What was that for, there's noone here but...
~ Rackety, annoyed at Deathstrokey

Rackety is a OC by Bokurei.


Rackety is a tomboy-ish girl that will be annoyed if you insult her. She is a lesbian.. She sometimes acts perverted . She is part of trios of frie-nds. She is very sadistic.

She does not like being told what to do. It really annoys her. She hates homophobes


OC Adventures

She joined later on in the series to help others, shout and make people food and drinks

Object Zombie Apocalypse

Said to be a main-character along with Deathstrokey and Plagitz

Object High

She just exposed everyone. Also a sick idiot

Object School

She was more gay than ever. Also hated Gelatin. She bonded with Claydough and played Tennis with Sakura


Coming soon...




  • She is homosexual
  • She is Bokurei's favourite OC beating Injusticey
  • Rackety placed 1st in Season 3 of Random Characters Hurt and Heal in her first debut.
  • She is the mascot of Bokurei's BFDI Wiki stuff
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