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"That’s right. We’re all about Preventing Pixel And Creating Trust." ― Bottle
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Pixel is an OC made by I like pizza 1.


Pixel is just a completely limbless red (previously black before his redesign) pixel, but apart from that, he's even more smaller than Sprinkle! he's just 0.26 milimeters, and he weights around 1.13875e-24 kilograms!


It's unknown what his real personality is, possibly he does not have one at all, probably because nobody can hear what he says.


  • He's the smallest and (without counting characters such as Nonexisty and Nothing (IW)) lightest character on this wiki!
  • He basically needs to be recovered even more times than Sprinkle because he's literally just a pixel.
  • Even though his creator rejected him, he later decided to bring him back but he later decided to change his color from black to red.
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