Pink Rocky (not to be confused with this Pink Rocky) is a female oc created by ObjectMaster.

She is not to be confused with the Pink Rocky that appeared in “BFB 12: What do you think of




Pink Rocky has the ability to talk, unlike Rocky. She is a rather kind person, helping those around her. She can be shy and quiet at times. She has the odd ability to teleport, and she likes to teleport to random locations. Overall, a Kind, shy, and mysterious person who wants to help those around her.


  • She could be Chalcedony, a type of rock that can be pink, however it is still unknown.
  • She only barfs if she sees something disgusting or if she eats something gross.
  • She has had no conflicts with others.
  • Peoplie sometimes call her “Rock Candy” because she looks like cotton candy, but is a rock.
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