I h8 digim0n! 3xc3pt By0m0ns, cuz th0$3 4r3 pr3tty c00l.

Pik4n0mb3r is an OC by Insanipedia made to be a counterpart of MrYokaiAndWatch's Sh4tm3m3.


He is a very very cool OC who hates Digimon since Sh4tm3m3 was insulting Pokémon (at least he loves Byomons). He loves playing his air horn in the morning and drinking a lot of mountain dews. He has a tattoo of the illuminauti symbol on his chest and Pepe on his back. He likes to dab and thanks to his aura which is unbreakable and I MEAN IT unbreakable he is unable to be s4p3r sh4t'd. He can thund3riz3 people he hates.

Since the Molly Bee attack, Sh4tm3m3 and Pik4n0mb3r are staring to become friends.


Arua - Allows Pik4n0mb3r to protect himself from being s4p3r sh4t'd. Is unbreakible, even if Sh4tm3m3 digivolves.

Thunder Stone Swap - Temporarily evolves into Raichu.

Dab Attack - Dabs (or as he says it, "d4bz") at them haters to boost his power.

Thund3riz3 - Throws a shock party. Careful, it stings.


  • As stated above, he is the counterpart of Sh4tm3m3.
  • He was originally going to have drugs but since finding out about Sh4tm3m3 not smoking Insanipedia desired co cut it.
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