Paperclip is an OC created by ButterBlaziken230.


Paperclip is a metal paperclip made up of a curled metal wire. It has an oval shape, the wire starting at the right side, curling around and then turning around again to make the shape. Paperclip has both arms and legs.


Paperclip is a person who acts mean, but only for fun and to see the reactions of people. To his close friends, he’s a friendly but sarcastic guy. He’s good friends with Spike, but Paperclip’s not part of Evil Blaster’s Alliance. He likes to stand back and ruin their plans slightly, but isn’t part of White Spoon’s Alliance (this basically means he’s neutral).


  • Paperclip’s idea was created when ButterBlaziken230 remembered Clippy (the computer assistant) for some reason.
    • However, Clippy has no limbs and Paperclip does.
    • Clippy also doesn’t have the same personality as Paperclip.
  • His favourite game is Apex Legends (wow, he has bad taste in games).
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