Popstar Gamey is a female contestant in Gamey Battle. She is set to be placed on Team Circuit and is set to appear in Teams Settled, Moving On!, an upcoming episode.


Popstar Gamey acts like as she were to be a pop-star, as hinted by her name and label. She is nice, but ditzy and probably the most excitable contestant. She also gets carried away with her music.


  • She is the only Gamey/contestant in Gamey Battle who has a music player.
  • The first ever song she downloaded was Firework by Katy Perry, which was released on the same year she was born in.
  • She is the youngest Gamey/contestant in Gamey Battle.
  • She was one of the two characters rejected from OC Adventures. The other being Quadrouple Cherry.
    • As of December 2017, Neon Pickaxe is the only OC ever to be in OC Adventures.
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