Purple Top Hat is a OC created by Cutiesunflower. Unlike Top Hat, he is nice and not very grumpy. He currently has a chance to debut in Battle for Wish Bush. He also appeared on the cancelled camp called the Top Hat Camp as a contestant. He lives in the Top Hat lands near Cutie Island along with the other Top Hat Clones.


His personality is different from Top Hat's. Instead of being Grumpy, he appears to be Calm and Nice to good People.


  • He is one of the Top Hat Clones.
  • In Battle For Wish Bush, he appears to be a magic hat that sparks.
  • He is also the First Top Hat Clone made, the second being Brown Top Hat.
  • He likes Dancing as seen in the Dancing Purple Top Hat GIF.
  • Purple Top Hat's Birthday is on April 30th.
  • He likes Magic
  • In Object Fusion, his combination is Purple Cake and Top Hat.


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