Rainy is a male character on Life or Death and is the 'boss' of the squad.


Rainy appears to be the left half of a rainbow. His face and limbs are on a dull cloud and his head is half of a 'broken' rainbow. The rainbow part is also faded and inverted (going purple, blue, green, yellow, orange, and blue.


Rainy is a depressed individual who tries to have excitement in his boring life but fails. The only times he succeeded is when he started the Life or Death squad and when he does the activities his sister did. He just wished that she was there and that things went back to normal. Thankfully, he has another topic on mind: the Dagons trying to take over the city. He might also find joy in hanging out with the guys in the group (and sometimes including Yo-Yo). He just wants his sister back.


  • He is the only Life or Death member to not be based on an object that Nether owns.
    • He is also the 3rd 'main' character to not be based on a real object. the other two are Sleeping Bag and Bow.
  • Nether likes to say that he is half of a broken relationship, but that might come off as that Bow and Rainy used to be 'dating' which is kinda weird in my opinion.
  • People on the LOD discord made shipping One Stud and Rainy into a cannon ship.
    • Their ship name is Stainy.
    • Nether made a character based off of this ship named Rainbow Brick and has a split personality.
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