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" I think I know what's going on, you bought Pandora Book, didn't you!" - Golf Ball
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Pandora Book is a Object that was in BFB 4 She is a eEvil object w


  • Evil Book
  • Book
  • The Killer


Episode 1 It got Baldi's Basics in Education and Learning!

Episode 2 She did nothing

Episode 3 She did nothing

Episode 4 Her song

Episode 5 Her ad HEY Do you want a Knife? not a normal knife a SHARP Knife a steel knife a knife that can kill all? well buy it here for 9 Cents See i just killed GBM So easy just stab them slit them backstab headstab whatever you want! Buy it now!

Episode 6 Her tem-tem was Blood: VIOLENT thing detected.

Episode 7 She did nothing for the art

Episode 8 The Internet

Episode 9

  • Team 5:The Newcomers
  • Team 6: Cloudy Lemons

Episode 10 She got DISQUALIFIED For helping a oppment

Episode 11 Good Luck I Hope you have a good time look out for lacale them might make dab Ruined Who Knows, anyways i got knifes to sharpen

Episode 12 She voted for little horn to rejoin

Episode 13

Throws knifes realise they din't work so,Jumps Over the wall

Cilpher Traction

Episode 1 Hmm Well Ace (Lacale) is good at free add Oc's Rping Challenges Tho i do hope their friendship with memekai heals but lets put aside the good stuff now right! their has been drama

Episode 2 I Got  Hate to Lollipop and pencil, When a thing is really trash or bad eg how you said you Pruned every reply,object show 87 sucks it was just a rip-off


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