"Price Tag sounds like a boy,even if it should bet that girl,that makes it just... WRONG!" - Ragweed
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Price Tag is one of the eligible debuters for TPOT.

They made their first appearance in The Four is Lava as a recommended character by Natty23.

she is also a contestant in 4-do.


They are armless, but not always. The “face” on their price tag is animated in a unique way — using text-based emoticons. In BFB 15, they had one visible arm.


Price Tag's TPOT audition features them sneezing, with a series of unique emoticon expressions. The emoticons are specifically, :|, ||, ;e, ;{, 8O, x3, and :Q. The last face could be because their voting letter is Q. When opening the debuters fla file of BFB 16 via Adobe Animate, their current emoticon in price tag in the debuters fla file is >:D, representing an evil grin.


  • In "The Four is Lava", Price Tag has multiple faces when they make cameos.
    • This makes Price Tag one of the two characters to change design while recommended, other being Leek.


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