ROTBFDIWP (short for Return of the Battle for Dream Island Water Park!) is the second season of TBFDIWP. Like the previous season, it is a camp. It features contestants from eight different object shows, along with RCs from the previous season. Announcer (from BFDI) is the host.



  1. Teams for Two
  2. Test Quest
  3. Piece of Cake
  4. A Guessing Game
  5. Overloaded!
  6. Shaking Things Up
  7. Captain Chaos
  8. RPS Rampage
  9. Dungeon Dangers
  10. Welcome Back
  11. Where's Lightbulb?
  12. Insectophobe's Nightmare 5
  13. The Teams are Gone
  14. Mystery Messages
  15. Quiz Quest
  16. Tile Trouble
  17. Prediction Friction
  18. Debut for You
  19. Pointless!
  20. Pizza Predicament
  21. Art Achievements
  22. Final Five Words of Wisdom
  23. Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Stare
  24. One Last Quiz
  25. And the Winner Is...


We will be using the same tokens we used last season. Hopefully, we'll get to use them all this time!

Season 3

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