Oh my god! its skull head
~ Red Velvet Cake

Golf Ball angry

" I think I know what's going on, you bought RVC, didn't you!" - Golf Ball
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Red Velebt cake is an contestant in Total Galaxy Objects he debuts in episode 10 drawin' Again

AVDOS He Makes an recommanded appearance by stiker in episode 5b

The Super Sawesome Elimination Show! SEASON 4 He Comptetes In team WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA

Another OSC Camp in that camp he competes

Battle for Dream Island Interactive! He Competes an is on team A Better Name thanks to golf ball's runing gag




He Always trying to act like Skull Head he is his Idol To Be fair tho in general he is an pretty cool guy Tho Pepole like most of his friends Play him to win and then betray him


  • RVC
  • Cool Guy
  • Cake
  • Cakey


he is quite brave tho he can't do everything

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