Pepsi Can is an OC created by ButterBlaziken230.


Pepsi Can is a can of Pepsi. It has grey at the top and bottom, is mostly blue, and shows a picture of their blue, white and red logo. He has both arms and legs, like most of ButterBlaziken230’s other OCs made at the time.


Pepsi Can is quite friendly and quite energetic. Because of this, when he DOES have to stay still, he causes quite an issue. He’s unable to stay still, meaning people would get annoyed at him. Something good can come out of it though - it makes him quite the jokester.

Question Box’s Adventure 2

Although it may seem like this OC would’ve been another one to just sit around in the ButterBlaziken230's List Of OCs page forever, Pepsi Can actually appeared in a game. This is Question Box’s Adventure 2. After defeating Magnety a second time, you unlock Pepsi Can. His main ability is using Pepsi to elevate himself a bit higher into the sky. However, the time he can use this is limited.

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