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Aw yeah! I take back all the things I said about Winner while I was down there.

Price Tag is one of the eligible debuters for TPOT.

They made their first appearance in The Four is Lava as a recommended character by Natty23.

Their also a contestant in 4-do.


Price Tag looks to be a red price-tag label seen on merchandise at a store. They have a dark outline with a gray string attached. They have 2 legs, but no arms, making them an armless contestant.


Price Tag has been shown a mischievous and cheeky character. Their personality is very upbeat, and they usually sound excited. They have already formed a friendship with Naily in episode 1 of TPOT.

Entbrat Fan 2020[]

Price Tag's face is unique to the other contestants since it uses text-based emoticons for emotions. She is known for being judgmental and likes to criticizes the other's actions. She has an attitude and is a little mean and wants everyone to respect each other. She has a few allergies like sugar and bananas. She is a little clumsy and can hurt herself sometimes. Price Tag is very happy when she does something right. She might a little annoying but she is not a bad person and just want others to improve. She has one retractable hidden arm that she uses to point others while judging them. She is a fan of video games and she gets interested in conversations that talks about them. Despite only having one arm, she is said to be better than anyone else at video games. Price Tag can be a little selfish sometimes and can feel some enjoyment when she sees others losing. She is somewhat of a friend of Income Tax Return Document. She is very social and likes to talk to others. Price Tag thinks that judging others is the best way to make them improve. She loves when others takes pictures of her. She is a little slow when doing challenges because she is not the most active contestant. Price Tag doesn't like to criticize others based on their appearance.


Price Tag's TPOT audition features them sneezing, with a series of unique emoticon expressions. The emoticons are specifically, :|, ||, ;e, ;{, 8O, x3, and :Q. The last face could be because their voting letter is Q. When opening the debuters fla file of BFB 16 via Adobe Animate, their current emoticon in price tag in the debuters fla file is >:D, representing an evil grin.

Fan Fiction[]

Where Price Tag is from[]

  • Fall River, Massachusetts (U4Again)


  • June 9, 2000 (U4Again)


  • In "The Four is Lava", Price Tag has multiple faces when they make cameos.
    • This makes Price Tag one of the two characters to change design while recommended, other being Leek.