Purple Domino is an OC created by ButterBlaziken230.


Purple Domino, like the 5 other dominoes in the Domino series (being Red Domino, Orange Domino, Yellow Domino, Green Domino and Blue Domino), is a Domino. She is a purple Domino with 6 spots on her head and four on her belly. She only has legs, and doesn’t have any arms.


Purple Domino is a respectable little girl with not many haters or enemies. She’s quite strong, but she doesn’t misuse her strength by beating people up, the main thing that Evil Blaster’s Alliance Do. In fact, she has been pestered by them a bit, but not too much. Her best friend is Blue Spoon, which sometimes bothers Red Spoon.


  • She was supposed to be pink, but is purple instead. This is because of the order the Spoon OCs were released.
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