Red Domino is an OC created by ButterBlaziken230.


Red Domino is a small red Domino piece. His top half has one dot, whereas the bottom half has 3 dots. They can be arranged to be buttons like he is wearing clothing, similar to 3 from Numberblocks. He has only legs, a trend that will be common among the other dominoes.


Red Domino has bad luck, but that doesn’t bother him. Most of his bad luck is funny, and can be laughed at by him and his friends around. Unfortunately, some people legitimately make fun of him because he is unlucky, those people being Evil Blaster’s Alliance. However, he has stood up for himself before, literally fighting some of the members and winning. He has only had 1 loss - a fight against Portally.


  • He is the first character in a new series of Domino OCs, similar to the Spoon OCs.
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