Phone, labeled The Electric, is a male contestant on Object Mayhem and the winner of Object Crossovers. He has a vocoded voice similar to Tune. In Electrifying Beats, Phone was eliminated with 4 votes (contestants vote) along with Lego.


Unusual But Good

Burrito asks Phone to be on his team and Phone accepts the invitation. He asks if Jigsaw and Sharpener can join the team as well as him.

Find it!

When Button is furiously kicked into the sky by Burrito, Phone reminds him that they all had to work together and how it was not fair to "let Button go". Everyone ends up agreeing with Phone.

To be or not to be

Phone first appears with his team, he is asking what they should do for the challenge. When the challenge time comes Phone is behind the curtains and is told by Sharpener to do something. Phone ends up doing a dance that the judges didn't seem to like.

And Bingo was his name-o

Phone attempted to use his predicting app, but successfully predicted a letter he didn't even have. Due to Cupcake's bingo, he was put up for elimination.

Electrifying Beats

Cupcake, Lego, and Bouncy Ball, all who had Purple Eyes, voted for him. Button decided to vote for him as well, changing his vote from Burrito, eliminating Phone.

Chickens Can't Fly

Phone was in disbelief that he was eliminated, but encountered Lego there. Phone wondered what he was doing there because Calculator announced it was a Double Elimination after Phone was sent to the Moon.

Hit and Miss

Phone's battery was revealed to have been used to power Gun's spaceship.

A Space Odyssey

After Lego voted, Calculator put a new battery inside him. Phone was mad at Button as it was his fault that he was eliminated, and voted for him.


  • He is one of the two contestants to have a vocoded voice, the other one being Tune.
  • It is believed that Phone's ringtone is the same as the Skype ringtone because in Episode 6, Calculator gets a call and picks up his phone where the ringtone is the same as the Skype video chat ringtone. And the phone looks just like Phone's asset.
  • Phone is one of the vocoded characters of the OSC, along with Puffball, TV, and others.


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