Poison Mother Cactus
Poison Mother Cactus TBFS




The Poisonous




  • Plague Flask
  • Coolerang
  • Napalm (25% of the time)
  • Ranger Bow
  • Plants (Except anything from TFFM and Toodya)


  • Toodya
  • Napalm (75% of the time)
  • Anything which involves of WRECKING PLANTS! (like shears)
  • (Some) Robots
  • All TFFM Characters except Yarn Ball, Bubble Wrap, and Card
  • Oreo
  • Sand
Poison Mother Cactus, known as The Poisonous, is a character of TBFS who rips off Onion.


Poison Mother Cactus is poisonous. She's rather defensive and she usually is a nerd. She can talk non-stop, and has a burning passion to try and answer everything, interrupting oftenly. Her defensive side consists of suddenly launching towards people, poisoning them if they're near her. Despite this, she make a very bad meat shield for objects which aren't immue to poison. She's usually called a "Flying Hazard" by everyone, and she can even poison ROBOTS WHICH AREN'T IMMUE TO POISON. She hangs out with Plague Flask most of the time, and holds a grudge against Toodya because he doesn't speak clearly. 


She looks kinda like a ghost, with thorns. Their is also a poison bubble floating over her, mostly aesethic.


  • Reasoning behind why she 1/4 likes Napalm and 3/4 hates Napalm is a reference to the enemies in the Chinese Plant Wars game. This is also why she hates stuff like shears and robots.
    • This also explains why it's a rare sight to see anybody near her, because according to Web Duowan the Poison Mother Cactus poisons everything around it. Also the name comes from "as long as the the mother exists" and the "continue to poison" part. Also because it's in the poison category.
  • When Saranctha was first told about this, Saranctha asked if it's just a recolor of Cactus.


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