so, you ask me (or my OCs) a question in the comments, and ill answer it


AzUrArInG Asks: ow did you come up with both names of each show?

Answer: you might mean my hurt and heal, well, there was permission to have spin offs of TSSES, so i made the hurt and heal, for the BTWTUP, because i wanted to create a camp, but the names i wanted are taken, such as battle to win, so... i put The Ultimate Prize behind it,

RedJohnny asks: what do you think if BFDI will be on TV

Answer: i am fine with it,

U4Again asks: Do you like or hate Nice Humans and like or hate Bad humans

Answer: Well, nice humans of course would be a like, bad humans... just kick the bad memories away for a sec, yeah, bad humans should be hated, at least none of the bad humans are here except TowMatar, but not too big of an issue compared with my bad memories

InfinityBlade2995 Asks: Do you Like Undertale

Answer: isnt that the universe i live in? so of course, i like Undertale

NahuelFire29 Asks: What is the BFB character you like the worst, and which is the other character you hate the most?

Answer: Leafy is my Favorite! and pencil is the least favorite

Bfdineedleyesrockyno asks: why wont you change golden needles look to this

Answer: simple, 4 arms just seems way too weird,
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