Pickaxe Attack! Return is the reboot of Pickaxe Attack!. This one is hosted by Tennaxe (again) and co-hosted by the under-age Neon Pickaxe, who was originally created to be a contender for the original Pickaxe Attack!.

Note: Only Blue Tennis Ball can edit.

Pickaxes and Teams

Sign up as five pickaxes and they will be put on a team.

Maximun number: 30

Current number: 17

(the teams are not named yet, so they will be named Team A-E for now)

Team A - BW Pickaxe, Black Pickaxe. Flower Pickaxe, Multiplication Pickaxe

Team B - Rainbow Pickaxe (returnee), White Pickaxe, Dingie Pickaxe, Rocky Pickaxe

Team C - Green Pickaxe, Gaster Blaster Pickaxe, Little Horn Pickaxe

Team D - Dark Pickaxe, Magenta Pickaxe, PickX

Team E - Pink Pickaxe, Ender Pickaxe (returnee), Gold Pickaxe

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