Purple Spoon is an OC created by ButterBlaziken230.


Purple Spoon is like ButterBlaziken230’s other colourful Spoon OCs. However, he is a purple one. Since this message has been repeated multiple times, it won’t be repeated again. Unlike Green Spoon, he has arms and legs.


Purple Spoon is actually the kid of Red Spoon and Blue Spoon. He is a rather evil person. It may seem like, since he is only 6 and that he would be kind of ignorant, he’s just being a kid and having some fun. This is not the case, sadly. Some of his plans involve some serious stuff. Not too serious however, because it would be crazy for a 6-year-old to plan murder on his parents.



  • He is based off of Spooky Spoon from Numberjacks.
  • The story of his creation is a hard one. A rip-off Purple Spoon was created, and many people begging him to make another Spoon OC. He made this one to get them to stop.
  • The idea of him being a child of Red Spoon and Blue Spoon was created by Icebird2019.
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