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" I think I know what's going on, you bought Random Characters Hurt and Heal, didn't you!" - Golf Ball
Random Characters Hurt and Heal was adopted by Infinityblade2995. Henceforth, all rights, continuity, and proper use settings go to Infinityblade2995, who now says what is in-character and what is not in this article's vicinity. Though everyone can edit this article, Infinityblade2995 has the final say on their character from the rules from the Object Show Fanonpedia.

Season 2 = Random Characters Hurt and Heal Season 2 - There's 20 Now

Season 3 = Random Characters Hurt and Heal Season 3 - With A Tree!

So it's me, Infinity, and this is my new Hurt and Heal.

Keep in mind that these characters are random as stated in the title, hence the appearance of Twilight Sparkle. I have received all permission to use these characters, either in the past, recently, via wiki talk, or discord.

Every loser will say their last words in a confessional before getting killed and recovered in a recovery center outside the competition.

Loser: Includi--

NO, not you Loser.

Every contestant had to pay a $250 entry fee. At the final 5, the hurt and heal becomes a lot more intense and limited.


1. You can only hurt and heal once every two hours.

2. No special types of hurts and heals, only normal ones which do 1 HP of damage, unless you killed a character (see rule 4)

3. Maximum HP of a character is 10. If anyone's HP exceeds 10, it will be an overheal and their HP will become 1, making them extremely vulnerable. (this does not apply to the final 5 stage)

4. If you kill a character, you can do a triple hurt and a triple heal, but only one set of hurts and heals for each kill. It does +3 HP for a heal, and -3 for a hurt. (this does not apply to the final 5 stage)

Final 5 Stage Rules

1. You still can only hurt and heal once every two hours.

2. You still cannot do any special types of hurts and heals, only normal ones which do 1 HP of damage.

3. Maximum HP of a character is 8. If anyone's HP exceeds 8, it will be an overheal and they will be eliminated.


24/11/17: The hurt and heal has started!

25/11/17: InfiniteSlingshots has dismembered David and burnt the remaining sticks in a fire. Hence, David is OUT! He receives a prize of $10.

26/11/17: New rule! And also, iPad has been thrown by Eden, and as a result, his screen cracked. iPad is OUT! He receives a prize of $25. Eden then untunes Cello. Cello is OUT! She receives a prize of $50.

27/11/17: Gelatin has been squashed by the fist of InfiniteSlingshotz! He is OUT! He receives a prize of $100. Eden throws Wasup away. He is OUT!

28/11/17: All of a sudden, Twilight Sparkle disappears. She is OUT! Apparently Nahuel was the presumed cause of it, but it was soon revealed to be MrYokai, who also drunk Raindrop, who is ALSO out! And now, Baseball Cap has been overhealed and BURNED by Minh! And Clock's settings have been tampered with by Eden, so he's out as well! Meanwhile, similarly to Ariana Grande, Container is performing at a concert, and he is BOMBED by Minh! We are now down to the Final 8!

29/11/17: Ceibo has been eliminated! This hurt and heal is getting REALLY intense! Everyone has had their health reduced to 1 HP until the final 5! Dish Soap places 7th and Tune places 6th. Now final 5 stage begins! And Minh eliminates Carmex!

30/11/17: WOW! Eden overheals Latte and she is out! We are now left with THE FINAL 3! And MrYokai overhauls Green Rocky! AND THE SEASON FINISHES! SWORD WINS!

Triple Heals and Hurts Berths

Disabled at Final 5.

Last Word Confessionals

David (25/11/17): AWW, SERIOUSLY?!?!


Cello (26/11/17): Aaaarrrrggghhhh, what happened to my voice?!?!

Gelatin (27/11/17): Um, why am I here? I still have 2 HP right... Wait, it's a triple heal? Crap.

Wasup (27/11/17): Crap I didn't tell any jokes here ye-- AAAAAHHHHH!

Twilight Sparkle (28/11/17): Friendship, is ma-- *Twilight Sparkle suddenly disappears*

Raindrop (28/11/17): Get yo mouth away you stupid hu--

Baseball Cap (28/11/17): Get that fire away--

Clock (28/11/17): Don't mess up my settings, NO NO NO!

Container (28/11/17): You just want att-- *explodes*

Ceibo (29/11/17): What? I've been eliminated? Sword, ya b**l**d, good luck in winning this m8.

Dish Soap (29/11/17): WHAT?

Tune (29/11/17): No, this can't be!

Carmex (29/11/17): Um, what are you doing?

Latte (30/11/17): What, I've been eliminated, what?

Green Rocky (30/11/17): Bye guys.

Cottony (30/11/17): Well, thank you for helping me to finish second! :) Congrats Sword!



Sword's Winning Quote

Hey Derpy and MrYokai, cheers.


Place Contestant Cause Of Elimination Prize Money Received
1st Sword None $1000000
2nd Cottony Soaked by NahuelFire39 $500000
3rd Green Rocky Hammered by MrYokaiAndWatch902 $250000
4th Latte Drunk by Cutiesunflower $100000
5th Carmex Erm, thrown away? by Bfdi is the best $75000
6th Tune Untuned by InfiniteSlingshotz209 $50000
7th Dish Soap Thrown and broken by TWDremaker2000 $25000
8th Ceibo Cut by Cutiesunflower $10000
9th Container Bombed by Bfdi is the best $7500
10th Clock Time messed up by Cutiesunflower $5000
11th Baseball Cap Burned by Bfdi is the best $2500
12nd Raindrop Drunk by MrYokaiAndWatch902 $1000
13th Twilight Sparkle Somehow MrYokaiAndWatch902 made her disappear $500
14th Wasup Thrown away by Cutiesunflower $250
15th Gelatin Squashed by InfiniteSlingshotz209 $100
16th Cello Untuned by Cutiesunflower $50
17th iPad Screen cracked by Cutiesunflower $25
18th David Dismembered by InfiniteSlingshotz209 $10

Most Kills


Eden got the most kills. She will get this thingy, which was named in honour of my best friend on the wiki until he made his object show and left, Hurricanehunterjackson, aka HHJ. He got the most kills in one of my old hurt and heals.

Most visited article


Throughout most of the season the hurt and heal was in 2nd in the Most Visited Charts, and when it ended it finally reached the top.

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