"Pole of Destiny" is the first episode of Inanimate Fight-Out.


A computer screen introduces himself. Obviously, his name is Computer Screen. He reveals the contestants, and explains how they will compete for a grand prize. The first challenge begins. Kool Aid, a contestant on the show, asks what the first challenge is. LSU Book replies in confusion as well. Computer Screen returns and explains that the challenge for that day is a pole standing (standing on poles) contest. He explains how the last two standing get to pick the teams.Key, the stupid character, asks what a pole is. Bowl replies by saying it is a long wooden stick.Computer Screen also says you are not allowed to try again once you fall off. He asks if everyone is ready for the challenge. Kool Aid, making a reference to another object show, Inanimate Insanity, having a question, while Computer Screen decides to ignore it.

Dollar stands on the pole first, he soons falls off, into the water. Crystal then says how he deserved it, and falls off as well. Then, simoutaneously, Face,Ball, and Lightning Bolt all fall of their poles. Triangle claims the pole is slippery, causing her to fall in. Frisbee also falls off suddenly. Key doesn't fall, but jumps off the pole.

18 minutes later, 3 contestants stand. Those three are Cola Can, Bowl, and Sword. This irritates Computer Screen. Cola Can brags about how he can stay on the pole all day. Bowl and Sword agree. Only to Sword's dismay, he finally falls into the water. As Computer Screen says that Cola Can and Bowl are the team captains, he says they pick the teams in another episode, much to their dismay, ending the episode.


  • Dollar falls a bit too early.
  • Ball's body parts moved weirdly when she fell.


  • This episode was not posted on the channel of Inanimate Fight-Out, MegaAnimazing.
  • This episode was released on September 15th, 2012.
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