Match, They're still injoired and won't be oible to get to the oither soide. It's boitter if I go with Pencil and yoi with Match.

*Bubble and Pencil get in a boat*

*Icecube and Match get in a boat*

Candy : 8-Ball, together ?

8-Ball : Are you kidding me !? I'm not losing with you, I'd rather go with Pillow.

*8-Ball and Pillow go in a boat*

Candy : *starts crying*

Basketball : It's okay we can go together :).

Candy : But-but you'll lose.

Basketball : I don't care, I wouldn't be a true friend if I didn't accept you..

*Candy and Basketball go in a boat*

Trophy : Say, Needle want to be in a alliance with me ? *rows*

Needle : Sure ^^.

Trophy : I didn't expect it to be that easy T_ú...

Knife : MC-BRIGHTER, isn't that the name of a famous singer ? *rows*

Lightbulb : Yup, my idol. The best rapper in the world.

Knife : Never listened. *rows*

Lightbulb : (with earplugs and an MP3) ♪ Ya're the queen of the queens, you'll light up mah life ♫ (dubstep) Nyan it up, [BEEP] ♪

Match : (injured) Ehhh.

Icecube : I'm sorry, but I can't let you recover and steal my spot. *throws Match in the water*

Candy : Thank you so much !

Basketball : Ehh *rows* It's natural. But can you help me with the canoe ? *rows*

Pillow : (sweating) Can't. You. Row. Too ? *rows*

8-Ball : Oh could I ? I don't have limbs...

Pillow : (sweating) Well. You. Did. Won. The. Dodge. Ball. C-Contest. *rowing*

8-Ball : Of course, I did, and now I need some rest.

Salt : OJ is handsome don't you think ?

Pepper : Can't you row too ? *rowing*

Salt : He is so cute.

Pepper : *throws the paddles at Salt* ROW !

Salt : Wow, geez. You could just of asked. OMG.

Megaphone : *sigh* Hey, I see someone. Bubble's boat.

Bubble : WE MADE IT !

Pencil : (injured) Yehhh.

Megaphone : Bubble win for her team.


Megaphone : What


did I say ? 2 per boats v! Icecube you're gonna switch to the losing team. Candy too.

Candy : And Basketball.


Candy : Nooo ! Basketball *cries*

Basketball : Shh it's okay...

OJ : *rolls eyes* *pushes Candy at the other side*

Basketball : You monster.

OJ : Yeah, I'm a monster I know, I know. Bubble told me.

Megaphone : Team Cookie, meet me at the campfire.

[At Campfire]

Megaphone : Before I start the elimination say hello to Candy and Icecube.


Megaphone : Okay, safe with 0 votes are :

  • Golfball
  • Knife
  • Leafy
  • Lightbulb
  • Baseball
  • Icecube
  • Nickel
  • Tennis Ball

Safe with 1 vote :

  • Firey

Coiny, Candy one of you got 4 votes, the other got 6. The person safe is...


Coiny : WHAT ? WHAT DID I DO ?

Baseball : Nothing. And that's the problem.

Coiny : THAT'S NOT FAIR !!!

Firey : Coiny, I apologize... In a form of slap ! *slaps Coiny, making him fall into the Endless Hole of Doom* MUAHAHAHAHAHAHAHouch my hand.

Megaphone : That concludes it go to the dormi- wait it's only 12 AM. Well uhh. Bye.

Episode 7 : Book in Time

[Cookie's side]

Firey : I made a big mistake.

Tennisball : What is it, again ?!

Firey : Coiny might think I apologized while I just wanted to slap him.

Tennisball : That's actually perfect, he thinks you're nice now, if he rejoins you ask for an alliance and you backstab him in the back.

Firey : Oh my spark, Tennisball you're a genius, maybe fuzzy but still genious.

Tennisball : Why did I say that to him ? Sorry Coiny.

[SS's Side]

Bubble : OJ is roight. My alliance is comploitely goin. Pencil is not recoivered yet, Match and Book have disoippeared, Icy switched and Ruboi got eliminated. NoionoionoiononoioNOI !

Basketball : I'm joining. I want OJ gone !

8-Ball : Of course I'm joining !

Bubble : We're three against OJ, Paper and Needle.

8-Ball : But what if they make an alliance too ?

Basketball : Let's try to get Pillow on our side.

8-Ball : I know exactly how ?

Basketball : How ?

8-Ball : Just wait 5 seconds.

Basketball : 5, 4, 3, 2, 1. She's not there.

8-Ball : Wait 2 more seconds.

Basketball : 2, 1. Still not there.

8-Ball : You have to say the 0, wait 3 more seconds.

Basketball : 3, 2, 1 oh screw this PILLOW !!

Pillow : Can I-

Basketball : YES.

Megaphone : Challenge time !!! This challenge is gonna be really short. It's a talent show. Only one person will show up on stage because we have only half time to do a decent episode. You have 5 seconds.

Lightbulb : I wanna go.

Test Tube : I wanna go too !

Lightbulb : Okay then, dude *gets sunglasses and sit on a chair* AH.

Golfball : What, but I- !

Icecube : Shut up.

