You don't how to write,Do you!

"Random Characters Hurt and Heal Season 5, you havent start it? You don't not how to write, do you!" - Golf Ball
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This time you add your characters lol (just post it in the comments)

Season 1 - Random Characters Hurt and Heal

Season 2 - Random Characters Hurt and Heal Season 2 - There's 20 Now

Season 3 - Random Characters Hurt and Heal Season 3 - With A Tree!

Season 4 - Random Characters Hurt and Heal Season 4 - I Don't Even Know Lol

Each contestant had to pay a $2000 entry fee cuz we becoming bankrupt


1. You can only hurt and heal once every two hours.

2. No special types of hurts and heals, only normal ones which do 1 HP of damage, unless you killed a character (see rule 4)

3. Maximum HP of a character is 10. If anyone's HP exceeds 10, it will be an overheal and their health will be cut down to 1.

4. If you kill a character, you can do a triple hurt and a triple heal, but only one set of hurts and heals for each kill. It does +3 HP for a heal, and -3 for a hurt.

Triple Hurts and Heals

Season ended.

Hurt and Heal

Elimination Table

Place Contestant Cause Of Elimination Prize Money Received
1st Caffeine Man Mugshot None $5000000
2nd Taco Devoured by NahuelFire39 $2500000
3rd Axe Ran out of durability because of NahuelFire39 $1000000
4th Gem Shattered by InfiniteSlingshotz209 $500000
5th Sandy Ground by NahuelFire39 $100000
6th Green Needle Broken by RillersDillersZillets $75000
7th Bubble Wand Thrown away by ReddysRuby $25000
8th Moneybag Emptied by MrYokaiAndWatch902 $10000
9th Tor Mashed by NahuelFire39 $5000
10th WTVJ Destroyed by MrYokaiAndWatch902 $3000
11th Pizza Eaten by MrYokaiAndWatch902 $1500
12th Satelly Obliterated by NahuelFire39 $900
13th Lotiony Used up by Jewel Ann Estodillo $650
14th Drawing the Face Disfigured by MrYokaiAndWatch902 $400
15th Leafirey Ripped by UnluckyGuy114 $250
16th Carmex Used up completely by NahuelFire39 $100
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