Purple Thing is an OC created by ButterBlaziken230.


Purple Thing looks like a giant purple rock. On that rock-shaped blob is his face with red eyes and a large red mouth. He has 4 tentacles that he uses for grabbing people. He has two small legs, however he is not armless.


Purple Thing has a similar personality to Unknowny. They are both usually trying to cause harm to things, like Unknowny does in Clash For Object Supremacy. Purple Thing has always been a bad guy, like Unknowny. In fact, Unknowny has an alliance on a larger scale that contains Evil Blaster’s Alliance, rendering that alliance as a sub-alliance, which Purple Thing is in.


  • He can corrupt things with his tentacles.
  • He can create purple goo which can kill people after 5 minutes of touching it.
  • Purple Thing can extend his mouth to ridiculous sizes to eat things.
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