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"I think I know what's going on, you bought Random Characters Hurt and Heal Season 4 - I Don't Even Know Lol, didn't you!" - Golf Ball
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Lol this time really random other than my OCs :D

Season 1 - Random Characters Hurt and Heal

Season 2 - Random Characters Hurt and Heal Season 2 - There's 20 Now

Season 3 - Random Characters Hurt and Heal Season 3 - With A Tree!

Season 5 - Random Characters Hurt and Heal Season 5

Each contestant had to pay a $500 entry fee. The prize pool for this hurt and heal was even more than last time, at exactly $15,812,500.


1. You can only hurt and heal once every two hours.

2. No special types of hurts and heals, only normal ones which do 1 HP of damage, unless you killed a character (see rule 4)

3. Maximum HP of a character is 10. If anyone's HP exceeds 10, it will be an overheal and their health will be cut down to 1.

4. If you kill a character, you can do a triple hurt and a triple heal, but only one set of hurts and heals for each kill. It does +3 HP for a heal, and -3 for a hurt.

Triple Hurts and Heals

Abolished in final 3 stage.

Hurt and Heal


Place Contestant Cause Of Elimination Prize Money Received
1st Pen None $5000000
2nd Cupcake Eaten by MrYokaiAndWatch902 $4000000
3rd Dictionary Torn to bits by MrYokaiAndWatch902 $3000000
4th Map Ripped to pieces by MrYokaiAndWatch902 $2000000
5th Foldy Cut by MrYokaiAndWatch902 $1000000
6th Pencil Burnt in flames by MrYokaiAndWatch902 $500000
7th Suitcase Thrown into the sea by MrYokaiAndWatch902 $200000
8th Infinty Dropped onto spikes by MrYokaiAndWatch902 $75000
9th Dnamind Hammered til destruction by MrYokaiAndWatch902 $25000
10th Bolt Struck by MrYokaiAndWatch902 $10000
11th Tennis Ball Thrown away by InfiniteSlingshotz209 $2000
12th Stapy Shot with an *actual* bullet by MrYokaiAndWatch902 $1000
13th Rocky Wrapped by InfiniteSlingshotz209 $800
14th Coiny Used to buy an item by MrYokaiAndWatch902 $550
15th Container Ripped apart by Laclale $450
16th Sword Ran out of durability because of Laclale $400
17th Wasup Crumbled to crumbs by MrYokaiAndWatch902 $300
18th Dice Hammered to pieces by Laclale $250
19th Paintbrush Smashed by InfiniteSlingshotz209 $150
20th Boombox Electrocuted by RealRed5pizza $100

Most Kills


Yokai won this incredibly, taking out more than half of the contestants with 12 kills. He also eliminated all the 9 of the top 10 who were eliminated.

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