Book was walking and passed Fries. Book sighed and Fries made a sour face. But Book just kept walking with Fries following. She passed Nickel who was apparently angry at David for being annoying. David got angry and Nickel fled. Book followed. "What's wrong, Nickel?" Book asked. "Oh nothing. I just... am bored." Nickel sighed. "Hey, where are all the objects?" asked Book. "Follow me." Nickel replied. Book did as told. Nickel arrived at an airport with Book. The Announcer told them to go to the steps of the plane and they did as told. The Announcer got on board and the objects took their seats. Nickel, Book and Spongy sat together. "So, Spongy, where are we going?" asked Book. "We're going to Yoylecakelandia!" Spongy replied.

3 hours later...

The plane arrived at Yoylecakelandia and the objects got off. "Okay, the first challenge is to call Needle... er... the name that she hates without getting slapped." the Announcer explained. Match, Pencil, Flower, Ice Cube, Bubble, Pin, Blocky, Woody, Teardrop and Leafy went first.


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