Po is an antagonist and one of the primary characters on Slondytobbis. It was killed by Tonky Wonka and gave it the virus of his Tobbi Costar. Tonky Wonka also removed its eyes, leaving black eye sockets with a lot of blood around them.


Po looks completely different to its non-infected state, its gender is unknown. Po also gained limbs, body & a television. It also has sharp teeth, with the largest ones sticking out of its mouth and bleeding. Its eyes are gone and just has empty eye sockets with a lot of blood around them, its antenna is cut and its rope is missing on its neck is missing, most likely it took it to be free.


Po is always patrolling the Satoyite Stashion, it places near every custards, usually the one found on the hallway. Po runs fast as The Gourdean, and makes ticking noises sounding like "tock tock tock tock". It attacks with its large clawed fingers.

Po doing its ticking sounds.

Po screaming. WARNING: LOUD
Po Scream

  • It was the first Slondytobby to be created.
  • Rarely, despite lacking eyes, Po still can chase The Gourdean without eyes.
  • Po can stay stuck on places on the Satoyite Stashion.
  • Po is the only antagonist without gender.

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