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Date released/Thumbnail for page released

OWII 1 was released on March 1, 2018. The thumbnail was released on February 27, 2018.

Before the contest

Yellow Star was talking to Orange Star about starting OWII. iPhone 6, the host flew out to the sky and asked them to start OWII, but first, the intro must play.


iPhone 6 explains the challenge. He also explains 2 peoples not in the challenge. iPhone 6 said if he need any questions. Diary questions that how many peoples win the challenge. iPhone 6 answered that 2 peoples win. Those 2 peoples get to choose the teams next episode. iPhone 6 explains more about the challenge. Orange Star was said to Yellow Star about winning the challenge. She went down. But suddenly, wind came. Yellow Star reached to the water. Orange Star was excited for Yellow Star's safeness for landing to the water. Red Ball is also safe. 8-Ball and Orange Star went to the lava. The remaining peoples went to the lava as well.

After the contest

iPhone 6 showed a list of peoples that were landing on the water. iPhone 6 said that peoples that landed on the lava loses. The voting screen appears, and a mistake happened (Read on Goofs/Mistakes) And the viewers and the fans are voting in the link.


The screen says on March 2, 2018, 12:30 AM, he finally built the recovery door. Suddenly, he looks inside and a black screen appeared. Also it says that his first death ever was on March 2, 2018. (Read all of those).


  • This is the first OWII episode ever.
  • Like in BFDI, they go every months of 1st every month, but BFDI starts on January and OWII starts on March.
  • The thumbnail might be Red Ball parachuting since it was called "Parachuting to the Water". Note that every thumbnail is not made by oldies.
  • The comment confessional was mistake to end on 4:55 PM, but now I edited it while recording a video. It ends on 5:30 PM. I checked on 5:30 PM that there are no comments and confessionals, meaning the confessionals are canceled for OWII 2.


  • Sorry for the mistake on the voting screen, some people were moving, because I copied it in the slide of the map on the contest. And I pasted it on the Voting Screen. Turned out it is moving down.
  • You can see it says "large amount of BFDI Debut Videos". I meant "large amount of OWII Debut Videos".


Music Name Duration, Fraction Made from Made by, Published Date
Ow, my ears! 0:00-4:11, 1 whole AVS Audio Editor Leafy Fan, March 16, 2018 (Got delayed and will be published on April 28, 2018)
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