Bubble : I'm not gonna go. *leaves*

Basketball : If you don't go OJ we vote you off. If you lose, we vote you off.

OJ : And if I win ?

Baskeball : We vote you off.

Megaphone : Ok, start. Testube.

Test Tube : *mix a blue and a yellow testube together* If you mix Desobonic Acid and Tricisamin Salt you can observe. *rainbow smoke comes out of the testube*

Megaphone : Pretty smoke.

Test Tube : IT'S NOT SUPPOSED TO SMOKE !!! *test tube explodes covering everything in yellow foam*

Oh my. I gotta take notes ! *takes out a notebook and writes on it*

OJ : I don't know what to do.

Megaphone : I can't end it that early ! You're new challenge is to find Book.

Book : I'm here.

Megaphone : What ? How ? Did you come back ?


Bubble : Uh, is that Book.

Book (tired) : Finally I'm here.

Bubble : What happened ?

Book : Ugh, I was stuck to a tree, until Evil Evil Evil Evil Evil Flower delivered me from it. She protected me from Evil Evil Flower. Don't worry Evil Evil Evil Evil Evil Flower is nice, she prefers the term "Evil Evil Evil Evil Evil", though. Anyway where's Icecube ?

Bubble : She switched.

Book : Good, she's the one who stuck me to the tree.

Bubble : She would never do something like that !

Book : Didn't you remarked anything with captains ?

Bubble : When I think about it when she was with Match at the canoe challenge. Match wasn't here at the end.

Book : I know exactly where she is. Follow me *runs to the canoes*

Book : After that we took a canoe, drove it to the middle of the race and dived at the bottom. And that's how we found Match.

Megaphone : I still don't know which team lose, now. Luckely I have THE randomizer. Cookie's team loses. Elimination Time. People safe with 0 votes are :

  • Lightbulb
  • Leafy
  • Knife
  • Cake
  • Baseball
  • Nickel

With 1 vote :

  • Firey
  • Salt
  • Pepper
  • Golfball

Tied with 3 votes are , Tennisball, Candy and Icecube.

The first votes goes to...


Goodbye, Tennisball.

Tennisball : Why was I voted off ? *trips and fall in the endless Hole of Doom* AHHHH

Megaphone : Okay, everybody go to the dormitories, this was Regular Object Competition *yawn*.

Episode 8 : Sleepness in ROC


OJ : I think I'm screwed.

Needle : Huh ?

OJ : The alliance is obviously holding a grudge on me. After they called me a monster.

Needle : They are just overreacting. You are right. Why are you thinking about this ?

OJ : Well, when I think about it, they are 4. And I'm all alone.

Paper : Wait ! Don't think I'm gonna backstab you, OJ ! I'll help you.

OJ : But even so, we're 2 against 4.

Paper : Needle, join us.

Needle : As long as you don't call me Needy.

Pillow : *randomly appears* I heard everything...

OJ : *dissapointed* Thanks for help Paper, but..

Pillow : No, I just want to join.

Paper : See ?! We are already tied.

OJ : *grin* Yeah ! I really felt trouble for nothing.


Golfball : *writing in a book*

Salt : Hey ! Watcha writing ? *takes a look at Golfball's book*

Golfball : Huh ?! *hides the book behind her* It's none of your business !!

Salt : OMS ! Calm down... I was just curious...

Golfball : Well go get curious somewhere else !

Salt : Seriously, you really totally like need to literally calm down. *walks away* Besides, I saw everything.

Golfball : WHAT ?!

Salt : Hehe *leaves the dormitory*.


Cake : Is it elimination time, already ?

Megaphone : What ? No ! Elimination is at the end of the episode !

Cake : Wha ? Oh... I forgot, it's been a while.

8-Ball : It felt great having a ten-and-a-half-month-break, but now I'm bored...

Knife : Give us a challenge already ! My arm needs to wake up from its hibernation !

Megaphone : Well, you're lucky, because this challenge is to stay awake.

Baseball : Seriously ? That's as uninspired as... standing up for 13 hours.

Megaphone : How did you know the next contest ? Whatever..

Firey : So when does the challenge starts ? Megaphone : It has already started, idiot !

Firey : Well this challenge is so normal, we might as well have started it this morning without knowing.

Megaphone : It DID start this morning ! Wait a minute, where did your bandage go ?

Firey : Oh... My arm's not broken anymore. It had time to heal. So if you wanted it to be an important plotpoint later, that'll teach you to have such gigantic delays.

Baseball : This challenge is so boring. I think I'm actually going to fall asleep..

Test Tube :*holding a vial* Hold on Baseball, this solution will keep you awake !

  • Baseball falls asleep*

Test Tube : Uh... It might be too late for him but.. Nickel why don't you drink it ?

Nickel : What a gooood question ! Why dooon't I drink a dangerous-looking vial held by a crazy scientist ?

Test Tube : My point exactly ! Why don't you drink it ?

Nickel : Wow you must be VERY smart to understand that I was totally serious !

Test Tube: Why thank you !

Nickel : *sigh* I give up. *lies on the ground and pretends to sleep* zZzZ...

Test Tube : What about you Knife ? Will you drink it ?


Episode 9 : Fears were Shed


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