I Know Everything About Video Games!
— Pixely


Seriously,Look At The Image! Do I Have To Describe His Appearance?!


Pixely Is A Quirky And Fun-loving Ball That Can Travel To Any Dimension,But Half The Time You Can't Even Understand What He's Saying Unless You Read The Dialogue Box That Hovers Over His Head When He Speaks. He Also Seems To "Borrow" Some Quotes From Video Games.

Some Of Pixely's Phrases

"Here We Go!"

"My Path Is Blocked,Looks Like I Must Find Another Way."

"Perhaps That Old Man Was Right, It Really Is Dangerous To Go Alone."

"HADOUKEN!"(Taken Directly From Street Fighter."

"Try Jumping Into The Painting! I Saw An Italian Plumber Do It Once!"(Fact:When Pixely Said An Italian Plumber,He Was Referring To Mario!)

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