Phantom Ruby "PR" is an OC by Insanipedia.


Phantom Ruby is normally adamant, and cares nothing less about conversations or situations. She has to wear a energy gauge at all times due to the fact that she needs an extreme amount of energy. If she isn't wearing it and/or her gauge breaks, she gets extremely weak and, at random points, faint and lie unconscious for several minutes. She's also nice at times.



  • Phantom Ruby is based off of the Phantom Ruby from the Sonic series.
  • Phantom Ruby hates it when people call her Heliotrope, Bloodstone, or Mysterious Gemstone.
  • She is the on;y OC by Insanipedia to have an eyeshadow.
    • Hand Mirror and Lyra from Melody Star also have eyeshadows, but since they weren't OCs made by Insanipedia, they don't count.
  • Phantom Ruby is the third video-game weapon-based character created by Insanipedia.
    • The first was Splattershot and the second was Wispon.
      • She is the second Sonic-related video-game weapon-based character created by Insanipedia, with the first being Wispon.
        • Coincidentally, the video-game weapons they were based off of appeared in Sonic Forces.


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